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10 Best Recliners For Seniors (Review) in 2021

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The feeling of seeing your close ones getting older and sicker with time can be extremely painful. Once those who were exceedingly energetic and playful, you now see them sitting or napping all day.

But what can you really do to ease their old days and bring the most comfort you can afford for them? Well, the answer to this is simple. Getting them a recliner could be the best way out so they can watch tv or get up at ease with the least hassle.

Now, we have come up with a list of the best recliners for seniors to help build a safer abode for them. Let’s head off to our reviews without any further discussion, so you can pick the best ones for your grandparents, parents, or even for yourself!

Keeping all our elderly ones in mind, here are some of the best recliners for senior citizens that we have carefully handpicked to ease the task for you:


Signature Design by Ashley Yandel

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Known for its versatility in providing both style and functionality, this is considered to be the fan-favorite so far!

Powerful Motor Chair with Lift- Offering a dual motor to power the recliner, this particular recliner by Ashley Yandel is super easy to function.

The lift and tilt feature allows the users to get back on their feet from the cozy mood just in the blink of an eye! You can now be away at work and not have to worry about the seniors to meet an accident while getting up.

Comfort Design- With a metal reinforced seat, this product has been constructed with a high back to lean in with wonderful support. Meanwhile, the thick cushion and the saddle brown faux leather upholstery deals with providing comfort to the weakened and tired bones.

Now you don’t have to worry about their contentment with this elderly chair lift at all!

Amazing Side Features- What makes this thick poly fiber recliner so different from the rest? Well, this chair with a lift is pretty oversized, which makes it suitable for people of all shapes and sizes.

Besides, apart from offering a cozy smooth touch to your fingertips, this chair is equipped with a big side pocket where your beloved seniors can store in all their necessaries, starting from their glasses to even their magazines.

Unique Remote Control System- With the touch of a single button, it would allow the elderly to get into the lounging mode and watch the TV for as long as they want. To ensure the utmost comfort, it also elevates your legs so you can relax and enjoy yourself at your fullest.



Verdict- So, if you’re looking for an affordable yet quality recliner, this is definitely our pick at the best recliners for elderly. Don’t forget to give it a try!


Giantex Power Lift Chair Recliner

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The next one that made our list is the recliner by Giantex, which is best known for its construction and utmost comfort.

Smooth Lifting- One thing that we absolutely love about this recliner is the quiet and smooth lifting and reclining feature that makes it usable by anyone reaching their old age. The counterbalanced lifting machinery allows the entire chair to be lifted through which the seniors can stand up without any added trouble.

Soft and Relaxing Texture- Specially made for seniors recovering from surgery, the high-quality material used to assemble the well-cushioned structure along with the high-density sponge seats, is a must-have for anyone with back or joint pain.

Storage Facilities- Along with incredible texture and lifting facilities, this recliner by Giantex also comes with special storage space to pack in all your needs while relaxing. Located on the right, this pouch has been made in a dark color, so dirt or dust won’t be visible at all.

Great Capacity- Top-notch quality steel frame construction makes sure that these lift chairs will last you a long time. Having a maximum capacity of holding around 330 pounds, this product will guarantee to safely load your body with utmost ease and comfort while working or resting.

Simple Button Control- For added advantages, the chair is provided with a two-button remote control to change the sitting positions. An extra perk is a cord attached to it, which will make certain that you don’t lose it out of carelessness.



Verdict- Considering the multiple attractive features this recliner has to offer, this is a must add to your wish list, given that it’s affordable too!


Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa

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The next one that made it to our top picks is the electric power lift recliner manufactured by Mcombo, which is a great choice for those in need of massages from time to time.

Super Lifting Power- Mechanized with a TUV-certified motor, this recliner can effortlessly push the chair with the use of two buttons in order to support the seniors while standing upright. No more additional stress to the back or knees, that too without the help of others!

Quick Massage and Soothing Heat- Equipped with as many as 8 vibrating nodules around the entire chair and 1 heating facility on the waist area, this is perfect for those who have to put up with regular back pain. Besides, being offered in 9 modes and 5 intensities, it can serve a great deal for a fixed time limit of 10 to 30 minutes!

Durable and Easy Clean Upholstery- Constructed with long-lasting faux leather, the covering of this recliner is quick and easy to clean with a dry or damp lint-free fabric. It doesn’t mean it compromises with the looks. Aesthetics and superior comfort have been ensured with this lifting chair for the elderly, which will definitely add a chic appearance to your home.

Cup Holder and USB Charging Ports- What makes this product to be only one of its kind? Additional cup holders on each armrest as well as dual USB outlets and dual side pockets definitely make this recliner our premium pick!



Verdict- Overall, my honest opinion would be that this is a great catch! With the pricing and versatile features that are unavailable in most other recliners, this should definitely be given a try.


Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa 7286

In case you want a much more overstuffed version of the previously mentioned recliner by Mcombo for extra comfort, then this is just the right one for you!

TUV-Approved Lift Motor- This piece by Mcombo is powered by a potent TUV approved motor which will serve you for an extended time. It helps in painless lifting for those seniors with weak knees or joints. You can now smoothly adjust the recliner to your desired position for the best soothing experience.

Tough Lining and Utmost Relief- Covered with a treated cloth surface, this recliner gives off the effect of anti-felting and anti-pilling. Moreover, the overstuffed padding with built-in springs in the back, as well as the seats, don’t fail to provide a lightened up and relaxed feeling to the elderly all day long.

Added Ports and Holders- To keep your phones and tabs charged beside you in order to instantly reach out to use them, this product is assembled with dual built-in USB charging ports for all low-powered devices.

However, this isn’t the only fancy feature. This also comes with double cup holders to keep your drinks in place as well as two side pockets for storing your basics.

Improved Performance- Mcombo guarantees advanced performance with a quieter noise operation and longer life span to make sure you can rest in silence without any disturbances.



Verdict- Offered at reasonable pricing and incredible features, this recliner is a must if you want to have an all-rounder recliner to be used for years at a stretch.


MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner

One more lift and massage recliner is this wonderful product by Magic Union, handpicked for ultimate pain relief of the elderly.

Incredible Construction- Although made of solid wooden framing, it does not compromise with its durable lifespan. Stylish yet cozy due to its faux leather design, it is perfect for giving a chic look to your indoors.

Remote Control Lift and Recline- Manufactured with a great motor system, the senior citizens can now stand up as well as relax with no trouble, thanks to the remote control for the best lift and recline experience. Built-in footrest, which can be adjusted along with the backrest, will allow you to simply sit back and relax during the lazy hours.

Pleasant Massaging and Heating Feature- Seniors who often suffer from constant body pain due to weakened bones and muscles, this recliner is a life savior for them! Focusing on 4 body areas and 5 variable modes such as pulse, press, wave, etc., it’s one of the best therapeutic chairs for elderly that are currently available in the marketplace.

Additional Features- While this product serves the basic requirements of a recliner, it furthermore comes with 2 individual remotes for simple control and additional cup holders as well as side pockets. Thus, it’ll ensure that your beloved seniors can enjoy to their fullest with a cup of coffee and a magazine.



Verdict- Even though this recliner has a wooden construction, the durability that it provides is amazing. Given its price tag and superior features such as massaging function, why not take some time to look into it and decide for yourself?


Irene House Lays Flat Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair

To bring home a classy piece of the recliner that can be laid flat, we present to you the Irene House electric recliner chair with remarkable features.

Adjustable Body- Supporting up to as much as 300 pounds, this lift chair can aid the seniors in standing up gracefully without anyone’s support. For those who underwent recent surgeries or have to deal with habitual leg or back pain, this can be the perfect pick!

Further, it can be altered to any desired position with an extended footrest and backrest that can be adjusted according to one’s comfort.

Classy Leather Covering- Combined with leather, PU leather alongside a solid wood construction, it offers a premium breathable texture which can be cleaned with little effort. This piece will add elegance to your interior besides easing your distress and helping you relax for long hours.

Added Side Pouch- Whether you decide to watch the tv or lay flat on the recliner to ease your stress, the pocket on the side of the recliner will always be there to safely keep the remote or little things in place. So, you can just sit back and relax with all your essentials in one pouch without having the need to get up every now and then.



Verdict- If you’re looking for a basic lay-flat recliner for your post-operation phase, which will also provide the best comfort, this is something that you must check out by yourself.


CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly

Antiskid recliners with safety motion such as this are a great option for those seniors who look forward to relaxing all day long with maximum functionality.

Sturdy and Powerful Motor Lift- Modern fashion has met the finest functionality with this recliner by CANMOV. Created with a heavy-duty single motor, this item has a versatile mechanism, starting from safety motion lift to a laid back lounging position. Being adjustable to any custom position, owning this can be a dream for the elderly.

Antiskid Upholstery- Made with an overstuffed pillow on the back, seat, and armrest, the thick cushioned covering has been fabricated with antiskid material, which will enhance the safety of seniors. Leaving them home alone with the recliner without worrying couldn’t get any better.

Easy Assembly- Less than 10 minutes installation feature along with official YouTube videos from the manufacturer will help you to assemble the recliner in no time!

Simple Control and Storage- Presented with a two-button control system, the recliner can be controlled without any added hassle by elderly people who are not familiar with tech devices.  Likewise, to make life simpler, an added side pocket will help them to store up their glasses, remote, and other miscellaneous items without the fear of losing them.



Verdict- To ensure overall safety for your close elderly members, remember to check this product out. Besides providing a stylish outlook, it will also guarantee comfort due to its overstuffed feature.


U-MAX Massage Recliner Power Lift Chair for Elderly

To ensure the best use of our reviews, we decided to include another lift chair that supports dual massage and heating functionality, which is the massage recliner by U-MAX.

Soft Feel Recliner- Fabricated with soft yet long-lasting PU leather, this chair has been padded with an extra thick sponge that will cover the entire back, head as well as the armrest so the elderly can relax in peace. No need to worry about its longevity because U-MAX never compromises with quality!

Smooth Lift and Recline Mechanism- Very easy to assemble, this product will astound you with its ever smooth lifting feature, which is powered by a strong motor. To stand up safely, the lifting motion has been made very gracefully.

When dealing with the reclining function, it will allow you to sit back and operate the headrest and footrest with a simple press on the remote!

Focused Massage and Heating- In order to relieve pain while allowing you to relax and watch the TV, this recliner is designed with 4 areas focused on massage. Similarly, the 5 modes offered for this will surely meet your demands in no time. As for the lumbar region, the heating feature will guarantee an eased out rest for your stressed-out body.

Impressive Extra Features- Included dual side pockets to stock up newspapers, glasses, and other daily commodities of the elderly are certainly a plus feature. What’s more, there are the cup holders to prevent spilling of drinks or breaking of mugs, this will ensure maximum safety for the seniors.



Verdict- Sold under $400, this is, of course, the best deal you’ll find for a budgeted yet maximum output recliner. Go and check it out yourself!


CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly, Chocolate

We bring to you yet another super comfortable yet sturdy recliner by CANMOV, which is well known for its safety motion and heavy-duty.

Great Lift and Recline with Safety Motion- For maximum protection, this recliner is assembled with a powerful heavy-duty motor that is offered with a safety motion feature. This will allow the elderly who weigh up to 300 lbs to stand upright with little to no difficulty at all!

Lay back, lift, and tilt – these three positions aren’t the only options it provides. Adjustable positioning at your preferred angle has now been made possible.

Frictional Upholstery- Enhancing safety has always been a major feature in CANMOV recliners, and this isn’t any different. For a well-protected sitting, this lift chair is aimed to fulfill the utmost comfort with the extra thick overstuffed cushioning and antiskid covering throughout the sofa. Back pain due to uneasiness, what’s that?

Extra Large Storage- Unlike the other recliners we have come across till now, this is by far the best in terms of storage facilities. The expanded side pockets of this lift recliner will allow you to keep anything and everything you want. Be it the remote, daily magazines, or water bottles, this has just the right amount of space to store it all!



Verdict- CANMOV has always been reliable in manufacturing the best affordable recliners with the most features. You must not miss out on this one if you’re on a budget.


Domesis Renu Leather Power Lift Chair Recliner

The last one to end up in our favorites list is the lift chair recliner assembled by Domesis Renu, famous for its fashionable design and incredible results.

Leather-Like Feel- Made with soft yet robust and breathable Renu leather, this recliner claims to give you a full leather-like touch and appearance, that too at a very reasonable pricing of around $400. The chic black casing will leave your room looking classier than ever!

Let’s not forget the ergonomic support that is presented with fully padded plush and dense foam, resulting in the perfect cushioning for a relaxing nap.

Heavy-Duty Construction- Providing extreme support to hold up to 300 pounds of weight, these comfortable chairs for seniors are equipped with laminated hardwood and steel frame construction. Hence, this will last for longer years without any signs of damage or problems.

2-Button Control- The remote supplied with the lift chair has 2-button controlling usability. As a result, it will allow even the oldest members of your family to operate the recliner with ease and no knowledge of electronic devices. No fear of losing the remote either, thanks to the attached cord!

Handy Pocket- Losing glasses or getting up every time to grab a newspaper or water bottle can be pretty hectic for the seniors. But due to the handy side pocket on this recliner, these can be stored without any hassle.



Verdict- Recliners such as this one support the most basic necessities that one can look for in such pricing. Therefore, if you aren’t looking for a post-surgery lift chair, give this a try!

Best Recliners For Elderly Buying Guide & FAQ​

What to Look for Before Buying

If you are looking at articles on the internet trying to find the best recliners for the elderly, some basic understanding of how to shop for recliners will do you good.

Buying a nice recliner chair is a long-term investment, and you want to get your money’s worth. Knowing what makes a good recliner is a foolproof way to come to your own conclusion.

You might also be confused by a plethora of choices. By the end of this section, you should have the knowledge you need to weigh your options against one another.

The Basics- 
For those of you who have never shopped for a recliner before, a quick glance over this part will build your basics. If you do have a general sense of what to look for, skip ahead to the next section for some special tips tailored with our senior citizens in mind.

To make an informed purchase, consider the following things while evaluating any recliner.

The Base: 
Recliners come in a variety of base structures. If you can settle on a type of base, your search perimeter for the perfect recliner will narrow down by a significant margin. Let’s go over the most common types of recliner bases-

1. Rocking Gliders- Recliners with this type of base soothingly rock in a back and forth motion. If you’re looking to unwind in your recliner after a hectic day and clear your headspace, a rocking recliner should be a good place to start.

2. Swivel Gliders- These recliners can rotate and glide over the floor, much like ergonomic chairs. If you need to multitask often or move about during your reclining time, consider a swivel glider base.

3. Lift Chairs- Recliners with a lift option gently eject you from the chair at your command. If you want to keep manual activity to a minimum or have back problems, a recliner chair with a lift will be the most convenient. Note that it is also a popular choice among the elderly.

4. The Classic- This type of recliner comes in a traditional wooden base. If you appreciate a clean-cut, minimal look along with a sturdy frame, go for these. This is also the most budget-friendly base option out of the three that we have discussed.

Fabric Material: 
The upholstery of your recliner comes in direct contact with your skin. It’s best to make sure you choose one that feels good for you and does not cause any irritation.

1. Leather- Leather upholstery is immune to any spillage, easy to clean, and among the best-looking recliners in the market. The texture and feel is premium. So more often than not, leather recliners come in expensive price tags.

However, there are plenty of PU leather-clad good recliners that are less likely to break your wallet.

2. Cotton- Cotton upholstery actually gives you many more options if you care about the pattern, color choices, and how your recliner fits into the color scheme of your interior. If you tend to run hot or live in a particularly humid area, consider cotton upholstery as it is breathable material.

Although it can be defenseless against spillage and stains, switching from leather to cotton might just leave some room in your budget to fit in some extra perks.

Powered or Manual- 
Over the past decade, recliners have come to incorporate more technological conveniences. Powered recliners bring all of their features to your fingertips. You can go in and out of the reclining mode with the press of a button, without having to struggle with physically reaching and pulling the lever.

Even though powered recliners are more convenient in many ways, some senior citizens just don’t feel comfortable with technology. If the elderly in question prefer some good old fashioned stretching every now and then, manual recliners could be one way to go.

This subheading may sound vague, but it should be, by far, the topmost consideration when shopping for a recliner. Different brands tend to offer it in different ways. But there are some features you just can’t go without, for instance, the headrest and armrests that can also be adjusted.

The headrest can make or break your whole reclining experience. Try to choose a recliner that does not need you to buy the headrest separately. It should be properly placed and cushioned to support your head and neck.

While in the upright position, you will heavily rely on the armrests. Some recliners sport swiveling armrests to give you more flexibility in the upright position.

Some Special Considerations for Elderlies- 
A subsection of motorized recliners come with features like massage and heating. These recliners can help senior citizens with relieving muscle and joint pain.

When buying a recliner for older people, make sure you get the right size to accommodate all their pressure points. Evaluate the recliner’s potential in terms of lumbar support.

Consider a lift recliner chair for an old person who struggles with exerting physical strength.

Some value-added features could help provide a premium reclining experience for the elderly. Little conveniences like cup holders, side pockets, and USB charging are worth a few extra bucks if an elderly person is going to be in the chair for long hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best recliners:

1. What is the best recliner for seniors?
Considering all aspects, the Signature Design by Ashley Yandel is everyone’s favorite. It provides extreme comfort with its generous sizing, a classic brown leather style as well as has a tethered remote, which can be the best choice for the elderly.

2. What is the best lift chair for sitting all day?
To spend longer hours whiling away in a recliner, the best one for this cause would be the U-MAX Power Lift Chair Recliner.

Equipped with the best massaging functions compared to the other ones available in the market, it can easily help you to sit back and relax all day long with a nice massage that quickly focuses on your pain spots.

3. Are lift chairs good for the elderly?
Lift chairs or recliners can be of great assistance to the elderly, which would permit them to live a better and trouble-free life while aging. These lift chairs guarantee a safe sitting or standing up with a quick remote system that can be operated without the help of others.

4. What is the average price of a lift chair?
Chairs with a lift and recline features can range from $400 to $800 or higher, depending on their construction and additional features that are offered by the manufacturer. However, if you are on a budget and require a basic recliner, you can get a good deal at 400 to 500 dollars without any hesitation.

5. Does insurance pay for lift chairs?
A simple answer to this – yes. Lift chairs are known to cover through Part B of the Medicare coverage since they are regarded as DME (Durable Medical Equipment). DME’s can be used to treat physical conditions, including arthritis and such similar medical problems.

6. How long does a lift chair last?
On an average, recliners or lift chairs that are used on a day-to-day basis will last as much as 10 years. However, this estimation is dependent on a number of factors that include the lift chair’s framing construction, the manufacturing company’s brand value as well as how the user tends to use it on a regular day.

If used and maintained with care, some lift chairs can even last longer than a decade! Amazing, isn’t it?

7. Do all lift chairs recline?
Well, the answer is a straight yes. All lift chairs are operated by a good motor system that can be operated with a hand control remote, that can be both corded as well as cordless.

Hence, not only do these lift chairs recline to an angle, but they also assist the user in standing upright in an effortless manner.

8. Do lift chairs come in different sizes?
Similar to every other thing, lift chairs also come in different sizes. Generally labeled with small, medium, and large, these lift chairs can serve the purpose of people with different shapes and sizes as well.

Nevertheless, which size should fit you right completely depends on your preference alongside your body weight and structure. For this, make sure to do some online research and be certain of the size dimensions of each recliner before you make a buy.

Final Words

As we’re already at the end of our discussion and guideline, we hope to have served you well and aided you in finding the best recliners for seniors.

If you are new to this or want to get an upgrade for your grandparents or parents, or even for yourself, just remember to look at the maximum desirable features that these manufacturers have to offer in your budget. And you will be good to go. Best of luck with your purchase!

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