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10 Best Recliners For Pregnancy (Review) in 2021

Pregnancy is probably the best time in an expecting mother’s life, especially if it is for the first time. However, it is not as breezy as most people might make it seem. Welcome to our best recliners for pregnancy recommendations. Here are the top 10 picks. If you were on the lookout for one, come right in. Are you just peeking in out of interest? More is always merrier.

We have compiled a list of the top pregnancy recliners that deserve your attention. Who knows, you just might leave this article with one in mind.

So, how did we go about choosing our top picks? Basically, we filtered them down according to set factors, factors which would be crucial to the comfort of expecting mothers. And then we proceeded to review each in order. Have a read.


Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman (Espresso Base, Beige Cushion)

furniest best choice-product section

We will start off our best of the best pregnancy reviews list with our nomination for the Best Choice pregnancy recliner, the Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider. Let us just say that this is probably the best pregnancy chair you could buy right now.

Provides Stellar Comfort- This is as good as pregnancy chairs get in terms of comfort. The gliding mechanism, adjustable seat back, the inclusion of an ottoman for a footrest, only add to the already uber soft padding. And this is not just for when you are carrying your baby in you. This is also meant to deliver that premium comfort even when you are feeding your baby.

Same Soft Padding- The arm cushions are composed of the same soft padding as the back and seat of the recliner. And the arms of the recliner also contain conveniently placed storage pockets, where you could store all manners of essentials. With this, you do not have to leave the comfort of your chair when you need one of the essentials.

Good Looks- Just look at it. The beige cushioning, contrasting with the espresso colored wooden base, makes this piece of furniture an absolute stunner. Best part? The included ottoman follows the same design language, beige with the espresso base. This unit will fit great in any manner of décor you follow in your household.

Fabric Is Easy to Clean- This cushioning is covered with an easy-to-clean fabric, made of polyester. And this allows for spot cleaning in the case of accidental spills or grimes.



Verdict- This is easily the best choice when it comes to fulfilling the need for an easy chair for pregnant ladies. Good outlook and stellar comfort delivery, this recliner is an all-in-one package to keep in consideration.


Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman Cushion

furniest best value-product section

Sliding into the second place on our top ten pregnancy chair picks is the Angel Line Windsor Glider and ottoman. With an unmatched value for the buck ratio, the Windsor Glider easily topples the competitors in the more premium price brackets. Got your attention? Good, let us have a glance.

Customize to Your Liking- You would face no difficulties in finding the perfect variant for yourself from 12 different color variants. What is more, on top of the color variety, you could also select from the wood color.

Comes with a Matching Ottoman- As the name goes, this Windsor Glider does indeed come with a matching ottoman. It is a given nowadays. There are a few recliners that make do without one. It is always best to check beforehand. Now, to most buyers, this may seem like a very minute detail. But trust us, a good ottoman is very useful.

Can Be a Godsend at Times- It gives her a chance to prop up her feet and ease her ankle pain. And it also comes in handy (weird pun) when you have to get up and feed your baby in the dead of night.

Can Rock When Needed- Metal bearings within the ottoman and the recliner itself means that you can rock with minimal effort. They are much needed to put the little one to sleep. The bearing helps keep the motion smooth without any bumps whatsoever.



Verdict- A competitively priced unit that does not skimp out on any of the basics, this Windsor Glider undercuts the higher-priced competition in their own game.


DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider with Bonus Ottoman

furniest Premium pick-product section

Next up, we are going to acquaint ourselves with the DaVinci Olive, an upholstered recliner with both glider and swivel functions. It also comes with Greenguard certification, all at a reasonable enough price. Let us take a peek.

Comes with a Swivel Function- Unlike the other two units we have talked about above, this recliner comes with a swivel function. Keep all essentials within hands reach, and you do not have to get off the chair, and risk waking the little one. Just swivel around and grab what you need. The metal base allows for a smooth, bump-free, swivel. And the unit can also glide back and forth. Very useful for relaxing and getting the little one to sleep easily.

High Backed Chair- The chair itself is a high backed one, meaning that you can rest your head too. It is a tough job, being a parent, and thus, a chance to rest the weary head is always welcome. Lean back, prop your legs into the ottoman, and take a breather. Yes, this unit too ships with a matching ottoman.

Includes a Lumbar Pillow- Along with the matching ottoman, you also get a matching lumbar pillow. Prop it near your back base and get lower back support out of your recliner. The entire unit can be used as it is out of the package. No assembly required whatsoever.

Use of Chemical-Free Fabrics- DaVinci is also well regarded for its use of chemical-free upholstery in their recliners and chairs. This is of note because most other recliners manufacturers use special flame retardant chemicals in their products’ fabrics. While it does have its uses, these chemicals can be harmful to newborns and babies.



Verdict- If you can get past the rather dull looks, the DaVinci olive is a fine recliner, guaranteed to ease you through your pregnancy period.


Delta Children Emerson Upholstered Glider Swivel Rocker Chair

For the people wishing to emphasize on the armrests, we have yet another model for you. A recliner so quiet, you would think the swivel and rocker functions are carried out on feathers. Here, we are introducing the Children Emerson Upholstered from Delta, a no-nonsense pregnancy recliner that absolutely excels at what it does.

Thick Armrests- The winning feature, to our eyes anyway, would be those thick armrests. We are emphasizing on its thickness. They are padded with the same soft padding used throughout the rest of the recliner itself. The seat cushion can be removed whilst cleaning in case of accidental spills.

Quiet during Motion- The Delta Children Emerson is whisper-quiet during swiveling or rocking. No more accidentally waking up the little one from sudden creaks and other noises. The unit swivels a whole 360 degrees so you can have all the essentials within your grasp.

Pocket Coils Used in the Seat- This is something that you are most likely to see on full-size couches and such, rarely on recliners like these. Soft, but springy enough to retain its shape and help your back with that optimal ratio of softness and springiness.



Verdict- If the baby’s health is a priority above all else, the Delta Children Emerson, with its thickset armrests and whisper-quiet operation, should be the one to watch out for.


Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner and Swivel Glider

Next up, we have a more modern affair in the world of pregnancy recliners. It is something that looks sleek and sedated, has an electronically controlled reclining mechanism, and comes with a USB charging port on one of the hand rests. Let us acquaint ourselves with the Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner from Babyletto.

Hidden Control Panel on a Modern Wingback Design- Like we mentioned above, the Babyletto comes with a USB port, conveniently placed next to the controls for the recliner itself. It’s well within reach, and the seating area is big enough.

Modern Sedate Design with a Durable Construction- The design is fairly modern, and the medium shade of grey on the fabric is going to help the recliner blend with any and all décor.

Sleek Yet Spacious- The sizing is sleek by recliner standards, but do not let that sway you away from the fact that there is enough room in it to curl up with your child.



Verdict- If modern design and amenities and design are right up your alley, the Babyletto Kiwi does not disappoint on any front.


Graco Parker Semi-Upholstered Glider and Nursing Ottoman

Now, we are going to take a look at a glider & ottoman combo, which is purpose-built to help with nursing—introducing the Parker Semi-Upholstered Glider and Nursing Ottoman from Graco, an unbeatable combo of durability, purpose, comfort, and functionality.

Versatile, Fold-Away Nursing Stool- The combo comes with a nursing tool that is pull-out and fold-away, adding that much-needed versatility as a tool for use, and for safe storage when not needed. And the tool slides in and out of the ottoman and clicks into place when in use.

Good Looks with Good Comfort- The Graco glider and ottoman combo add a unique aesthetic to any décor. And the grey and white colorway with the exposed painted wood base gives off a simple yet modern-esque charm that can only be replicated by something in this particular colorway.

Hand Upholstery- The ottoman and the glider itself is fully upholstered by hand, with generous amounts of padding provided in the handrest. And the back and the seat are both perfectly plush, with the easy-to-clean fabric in the upholstery being a welcome, non-irritant addition.

Smooth Gliding Function- We are happy to report that both the ottoman and the glider come with the smooth gliding mechanism, allowing them to work in tandem for a smooth, effortless, synchronized glide. The seat space is generous as well. You would have no problems curling with you little one or two.



Verdict- The Graco Parker would be a fine addition to any nursery, for those looking to build up an aesthetic whilst retaining all the functions true to a glider and an ottoman.


Naomi Home Odelia Swivel Glider Rocker Recliner

If you are all about that full range in motion, in both swiveling and rocking, the Home Odelia Swivel Glider from Naomi is the pregnancy recliner of choice. Let us have a glance.

That Motion Though- This is the only recliner on our list that reclines to an impressive 135 degrees, all the while offering a full radians’ worth of smooth, bump-free swiveling. Place it in a good location in the room, and nothing would be out of your reach.

Utilitarian Good Looks- We do not know about you, but we are a fan of this old school, utilitarian square aesthetic, and the backrest with the button tufting reminiscent of your granddads’ old high back chair. The details are commendable, too, with an elegant welt trim throughout.

Sturdily Built but with Easy Assembly- The utilitarian aesthetic does not end at just the looks. It is also further extended to the build of the recliner. The construction is sturdy, and the weight is distributed evenly throughout. And the assembly is easy as cake, and the unit comes with all the necessary guides and tools to put the chair together yourself.

Comfort and Space- The spring core foam used in this recliner, in our opinion, delivers unmatched levels of comfort. And the side arms are big and well padded too. Moreover, this squarish design ensures that you get the maximum possible space out of your recliner.



Verdict- A good recommendation for those who love the utilitarian aesthetic of box-shaped, comfortable recliners, the Naomi does not fall short in any category.


The HON Company Big and Tall Executive Mesh Office Chair

We know, we know. That is indeed an office chair. What is it doing in a pregnancy recliner list? Bear with us for a bit. The BSXVL705VM10 from the Hon Company is miles from your average one-size-fits-all office chairs, prioritizing comfort for the long sitting hours, whilst helping you maintain the optimal posture.

Breathable and High Back- The chair is a high back one, with adjustable width and height extension arms keeping you from straining your back and neck. And the backrest is a double foam padded, mesh cushion, providing the best possible airflow to your back as you rest or nurse away.

Adjustments for Days- The chair itself is pretty comfortable as is. And the adjustability really takes that comfort up a notch. The adjustments are all easy to make, be it to recline or to customize the back support to your likings. This pneumatic height adjustment also helps you to go easy on your legs.

Move about the Room- Very much unlike all the recliners, we have talked about thus far, this office chair comes with wheels. And with the added swivel feature, you basically have your entire room within your reach if you need something, without the risk of waking up the little one cradled in your arms.

Very Durable- Durability is a strong point of this chair. No more scratching up faux leather or messing up the seat adjustments. With proper use, you can expect a long life out of this chair.



Verdict- If it was not apparent from the review above, office chairs can double up as pregnancy chairs, and this BSXVL705VM10 HON does pretty well as one.


Esright Power Lift Microfiber Electric Recliner Chair

With that much cushioning, you know that it is going to be a good one. Heated recliner seats, massage option, it has got it all. Introducing our premium pick in our top 10 pregnancy chairs line up, the Power Lift Microfiber Electric Recliner from Esright.

Silent, Smooth Recline- The recliner itself makes use of an electric motor to, well, recline. And the motor is powerful yet very quiet, with no droning noise whatsoever emanating during operation. This is so good, in fact, it raises the entire recliner upward and slightly forward to help our expecting mother stand up if needed.

Padding- Just look at it. There is padding for days. Just looking at it would make someone feel comfortable. The backrest is overstuffed and is also helped further with lining springs. It literally feels like the chair is hugging you back. What is more, is that the chair reclines to an impressive 140 degrees, and with the soft outer fabric, you will be dozing away in no time.

Heated Massage- And if that was not enough, the massage will spread over 4 areas: the head, lumbar, thigh, and the shin. There are 5 modes to choose from. This one, too, comes with a USB outlet with which you could charge your essentials.

Easy Assembly Recliner- That is right. This unit does require assembly, but it is probably the easiest of all the units we have talked about today. We reckon, all in, you would need less than 15 minutes to have it running.



Verdict- An obvious choice for our premium pick, the Esright Powerlift does not skimp on any of the essentials, rather it adds features you would not find on the other units we discussed.


JIASTING Recliner Chair with Ottoman

For the people looking for a faux leather option, do not fret, we have you covered. To finish off our top 10 pregnancy chairs list, we are going to make your acquaintance with this recliner and ottoman combo from Jiasting. Smooth gliding within a super sturdy frame, let us peek at what else this recliner is hiding up its sleeves.

That Smooth Glide- Thought you had seen an end to smooth gliders? Think again. This Jiasting is super smooth too. Very quiet when it is rocking, you would think that there would be those annoying squeaking noises from leather sliding over leather. We are happy to report that there are none.

Solid Packaging- At this point, it has become something of a routine occurrence that you would end up receiving a battered packaging while shipping. To our surprise, it was not the case with this one. The unit came well packed with extensive use of protective material.

Colors- Now, the color choice is subjective, but we were probably a little more smitten than we would have liked with the red-brown colorway on this Jiasting. If you have the décor for it, the colorway alone might be the selling factor.

Size- This definitely fits the bill. Not everyone can afford the real estate for a La-Z-Boy, but even with the included ottoman, the overall footprint is quite small.



Verdict- If you’re looking for a solid recliner with an ottoman at an affordable price, then this recliner is the one to get.

Best Recliners During Pregnancy Buying Guide & FAQ

Before You Buy, What to Look for

These top 10 best recliners during pregnancy picks would be sorely incomplete without a proper little buyers’ guide. Perhaps our picks were not to your taste. Or, perhaps you have a different model in mind. Whatever the case may be, we are here to aid you in bettering your decision-making process when it comes to these recliners.

Materials- The first thing we need to consider is that the materials need to be of high quality. Then again, the choice in the type and quality of the material is completely on you. Some people prefer leather, and others prefer to go the fabric route. Whatever the case may be, we want the best levels of comfort, considering that this is for an expecting mother.

Especially during the mid to late stages, the skin becomes overly sensitized. Thus, we want to take into consideration the material which the mother would be the most comfortable with, to the touch.

Adjustments- Let us face it. You are also probably going to use the pregnancy recliner as a pregnancy lounge chair. And as such, we need all the relevant amenities to make life a little easier for the expecting mother. She is going to go through changes, and thus, the chair needs to be able to adjust along with her.

Comfort- Now you might argue: wait a minute, we covered comfort in the materials segment. Why here? Well, the materials are a part of what contributes to comfort overall. We have another small aspect: padding or cushioning. Adequate padding or cushioning is required to maintain the optimal levels of comfort too.

Size and Placement- You would be astonished to know that this is actually quite important. This is the last thing on most buyers’ minds when it comes down to these pregnancy chairs. We are more concerned about the chair itself than the space it would go in. These classes of furniture usually take up a lot of precious real estate.

Structure and Durability- These pregnancy recliners can be a very significant investment. Thus, it is only natural that the buyer would want to get the most out of them, that is, a long life of easy, uninterrupted use. For that, we first scrutinize the frame. In particular, we scrutinize the choice of material that goes into making the frame.

We want steel, with enclosed bearings. Any and all wood used in the chair must be made of hardwood and not just some simple, cheap particle wood.

Recliner Benefits for Pregnant Women

Now, of course, these recliners need to have some benefits over their other, more traditional, non-reclining counterparts. Features and benefits that do not play a direct part in the pregnancy phase can indirectly help ease the period altogether, even if it is through making the process just a little more comfortable. So, what are those recliner benefit for pregnancy?

Rocker- The most obvious feature of a recliner. Who does not love a good rocker? A good rocker can lull you into a sense of serenity and peace. The slow-motion can make the body relaxed, to the extent where you might just doze off. For a pregnant woman, adding that little extra bit of comfort will certainly help ease her mind and body.

Sleeping & Nursing- It goes without saying that pregnant women need their rest and sleep. And it is recommended that, apart from a proper diet, an expecting mother gets adequate amounts of sleep every day for peak development. 

And that is also where a good, quality recliner can contribute. Sleeping in a recliner can bring down the discomfort several notches, especially during later stages of pregnancy, when it becomes increasingly difficult to lie down in a bed.

Swivel- Though some levels of movement are essential, it can still be quite strenuous and fatiguing. Having a swiveling feature means that you do not necessarily have to move around as often. This is especially useful post-pregnancy when you can swivel around and access the things you need without waking up the baby.Just keep all the essentials within reach of your hand, and you are all set—no need to get up from the chair for that random need.

Relief from Bodily Pain- These sleeper recliners can help bring down the occurrences of bodily pain, back pain being the most common one. Sitting at a low angle, or lying down in a pregnancy chair can be more effective at easing out or preventing the occurrence of pain in the lower back area to the spine.

A Comfortable Footrest- The last benefit of buying into one of these recliners is that you get an uber comfortable footrest. Trust us when we say this, this tiny detail also goes a considerable way in providing an optimum level of comfort. See, pregnant women suffer from swollen ankles.

The ankles cannot simply adjust to carrying all that additional mass gained in such a short period of time. A footrest, therefore, allows for placing your feet at an angle to your recline, raising your level of comfort, and of course, helping ease that ankle pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best recliners for pregnant women:

1. Do I need to buy an ottoman together with a pregnancy recliner?
Not necessarily. That being said, you do have the freedom of choice. Almost all pregnancy recliners come with a suitably compatible ottoman, helping you get that much-needed relief to your legs. And since comfort is very important for a pregnant woman, we certainly recommend an ottoman if your recliner does not include one.

2. Is it OK to sit in a recliner while pregnant?
Of course, it is. Rather, in the late stages of pregnancy, the expecting mother might face difficulties and difficulties in lying down. Thus, the recliner should be an investment you should consider.

3. What is the difference between a regular recliner and a pregnancy model?
The basic features are all the same. A pregnancy recliner adds more on top of these basic features, without taking any away. They come with more padding on the arms, seats, and the backrest. The best maternity recliner can also swivel around, rock, and rotate.

4. Are pregnancy recliners good for back pain?
Well, excessive standing does put extra strain on your back, ergo leading to back pain. A pregnant woman would have it much harder. It does take a toll on the back. So sitting down, getting your feet off the ground can help ease that pain away.

5. How affordable are pregnancy recliners?
A decent pregnancy recliner could start in the neighborhood of $200. And as with other commodities, the price increases with the number of features.

6. Can I accidentally squish my unborn baby whilst sleeping on a recliner?
Your baby, especially at the later stages, has a full sensory function. Babies move into a position where they do not feel squished, all by themselves. Thus, if you are putting more stress to your left while resting, the baby will move to the right. Thus, rest assured, it is unlikely that you will accidentally squish your baby while you are sleeping or resting on a recliner.

Final Words

Being pregnant can be a pleasant experience or quite the ordeal, depending on whom you ask. What better way than to invest in a pregnancy recliner you could use for years after having your loved one in your arms. On our best recliners for pregnancy list, the top spot went to the Storkcraft Premium. Nothing could come close to its value-to-price ratio. 

We hope we helped make that decision process easier. Till then, catch us in the next one. Peace out.

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