Last updated: February 11, 2021

10 Best Neck Pillow For Recliner Chair (Review) in 2021

Who doesn’t love a good recliner chair to sink comfortably into at the end of a long day? Especially considering that the recliners of today are affordable as well as comfortable, not having one in your home seems silly! However, although recliner chairs are the epitome of comfort, many of them fail to provide adequate support for the user’s neck and head.

Especially if you’re given to falling asleep on your recliner, you know how uncomfortable it can be without proper neck support. If that sounds like you, then you need to find the best neck pillow for recliner chair.

On that note, dare we say you’ve come to just the right place! Keeping in mind comfort, design, and durability, we’ve gathered the 10 following pillows for you. We’ve also included a comprehensive buying guide along with answers to your most pressing questions. Let’s get started!

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the reviews. Your comfort and health are important to us, and we hope that will be reflected in the pillows we’ve selected for you.


Desk Jockey Neck Pillow Headrest Support Cushion

furniest best choice-product section

With a comfortable, durable build and dependable support for your neck, this headrest pillow for recliner from Desk Jockey is our top pick today. Let’s find out why!

Offers Ultimate Neck Support- If neck pain is the bane of your existence, then you’re going to love this pillow. By perfectly aligning your neck, head, and shoulders, this pillow allows you to tackle the issue of neck pain at its root.

High-Quality Construction- Filled with medium-density memory foam, this pillow easily conforms to your contours, providing as much comfort as it does support. After only 30 minutes of using it, it will mold to your shape.

Improves Your Posture- Back and neck health are inextricably tied to posture. By providing firm support to your back, this pillow will help you achieve the ideal posture over time.

Ideal for Various Uses- Although this pillow is perfectly suited for use with your recliner, its versatility allows it to be perfect for use while driving in your car, at the office, or while traveling!



Verdict- With its versatility, high-quality construction, and practical features, this is easily our best pick. However, this pillow is more suited for those seeking support than comfort, as some users report it to be too hard.


Crafty World Comfort Master Travel Pillow

furniest best value-product section

Whether it’s a neck support cushion for a sofa you need or a pillow that you want to bring along on an airplane or at work, we believe this cervical one from Comfort Master is perfect for you.

Thermo-Sensitive Memory Foam Filling- A pillow is only as good as its filling. This one comes filled with a thermo-sensitive memory foam, which easily molds to the shape of your neck, providing a great fit every time.

Lightweight and Portable- Not only is this pillow very portable thanks to its lightweight body, but it’s also built for travel portability. Its elastic strap allows it to be attached easily to your carry-on luggage while traveling.

Can Be Used Anywhere- Although this is primarily a travel pillow, its U-shaped design, and soft yet firm body make it ideal for use in other contexts as well. You can even take it to bed if you think you could use some extra neck support!

Easy to Maintain- The microfiber cover of this pillow can be machine-washed, which is a huge convenience. Furthermore, its zipper allows you to remove it easily with no hassle.



Verdict- Although we wish that this pillow was made with more durable materials, it’s ultimately one of the most comfortable and supportive we’ve found. Besides, it’s quite affordable, too.


Octane Seating OCT BR Octane Brown Leather Head and Neck Pillow

furniest Premium pick-product section

Filled with premium quality high-density fiber and encased in a luxurious, comfortable brown leather cover, this is one of the best recliner cushions we’ve come across.

Built for Your Comfort- The filling of this cushion is one of our favorite things about it: high-density, premium blown fiber. Although somewhat hard at first, this ergonomically shaped pillow slowly begins to accommodate the shape of your neck/head, offering full support.

Functional and Practical- A recliner pillow should be like the recliner: easy and comfortable to use. This one comes with a non-slip backing to allow it to stay in place, while the handy all-over strap allows you to put it up with ease. You can also use this thing as an armrest!

Premium Aesthetic Appeal- The beautiful casing of this pillow is made from high-quality, top-grain leather, adding a touch of class in any room you put it in. What’s wrong with a little luxury?

Customizable for Your Needs- One of the best things about this pillow is that its filler can be removed, or more can be added if you feel you need it. It’s easy to do using the underside zipper.



Verdict- Although this is undoubtedly one of the most expensive pillows on our list, the price is justified in the quality and functionality. However, if your body heats up quickly, this might not be the most comfortable option.


Dot&Dot Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

You’ve heard of cervical pillows, and are no doubt well-acquainted by now with their benefits. But what if you could get more out of them? This adjustable neck roll pillow from Dot&Dot answers that question.

Made for Dependable Versatility- One look at this thing, and you’ll know it’s not your average neck pillow. It’s much softer and more flexible than the typical cervical pillow, which allows it to be used in many different positions and angles.

Molds to Your Shape- With an inner core made from memory foam, this pillow will easily mold to the contours of your body. And thanks to its flexible joints, you can use it anywhere!

Easy to Take Care Of- Keeping this pillow in tip-top shape is a walk in the park, thanks to its removable cover being machine-washable. As long as you wash it after every few uses, it’ll stay comfortable.

Effortlessly Portable- This is a pillow that wants to be taken everywhere. Dot&Dot has equipped this thing with snap closure, allowing it to be attached anywhere.



Verdict- Reasonably priced, beautifully made, and soft as soft can be, this is a take on the conventional cervical pillow that we greatly appreciate. Although we wish it was more durable, we think it’s a steal for the price.


Berkshire Blanket Serasoft Plush Cylinder Neckroll Pillow

This cylinder neck pillow from Berkshire Blanket is reasonably priced, comfortable, and beautiful. Here’s how it ended up on our list.

Affordable Yet Plush- Nothing feels better than the luxury that doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet, and that feeling is easy to achieve with Berkshire Blanket’s Serasoft fabric. Soft and plush, it’ll make you feel like you’re holding a teddy bear.

Easy to Clean- The removable Serasoft cover on this pillow is machine-washable! Just remember to use cold water and a mild detergent, washing it separately. Then it can be tumble dried.

Versatile and Hassle-Free- Beyond being a neck pillow, this thing can also easily double as a lumbar support cushion, compatible with your recliner, bed, and car. We don’t require much else from our pillows!

High Aesthetic Value- This pillow could be many things, but ugly wouldn’t be one of them. Not only is the plush fabric pleasing to the eye, but it also comes in assorted colors!



Verdict- Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful neck roll pillows you’ll come across, but it’s also a leader in functionality and versatility. The filling of the cushion might be a little too tough, but that fixes itself over time.


ZIRAKI Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow, with its half-roll shape, is suited to a number of applications, and it’s comfortable and supportive.

Dependably Comfortable- Inside this beautiful and functional little pillow is a memory foam that stands the test of time. It’ll learn the shape of your neck/shoulders/feet/thighs and keep you comfortable for long.

Can be Used Anywhere- One of the main things that made this pillow stand out to us during our research is its unique half-roll shape. It can be placed under your thighs or knees as well as placed at the foot of your bed to elevate your feet.

Functional and Unique Shape- Its curved dome shape makes this pillow the aid for hassle-free pain relief; furthermore, the arch allows for improved circulation and lowered pressure on your joints and muscles.

Built for Usability- The integrated anti-slip modules on this pillow allow it to stay put wherever you’re using it firmly. Its built-in handle allows you to carry it with you anywhere you’re going, too.



Verdict- This is one of the most uniquely comfortable pillows we have come across. While it’s not the most durable option out there, it’s undoubtedly very affordable, and it’s versatile as well.


WalterDrake Multi-Purpose Recliner Cushion

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose recliner cushion on a budget, then we dare say you’ve found it. Soft, comfortable, and functional, it also offers myriad functionality.

Convenient Strap System- What makes this pillow stand out is, funnily enough, its strap. Made with elastic, it’s meant to be used in a number of different applications. You can attach this thing to your recliner, car seat, or office chair seat with ease.

Comfortable Memory Foam Filling- With a generous filling of memory foam, this cushion is not only comfortable, but it also learns the contours of your head and neck over time. Soon you won’t wanna go anywhere without it!

Can Be Used for Lumbar Support- This isn’t a multi-purpose cushion only in name; it performs that way as well. Slide it down your seat if you want support for your lower back or leave it under your neck if you’re so inclined. You can even use it as a footrest!

Soft Velour Cover- One of the best things about this pillow is its velour cover, which is not only soft and comfortable but also looks and feels luxurious. And don’t worry, it’s machine-washable too!



Verdict- With its soft velour cover and multi-functionality, this pillow is ideal for those who are looking for a single solution to many-body support-related problems. However, we do wish it was a little softer.


ALIBO Car Neck Rest Back Pillow

With a soft crystal cashmere cover and a filling of comfortable polypropylene cotton, this pillow has a dependable and comfortable shape.

Designed for Comfort and Stability- Its curved shape is one of this pillow’s best features: with the middle part being a bit dented in comparison to the sides, it provides adequate cushioning for your neck and cervical muscles.

Compact and Lightweight- We love that this pillow is so portable because that allows you to take it off of your recliner and bring it along with you on a trip or a hectic workday at the office.

Hassle-free Strap- The adjustable strap on this pillow allows it to be attached anywhere, be it your recliner, car seat, office chair, or even a gaming chair. Removing it is just as easy.

Easy-to-Clean Cover- The softcover this pillow comes inside can be removed with ease, and machine-washed. Just remember to clean it after every few uses and you’re good to go!



Verdict- We quite like this cushion for its unique shape and the comfort it provides; that being said, it might ultimately be better suited to being used inside a car rather than on your recliner chair. It depends on your needs.


OakRidge 3-Piece Deluxe Set Sherpa Covers for Recliner Chair

We’ve had enough of multi-functional cushions; now let’s move to something slightly different. This 3-piece set consists of covers rather than pillows, but it’s a great addition to any recliner chair.

Protective Covers for Your Chair- The set provides comfort for three different parts of your chair: the two armrests and the headrest. This achieves the double effect of keeping those parts of the chair safe from dirt and contamination, as well.

Equipped with Storage Options- Of the two coverings for your chair’s armrests in this set, one comes with storage compartments. Yep, you read that right! Easily store your phone, remote, Kindle, water bottle, or whatever else you need as you recline.

Soft and Gentle Sherpa Fabric- Each of the components of this set has been constructed from sherpa fabric, which is renowned for its dependable softness. It’s machine-washable too, so don’t worry!

Add a Touch of Homeliness- Recliner chairs are the epitome of comfortable home scenes; why not make it better with these attractive covers? Imagine coming home to your recliner chair, all prepped and ready for you.



Verdict- If a sturdy pillow capable of providing adequate support is what you’re looking for, then we wouldn’t recommend this item. However, it’s super comfortable and will keep your recliner clean and neat.


luvfabrics Quilted Diamond Stitched Headrest Pad

To wrap up our review of the best neck pillows today, we bring you this quilted and stitched headrest pillow from luvfabrics. It looks beautiful, but it has a lot more to offer than just its looks.

Unique Protector Shape- While this isn’t exactly a neck pillow, it offers support in much of the same way. It has to be placed over the head of your recliner chair, where it will provide ample backing for your neck and head.

Compatible with Most Sofas- With this headrest pad, you won’t be limited only to your recliner. You can easily place it atop your chaise, loveseat, or recliner, and it will serve you well.

Durably and Comfortably Built- No one wants to keep buying and replacing their recliner chair headrests! luvfabrics ensures that you will have to do no such thing, thanks to an extremely hardy construction that easily stands up to abrasion and tearing.



Verdict- We love the look and feel of this thing, and we definitely believe in its ability to keep you comfortable. However, installing it is a little difficult as it must be tucked in, or otherwise attached with glue, pins, or staples.

Best Headrest Pillow For Recliner Buying Guide & FAQ​

Before You Buy, What to Look for

To get a better idea of the options available to you when picking out a recliner neck pillow, remember to keep the following factors in mind.

Pillow Type / Design: Neck support pillows to be used with your recliner are available in varied styles/types. No one design is superior to the others; have a look at each type to figure out what’s best for you.

1. Cervical- These pillows are meant specifically for neck support, and their U-shape facilitates that. With generous filling/cushioning, these pillows rest easily around your neck and over your shoulders, offering ample support. And thanks to their compact and lightweight design, they also double beautifully as travel pillows.

2. Roll- It’s in the name: this type of pillow resembles a roll, or a cylinder, and goes behind your neck. These can be soft or firm depending on the filling and are typically recognized more for providing support than comfort.

3. Headrest- As the name suggests, this kind of pillow is intended mainly for providing support to the back of your head. You won’t get a lot of neck support out of a headrest pillow, but it can ease strain there.


Filling: Your neck pillow might be filled with microbeads, memory foam, or high-density foam.

1. Memory Foam- Pillows filled with memory foam allow you to change the shape of the pillow according to your needs, like this one from Dot&Dot. Fillings of microbead — made from polystyrene are pretty much the same, but they provide less comfort. Furthermore, memory foam is also much firmer, which is preferable if you prioritize support over comfort. And because memory-foam pillows can be compressed, they are also great traveling companions.

2. High-Density Foam- High-density foam, on the other hand, is much sturdier, which means it won’t sag or conform to the shape of your neck/head. A firm neck roll pillow filled with high-density foam is ideal for those who suffer from back pain.


Cover Material: Beyond the filling, it’s also important to consider the fabric/materials used in constructing the pillow cover. You don’t want the pillow to irritate your skin, be difficult to wash, or make you too hot/too cold!

1. Mesh- Characterized by its lightweight build, breathability, and flexibility, mesh is a great option if your body heats up quickly. Double-layer mesh is preferred over single-layered. Low-quality mesh might rip/tear.

2. Cotton- Cotton is the most comfortable and also the easiest to wash. It’s soft and breathable, so it’ll keep your neck and head cool. Also, look for cotton and nylon combinations.

3. Velour/Plush- Pillows with velour or plush covers (like this one) provide high comfort. It’s warm, soft, and stretchy, and has an undoubtedly luxurious look. If you live in a hot climate though, skip velour.

Why You Need a Head Pillow?

There are some reasons why you should consider getting a head pillow. Let’s get to know them.

For the Sake of Your Health- Using the right pillow for recliner chair is not just for the sake of comfort, but also for the good health of your back and spine. Especially if you suffer from back pain, which half of all working Americans do, then you already know the importance of providing adequate support for your back.

Better Spinal Health- A recliner already provides support by keeping your spine in a straight position. However, if that recliner does not come with adequate neck/head support, it causes your head to tilt backward at an angle outside your spine, putting undue pressure on it.

Better Posture and Sleep- A good pillow deals with the above problem by alleviating pressure on your muscles and joints. Not only that, but a good headrest pillow also promotes good posture. And back to the original point, it greatly enhances comfort, allowing you to relax/sleep more easily. What more could you ask for?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that customers commonly ask about best headrest pillow for recliner chair answered for you in brief.

1. Why do I need a neck pillow with my recliner chair?
While your recliner supports your back, it’s also important to provide adequate support for your neck and head, which is what a neck pillow does. Unfortunately, not many recliners come with a good pillow.

2. What is the best headrest pillow for recliner?
We don’t like picking favorites, but the superiority of Desk Jockey’s Neck Pillow is undeniable. And their high rating is there to prove it!

3. What is the best headrest pillow brand?
Two of the best brands in neck pillows are indisputably Desk Jockey and Octane Seating, with Berkshire Blanket and Dot & Dot right up there with them.

4. What is an inflatable neck pillow?
As the name suggests, an inflatable pillow (whether for the neck or head) can be inflated according to the user’s desired/required size and shape. They can also be deflated, of course, for compact storage and portability.

5. Can you use a neck pillow in bed?
If you suffer from a lot of neck pain, then you might benefit from using your neck pillow in bed. However, this is only recommended for U-shaped (or cervical) neck pillows.

Final Words

Ultimately, only you can decide what the best neck pillow for recliner chair is for your needs. Having said that, however, we believe the Desk Jockey neck pillow definitely stands out for its design and durability. 

If you can spend a little extra, though, we would recommend going for the Octane Seating OCT BR Leather Head and Neck Pillow. 

Not into headrest pillows? Definitely consider the Dot&Dot Twist Travel Pillow; it can be twisted and formed into any desired angle. Good luck, and we hope you’re always super comfortable!

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