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10 Best Fabric Recliners (Review) in 2021

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Imagine coming home from a long day of work, needing to relax, but not finding the adequate spot to do so! While couches are great for laying around, they do not provide the convenience that recliners do.

Fabric recliners, in particular, are very comfy yet affordable. Whether you want to sit and read, tilt down to watch a movie, or just lie down and take a nap, these recliners are a perfect choice! We bring you a list of the best fabric recliners below so that you can find the ideal pick for you.

It can truly be confusing to pick the right product as there are so many available options out there!

Well, no need to worry, for we also provide a convenient little buying guide for you, to go with the product reviews.

Getting the best fabric recliners for you can be tough without proper guidance. Hence, we bring our well-researched recommendations here for you.


JUMMICO Fabric Recliner. Adjustable Home Theater Seating Single Recliner Sofa

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This recliner is great for use in both small and large places, so it’s perfect as a home theater recliner or just as a sofa in general.

Good Build- How can you have a good recliner without a good build? Well, you can’t! This product has a sturdy frame made of steel. The four legs are provided with rubber feet, which keep your floors from getting scuff marks. As for the design, it contains a push-back one, so you don’t need to worry about the back reclining on its own. This unit also contains a footrest for increased comfort. 

As a downside, the curved armrests are not very high, so you may feel like there is none present when you recline all the way back. The price is quite pocket-friendly; this product may not be very long-lasting unless you keep it well!

Great Adjustability- This product can be very easily adjusted for various activities by changing the angle of the back. Whether you want it at 90° for sitting, or want to go as far as 165° for sleeping, you should have no issues whatsoever. 

You may recline it at any angle as needed for relaxing, watching a movie, reading a book, etc. The footrest is also adjustable to any angle, so you can chill fully or get productive at the right comfort level.

Fits Anywhere- As this recliner is neither too big nor too small, it can be used in a variety of ways. It is a great fit for home theaters, bedrooms, home libraries, or even for living rooms. Add to that the fact that it’s not hard on the eyes, and you’ve got a real winner.

Comfortable Materials- The material provided on this recliner is linen, which is well known to be very comfortable. Other than that, the cushions of the seat are quite thick and nice to sit on.



Verdict- We consider this the best choice if you are out looking for a recliner, as it is comfortable, adjustable, and fits anywhere – all at a good price! Whether that’s enough for you or not, however, is up to you to decide.


Christopher Knight Home Mervynn Mid-century Modern Fabric Recliner

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Mid-twenties furniture is pretty much in style nowadays, and as such, this mid-century modern recliner will be a great addition if you are into it.

Great to Look at- The purpose of a mid-century modern recliner is certainly to look good, as well as be comfortable! And this product definitely delivers in the looks department. You can easily pass it off as a sophisticated-looking sofa, without anyone suspecting it to be a recliner until you actually recline it!

Easy to Move around- This recliner is very light, so you can easily carry it and switch positions whenever you please. Of course, this means that when you are using it, it will move about on the floor more easily than you might like. Other than that, the lightness means that there are less cushioning materials in the recliner- in this case, in the back. Using a back cushion can easily solve that problem, however. 

Good Quality- Both the polyester material and the birch with which the legs are made are of decent quality, making this unit durable in the long run. All this is even better at the reasonable price it comes in.

Easy to Use- This product does not come with a lever or a switch for the recliner function, so you can just push back and recline! It doesn’t get easier than that, especially when you’re in a jiffy. As it is also very easy to assemble, you can rest assured that this unit is not a time-consumer.



Verdict- This product is very stylish and a great addition to the mid-century modern look, if that’s what you are going for.


Wingback Fabric Single Sofa Recliner Chair Modern Reclining Seat Home Theater Seating

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A recliner which is suitable for both the home and the office is certainly a great idea, and Wingback brings just that with this product. 

Provides Great Support- The frame of this reclining chair is made of wood, and the back is reinforced with steel, which contributes to great support. As it contains high-density sponge materials, it is very soft and relaxing to sit on, even though it’s not made of real leather.

Smart Design- This fabric sofa comes with a push back system for reclining, as well as a foot extension. The dual system makes it very easy to use and adjust at your choice, though it must be noted that the footrest may not be equally stable at all angles. Additionally, the legs are oval-shaped, increasing the balance of the recliner. 

No extra riff-raff means that you’ve got a very ergonomically designed product right here, one that’s pretty easy to assemble.

Versatile Functionality- Other than using this for the home theater, you can also use this in the office! This is due to the fact that it is so sophisticated and clean looking. It is good both for productive work as well as for lounging around, so the functionality is great.

Good Value- In light of all the good qualities of this product mentioned above, it is easy to say that this is a good recliner, but at what cost? Well lucky for you, it comes at a budget-friendly price, making it a great purchase, especially as home theater seats tend to be expensive.



Verdict- A good reclining seat requires a few things to be of good use, and comfort, style, and a nice fit are some of them. This product has all those features as well as a design allowing it to be used almost anywhere, all at an affordable price.


Esright Fabric Massage Recliner Chair

What can be better than getting a massage on your recliner after a long day’s work? If massages are your thing, then this recliner might be worth considering. 

Jam-Packed with Features- This chair contains not only a 140° reclining function but a whole array of other functions for you. Heating, rocking, and vibrating can all be done using this product, maximizing your relaxation. You can swivel a full 360° using this!

Convenient Design- This unit comes with an upholstered design with a very supportive back, armrests, and seats that are all padded well. As the frame is made of steel, it is very sturdy. Not only that, but it also contains 2 cup holders, one on each armrest, making it easy to have your drink without having to carry it.

A footrest is also provided in this unit along with the reclining function, although it might be a bit hard to pull down. It is very easy to assemble and can be done alone.

Massage Function- Being a massaging recliner means you will expect some good massaging action out of this product. It targets four different areas of your body to work on specific muscle groups on your legs, thighs, lumbar and back regions. This can be controlled via a remote, which is simple to use.

Something to note would be that the head pillow might be a bit too firm for use during the massage unless your head is placed centrally. An affordable price for a good massaging recliner is not very common, which makes this product a great uncommon find.



Verdict- These many great functions together, including massaging and cup holding, are perfect for relaxing at the end of the day as well as for regular use. So we have chosen this product as the best value recliner you can get.


Lifestyle Power Recliner

Everyone likes some extra support and convenience when it comes to their relaxing hour. This unit provides both of these and more.

Premium Feel- The material of this unit is called Cloud fabric, which is very soft and integrated with a generous amount of padding for comfort. This lends it a very premium feel, especially along with the smooth seaming and good durability. The fabric does have a textile snell, however, which may be an issue for some.

Great Reclining Function- This unit contains a power recliner. So it is very easy and convenient to use the reclining function due to its smoothness as well as quietness during operation. There is a footrest as well, along with the reclining function, but as it comes up only 3/4th of the way, it’s not useful during fully reclining.

Charging Port- This product has been provided with a USB port for charging your phone and other devices. Truly a very convenient feature, especially when you are trying to relax and would rather not get up, especially at a reasonable price.

Good for the Joints-As this recliner provides ample support with the padded seat cushions as well as with the back and armrests, it is great for the joints. Even if you suffer from arthritis, a bad hip, or joint problems in general, this unit can provide relief while you’re taking a break.



Verdict- A very supportive and premium feeling recliner at a reasonable price is what Lifestyle offers with this product. That’s why we believe that it belongs in the best-rated fabric recliners category.


Kensington Hill Beaumont Push-Thru Arm 3-Way Recliner

This recliner is very classy looking and provides a warm welcome to any room.

Nice Construction- Provided with a wooden frame and beautifully rolled arms, this chair is not only comfortable to look at but sturdy as well. As it also contains a seat box made of hardwood for supporting your body, you can rest assured that it won’t betray you. Add to that the sinuous wired back, and you’ve got added durability to the sofa.

As for the recliner, it can be used in 3 ways, with a push-through arm reclining system. There is also a footrest present which operates in a Flipper Ottoman extended mechanism. The footrest is added for added relaxation, but it may not be suitable for taller people as it does not extend very far. 

Additionally, some may find it a bit wobbly to use.

Comfortable to Use- The material of this unit is polyester, and the seat cushions contain a lot of foam in them, which makes them soft to sit on. Additionally, there are springs present underneath called “kicker spring”, which provide extra support to the seat. As the recliner is roomy, with adequate support and an easy reclining system, using it is very straightforward and comfortable.

There are tension adjusters available to control the mechanism for opening and closing as well. Even more convenient is the fact that the cushion can also be removed from the backrest as required.

Noble Looking- If a nice and comfy looking recliner is what you want, yet with classic looks, then you will like this unit. With the frame made of wood, nice polyester material, and rolled arms, this sofa is definitely going to remind you of nobler times.



Verdict- Kensington provides a cozy and classic looking recliner chair with this product, and at a reasonable price. If that’s your cup of tea, then you should definitely check it out.


Pulaski Ashewick Swivel Glider Recliner

If you have a small child or just want a simple recliner in general, then this unit might be worth looking at.

Convenient Size- This unit is made to fit in the nursery, so it is nice and compact yet comfortable to sit on. Being rather small, it can easily be kept in any room as needed, so it can be a decent addition to your living room or den as well.

Easy-to-Use Features- There are only 2 reclining positions on this sofa- one for sitting and one for napping. A lever is present to switch positions, and there’s also a footrest along with the reclining function. Though the footrest is a bit hard to pull down, the mechanism is quite simple. As this unit enables rocking and swiveling at the same time, you can easily put your child to sleep or simply play with them on it.

You can swivel 360° on this chair, and also use the gliding function quite effortlessly. The backrest has been made high for ease of resting with a lot of support, so you can lean back feeling great.

Low Maintenance- The material of the cover is a mixture of fabric and rayon, which is very easy to clean if you’ve spilled anything on it. And the frame is made of plywood and really doesn’t need any maintenance. Assembly of the chair is also very simple and can be done without any help. The only thing to be cautious about would be that the frame may not be supportive enough for too much weight or any rough handling.

You don’t need to worry about the durability of the fabric or sagging of the sofa, however. And the fabric is of decent quality, and there are also drop-in pocket coils in the seats for making them longer lasting.



Verdict- This is a convenient-sized glider that can fit in anywhere and be used for rocking your child to sleep, so if that’s your jam, you should give it a look.


YAHEETECH Fabric Recliner Chair Sofa Ergonomic Adjustable Single Sofa

A reclining sofa which fits in at work, as well as your home, is a great find, and this product is a decent one in that category. 

Suitable for Both Home and Office- Small size means that you can fit this unit almost everywhere. This is true, especially since it looks professional enough for the office as well as comfy enough for the home. That also means that the recliner is a bit narrow, so those with big frames should be sure of the size before buying it.

Functional Design- Made of a composite wood frame that is very durable, this unit is quite sturdy. The fabric material is hardy linen, and the seats are integrated with rayon and foam, which is of high density. All this, along with the pocket springs, provide a lot of support and comfort, making it a very practical chair. As a matter of fact, this product lends a marshmallow-like softness when you sit on it! 

The feet on this unit are also conveniently designed to protect the wooden floors against any scuff marks. Overall, it has a very efficient and ergonomic design, even though the low price of the product means that it is a bit cheaply made.

Adjustable Reclining System- A simple push to the backrest is enough to recline this sofa, and it can be reclined to three positions. The footrest also comes up as you push them back, and can be kept at 0 to 90° angles.



Verdict- If you are on the petite side and would like a decent recliner to fit anywhere, then this might be a good fit. Of course, you have to keep in mind that it won’t be of premium quality.


Christopher Knight Home Dufour Fabric Recliner

This is a cute little reclining sofa for smaller people to sit and spend some leisure time on.

Compact Yet Comfortable- This reclining chair is more suited for smaller people to sit cozily on. You can easily lay back and take a short nap while reclining, or just sit and read a book on it. There’s a footrest which comes out when you recline the chair, which helps relax you more. But it should be noted that it is not going to be comfortable to take very long naps or lay on this sofa for hours on end. It’s more suited for shorter breaks.

Easy Fit- Being of a small size means that you can fit this unit almost anywhere. Living room, library, bedroom – you name it, and it’ll easily fit right in.

Solid Build- Provided with a strong and sturdy frame makes this unit a very solid sofa. The legs are made of durable and stable birch, which provides a lot of support. Of course, all this sturdiness makes the reclining function a bit stiff and hard to use.

Easy to Clean- Due to the fabric material, it is easy to wash away any spills from food or drinks. This means you can relax and enjoy some snacks stress-free on this sofa.



Verdict- This is not a recliner to sit on for the whole day. However, it does provide a cozy spot to sit on for a couple of hours during some leisure time, so it’s worth looking into if that’s what you want.


Christopher Knight Home Darvis Fabric Recliner Club Chair

Classic looks and the high quality feels usually come at a high price, but this recliner has both at a reasonable price!

Sophisticated Looking- Premium looking furniture at reasonable prices isn’t easy to come across, but this unit delivers on that front. As a club chair, it is very modern looking yet with a classic flair, containing nice upholstery and edges which are piped.

Not only that, but the legs are also tapered for a very smooth and sleek look. All this lends the product a high quality yet moderate look, so it won’t be right up on your face.

Can Fit in Small Spaces- Oftentimes, we fail to get the furniture we want due to a lack of space. Well, this product is so compact that you won’t need to worry about there being enough space. It can easily fit in in your living room or in small areas elsewhere. The small size, of course, means that you will need to consider if you yourself will fit into it or not.

Good Construction- This recliner can be used very easily just by pressing it backward, although that does take some energy. An extension for the foot is present for increased comfort, and it is perfect for people of shorter to average height. Tall people might find that the footrest doesn’t extend far enough for them.

The frame of the sofa is made of sturdy wood, so it provides good support. As for the fabric, it is smooth and feels quite premium to the touch while being long-lasting.



Verdict- This is a very compact and sleek looking recliner which feels as good as it looks. As a result, this is our premium pick, and definitely one of the best rated fabric recliners available in the market.

Best Fabric Recliners Buying Guide & FAQ

Before You Buy, What to Look for

You might think that you are well equipped to buy the perfect recliner for yourself now that you have gone through all of the products above. But wait! There are still some factors to consider before you make your purchase.

Comfort Level- This point is, of course, a no brainer! If you are looking for a recliner, then no doubt, you would like a comfortable one to relax in. However, different people spend different durations on their sofas, so how long you will be using it and for what purpose do come into play. If you want to use it for long periods at a time, then you will definitely need a more comfy product.

How Much Space You Have- Whether you have ample room for a big recliner or a small space to fit a petite one, you certainly need to know your limits. Not only that, even if you have a large space but want a more minimalistic look, then a smaller sofa will be more suitable for you.

The Style You Want- Recliners come in a variety of looks, and you have to pick the right one for your style. There are modern, sleek looking ones, classic and sophisticated ones, mid-century modern recliners, and just comfy and inviting ones. The look you are going for will determine your pick to a good extent.

Durability and Sturdiness- Some people might be alright with temporary products that last for a few months to a year, while others might be looking for longer-lasting ones. You need to make sure to check how durable the recliner is and how long you want it around for. No one would want to get stuck with a long-term investment if they don’t need it.

On the other hand, you certainly would not want your sofa to be unusable before you are done with it! Sturdiness is another important factor to consider as a weak frame can result in the product collapsing on you. The weight your recliner has to carry is important for determining how strong of a frame you will need.

Specific Features- If you are buying a recliner, then the reclining function is, of course, a crucial feature. However, you might also be looking for other functions along with that, such as swiveling, rocking, gliding, heating, massaging, etc. So make sure to check for all the features you want, or you might regret it later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best fabric recliners:

1. Is leather a fabric?
No, leather is not a type of fabric.

2. What is the difference between fabric and leather?
Fabric is a material made by knitting or weaving textile fibers together. Leather, on the other hand, is made by tanning animal skins and rawhide. Fabric tends to be less durable than leather, but it also costs less and is easily washable, while leather is not.

3. What is a manual recliner?
As the name suggests, manual recliners require the user to recline the sofa manually. This is usually done in two ways. One way is to push backward on the backrest while simultaneously pushing on the armrests. Another way is to use a lever to operate the reclining position.

4. Can I sleep on my recliner overnight?
Recliners are made for relaxing and napping in. However, beds with proper mattresses are the best suited for a good night’s sleep. Having said that, if you get an adequately supportive recliner, it should be alright to sleep on it at night. It’s better to not make that a regular thing though if it can be avoided.

5. How long do recliners last on average?
The durability of a recliner will depend on its quality, how well you maintain it, and the environment it is kept in. On average, a good recliner will last for around 10 years with good handling.

6. How do I clean an upholstered recliner?
Dust it off using a brush or hand vacuum, then dip a clean cloth in mild detergent or soap water. Gently clean the fabric after wringing out the cloth. Dip the cloth in clean water and wipe the fabric with the washcloth. Make sure that the recliner is dry before next using it.

7. Is using a recliner for long bad for your back?
Sitting for too long in a row is bad, no matter where you sit. Hence, it is better to get up and move about every 50 minutes or so. This is true even if your recliner provides a lot of support for your back.

Final Words

Each product comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. If you have read through our buying guide, then hopefully you will find it easier to choose what you need. At the end of the day, buying a recliner means you will look for comfort, a sturdy build, good looks, and of course, good reclining function all at a reasonable price. That is exactly why we recommend the JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair Adjustable Home Theater Seating Single Recliner Sofa.

We believe that you cannot go wrong with this recliner, and hence it is at the top of our best fabric recliners list. Everyone is unique and has their own flair and needs, so whichever product you choose, make sure it suits your unique disposition!

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