Last updated: February 17, 2021

10 Best RV Recliners (Review) in 2021

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RecPro Charles Collection 67” Double RV Recliner

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RecPro Charles 58” Double Recliner RV Sofa

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RecPro Charles 28” RV Euro Chair

Living in an RV for a prolonged period of time can be difficult. But there is no reason to simply give up in the effort of making it less difficult. That is where RV recliners come in.

We all know what recliners are. But in this article, we will be discussing the best RV recliners that are perfect for use in an RV.

This article will guide you through 10 of the very best recliners out there that will enhance the comfort of your RV life. We will also be giving you a detailed and comprehensive buying guide to make your search easier. 

You will be hard-pressed to find any other article on RV recliners with this much detail and information. So pay close attention to it to get the best possible result in your search.

This section of the article is all about giving you an idea of the best possible options you have when it comes to buying the perfect RV recliner. Given below are 10 of the very best recliners in the market.


RecPro Charles Collection 67” Double RV Recliner

furniest best choice-product section

This product is not only our best choice but also the best-rated RV recliners for its comfort, durability, and convenience of use. It is a recliner that ticks all the boxes when it comes to RV recliners. 

High Aesthetic Value- If you are someone who understands the value of a great design, then you will be happy to know that this one has an extremely modern and stylish design that enhances the look of your RV.

Made of High-Quality Leather- This recliner comes with a covering of Polyurethane Faux Leather. This is a very durable variant of leather that makes the recliner long-lasting. Additionally, it also makes the sofa very easy to clean. But this variant of leather can be quite heavy and thus not the best option for hot regions. 

Very Simple Assembly- The stylish and complicated exterior design of the product belies the simplicity in the setup of the product. Even though the recliner looks very difficult to set up, it is, in fact, very easy.

However, we should mention that the product doesn’t come with any instruction manuals, and while that does make it a tad bit more difficult to set up, it is definitely not a deal-breaker. 

Perfect Size- A recliner needs to be small enough to properly fit in an RV, and this one nails the size. The size of this sofa is just perfect for your RV.



Verdict- Overall, this is a fantastic product that does everything right from the functionality to the design. Aside from a few minor inconveniences, it rarely lets you down in any field, and that’s what makes this our best choice.


RecPro Charles Collection 58” Double Recliner RV Sofa

furniest best value-product section

This product is the smaller version of the previously reviewed 67-inch model. But the compact and RV-friendly design of this recliner also makes it quite a bit more expensive. But that expense is made worthwhile by its high functionality, sturdy construction, and convenience. In fact, that is what makes it our premium pick.

Double Recliner- Like the previous recliner, this one is also a double recliner. That means there is more space for multiple people, and the sofa can also work as a couch sleeper. 

Built to Last- This product has an extremely durable construction from top to bottom. Both the users and the manufacturers have attested to the durability of the product. The cover of the sofa is also made of polyurethane faux leather that adds to the durability.

Great Functionality- The functionality of this is absolutely top-notch. The recliner can recline up to 160 degrees, which is more than enough to meet your requirements. 

Portable- As mentioned, the design of the sofa is much more compact, and thus the size is smaller. That makes it even more portable and even more perfect for use in an RV. But because of its smaller size, it may alienate taller people as they may find it slightly uncomfortable.

Easy to Install and Use- The modular structure of the recliner makes it extremely easy to set up. It also comes with detailed instructions. Additionally, the leather covering makes the recliner easy to clean as well. The controls for the recliner are also very accessible.



Verdict- This is a fantastic product with multiple brilliant features despite the high price. If you are willing to pay a hefty amount over a recliner, this is a fantastic option.


RecPro Charles 28” RV Euro Chair

furniest Premium pick-product section

The third product from RecPro on the list is drastically different than the previous two. This one is a much smaller model that is meant for single use only. But when it comes to functionality, convenience, and aesthetic value, there are very few recliners that can top this. 

And the extremely affordable price is the icing on the cake. 

Very Good-Looking Design- This recliner is arguably the most gorgeous recliner on the list and in the entire market for that matter. The aesthetics on this should be a huge reason for getting this recliner seat. 

Perfect Size and Weight- This recliner is perfectly suitable for use in an RV because of its perfectly compact size. Additionally, it is very lightweight, making it extremely portable. But, this size can be a little too small for many people on the heavier or taller side.

Made of High-Quality Faux Leather- We cannot stress how amazing faux leather is for any recliner. It makes the chair durable, easy to clean, and very comfortable to use as well. 

Great Functionality- This recliner not only comes with a full 360-degree swivel, but it can also rock. Thus it passes the functionality test with flying colors by killing two birds with one stone. But the base of the recliner can be slightly unstable which affects its functionality a little but not to the point where it becomes a major concern.



Verdict- This is one of the best recliners out there in this price range. The compact size, the great-looking design, and satisfactory functionality make it quite a viable option.


Homall Recliner Chair

This recliner chair comes at an extremely affordable price, but it doesn’t sacrifice too much of its functionality to make that happen. In fact, this recliner delivers a much more efficient performance and convenience compared to many other highly-priced recliners in the market. 

Built for Maximum Comfort- Like all the products on the list so far, this one is also made of faux leather. That improves the durability and comfort of the recliner. The recliner also comes with extra thick padding to accentuate the comfort. It is particularly great for people with back issues.

Easy to Use- This recliner uses a push back function that is extremely easy to use. It doesn’t need any convoluted digital controls. You can use it properly just at the push of a button. It also comes with an adjustable footrest that gives you full control over your needs for comfort. 

Stylish Design- While the design of this sofa isn’t over the top, it is still very attractive. It has a sleek modern edge to it that separates it from many of its contemporary products. 

Very Long-Lasting- This is a recliner that will serve you for long periods of time without fail. A lot of customers have sung the praises of this chair for being so durable and long-lasting. The only notable complaints from customers have been in regard to customer service, which is said to be quite poor. 

Size- The size of this chair is quite small, which makes it portable and perfect for an RV. But it can be too small for a lot of people.



Verdict- At this price, this is the best recliner chair available in the market. The combination of the ease of use, functionality, comfort, and the affordable price makes it a very attractive option to consider.


Flash Furniture Multi-Position Recliner

This product is the first multi-position recliner on this list. It delivers a fantastic, long-lasting performance at a very reasonable price. And it also emphasizes comfort above all else.

Comes with an Ottoman- A special feature of all Flash Furniture products is the additional ottoman. You can use it as your seating place, or you can take it off and use it as a separate ottoman. 

Firm Wooden Base- The base of the chair is strong and sturdy, which is perfect for an RV as you want your recliner to be firmly planted to the ground while the RV is moving. But it does make the chair sit a little too low to the ground, and that may be an issue for tall people.  

All Round Comfort- This chair has extra thick padding all over the construction. And this includes the seat, backrest, headrest, and armrest. 

Very Easy to Use- This doesn’t come with any convoluted remote controls. All you have to do is pull a lever for it to recline smoothly. The setup is also very simple. And the modular structure adds to the ease of the installation process. 

Vintage Leather Covering- The vintage leather adds to the comfort greatly. It also has great aesthetic value. Additionally, it is very easy to clean and long-lasting.



Verdict- While the overall performance leaves a little bit more to be desired, the recliner still serves you very well. The extra comfort and sturdy base that it offers are unique features that make it stand out despite its inconveniences.


JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair

This affordable recliner chair from Jummico is designed for maximum comfort, and it tries to give you control over the type of comfort you desire. In addition to that, it also offers great functionality and convenience.

Offers Maximum Comfort- Everything in its design and construction is designed to maximize the comfort of the user. It comes with very thick padding, but the padding isn’t too thick. It also has an adjustable footrest and backrest. Thus, it gives you full control over the nature of the comfort you desire. 

Unique Aesthetic- The aesthetic of this recliner is like no other. It is subdued yet noticeable at the same time. And it also blends in really well with the RV environment. 

Very Easy to Assemble- When it comes to the assembly, this recliner might have the easiest one. It has only three detachable parts, namely the backrest, base, and the four legs. Attaching them is child’s play and barely takes any time. 

Small and Portable- The size of this recliner is very small, and that is always an added bonus. It fits perfectly in an RV, and it is also very portable. But like most recliners that are small, this one may also cause problems for taller people. Additionally, it also sits a little low to the ground, and that may create problems for people on the heavier side.



Verdict- This recliner may cause issues for people who are much taller than average and for people weighing over 300 pounds. So it is better to avoid this one if you fit into any of the above criteria. But if you don’t, this is a perfectly good recliner that will give you maximum comfort and blend in seamlessly.


Giantex Power Lift Chair Recliner

This is one of the first RV lift recliners on this list. We will go into detail about the specialty of the power lift feature down below. But for now, know that this chair is a heavy recliner that emphasizes comfort, convenience, and versatility. 

Power-Lift- Let us first talk about the feature that separates it from most RV recliners. The power-lift is a feature that makes it easy for the user to get up from the chair. By pressing a button, you can make the chair tilt forward and thus make it easy for you to get out. This is especially beneficial for people with back pain and for the elderly. 

Made of Soft and Comfortable Material- It is made of extremely soft and foamy materials and comes with a lovely leather covering that adds to the comfort. 

Convenient- It has a two-button controller, which is very simple and adds little to no complications. But it is necessary to mention that the back and footrest cannot be used exclusively. They have to be used together, and that takes away the control from you. 

Large and Sturdy- While the recliner is small enough to fit in an RV, it is on the larger side compared to most recliners. This makes it very suitable for taller or heavier people, but the same cannot be said about people on the smaller size.



Verdict- This recliner puts a lot of emphasis on making it as comfortable and convenient as possible to benefit people with major back pain. In fancier terms, this is a recliner for people who really need it. The heavier weight may be a turn down for some. But besides that, it is a great option.


Thomas Payne Euro Recliner Chair

The recliner chair from Thomas Payne focuses greatly on comfort and aesthetics. It cares about how it makes you feel both physically and superficially. Additionally, it also comes with good functionality and delivers a solid performance to earn your consideration. 

Lightweight and Small- This recliner weighs less than almost all recliners on the list. It is extremely portable for that reason. Needless to say, that also means the size is also quite small. While that may cause some problems for taller people, it tries to neutralize that problem by being longer in length. 

The bigger issue is the durability of construction. It gives up a considerable mass to weigh less, and that makes the chair slightly prone to fall apart. 

European Aesthetic- The design of this chair is very European, and that adds a new element of style to your RV. 

Filled with High-Density Foam- Instead of using extra padding’s, Thomas Payne chooses to use high-density foam. They are much better for people with back problems as they significantly add to the comfort. 

Covered with PolyHyde Leather- PolyHyde is a European variant of leather that is coated with polymers to make it even more durable. This is also very easy to clean, which is an added advantage for the recliner.



Verdict- This recliner is fantastic for light short term use as it comes at quite an affordable price. Aside from the issues with longevity and construction, it will serve you well, providing the highest comfort and convenience.


Flash Furniture Contemporary Brown Leather Recliner and Ottoman

This recliner is for those who expect some class in their furniture. In addition to that, it also emphasizes functionality and comfort and comes at a very cost-effective price. 

Classy Aesthetic- If you think that class is an option you can’t explore while looking for an RV recliner, this product will prove you wrong. From the look to the construction, this chair exudes class, and that is something almost no other recliner can offer. 

Perfect Amount of Padding- Both the back and the seats are sufficiently padded. However, the amount of padding never crosses the line and becomes excessive. It has exactly the right amount of padding for a comfortable performance. 

Leather-Wrapped Base- Stability is very important in a recliner chair as it needs to stay stable when the RV is moving. So the additional stability that comes from the leather-wrapped base of this chair is very crucial. 

Comes with an Ottoman- Like all recliner chairs from Flash Furniture, this one also comes with an ottoman that you can use separately. But there have been quite a few complaints about the substantiality of the said ottoman. Many customers have said that the ottoman can get easily damaged. 

Versatile- This recliner chair can be used anywhere for almost any purpose. You can even use it for sleeping purposes by using the full recline feature.



Verdict- This is the perfect recliner for people who want elegance in everything they buy. It also has sufficient features to make it functionally efficient as well. Aside from a few minor issues, it works really well in delivering what you need from a recliner.


Esright Power Lift Chair

Like the recliner from Giantex, the last product from our list emphasizes being as efficient and comfortable as possible for people with back or joint pains and the elderly. That is, this is a recliner for people who really need it. In addition to that, it is also more environment-friendly than most recliners.

Power Lift- We have already talked about what makes the power lift feature so special. It makes getting up from chairs significantly easier, and that is a blessing for elderly people and people with back and joint pains. 

Use of Environment-Friendly Material- Everything used in the construction is as environment-friendly as possible, starting from the recycled timber to the recycled artificial leather, and that is something that deserves respect. 

Massage Feature- Remember when we said this chair is perfect for people with back and joint pains? Yes, we weren’t kidding. This massage feature is a stroke of genius that improves your experience significantly and works really well to abate your pain. 

Has a USB Port- As if this chair couldn’t be any more convenient to use, it also comes with a USB port. You can put your phone on charge and simply relax. 

Overstuffed Padding for Heightened Comfort- This chair doesn’t take any chances when it comes to comfort. It overstuffed the chair with extra padding to increase the comfort exponentially.



Verdict- This is a great chair for people with existing pain in the back and joints, and it is almost perfect recliner for the elderly people. In addition to top-notch functionality, comfort, and convenience, it also cares about the environment. Aside from a few issues in the construction, it is a near-perfect recliner chair.

Best RV Recliner Buying Guide & FAQ

What Makes a Perfect RV Recliner

So far, in the article, we have given you an idea about the best options you have in the market when it comes to RV recliners through our RV recliner reviews. Now it is time to expand on that idea and give you an overview of the general things that make a particular RV recliner special. 

In this section of the article, we will be giving you a detailed look at all the things that you should consider before buying an RV recliner. Based on these, you have to understand your priorities and buy the best RV recliners that meet your unique set of requirements. 

Throughout the article, we have greatly emphasized the need for high-quality materials when it comes to the recliner chair. It goes without saying that the materials are what make a recliner chair, and their quality is what determines how well the chair is going to serve you and for how long it will be doing so. 

The core construction needs to be solid and sturdy so that the chair is solid and sturdy. In an RV that is constantly moving, stability is very important. For that, you need both the core construction and the base to be strong. A strong core makes sure the recliner doesn’t fall apart, and the base ensures overall stability.

Again, the materials used in the padding and covering are important to make sure you have the maximum comfort. Various chairs use different forms of padding like foam, cotton, etc. and they need to be of good quality.

The value of aesthetics in furniture is often understated. People don’t take it as seriously as the other matters of consideration. But aesthetics do matter. 

In the past, many people complained that recliner chairs often look ugly regardless of how convenient and effective they are. This forced the makers of the recliner chairs to focus on the design and improve it further to meet the human demand for aesthetics. 

And now, we finally have many recliner chairs that not only look good by the standards of recliners but as furniture in general.

To find the right aesthetic for you, you should get recliners that go well with your RV. There are chairs that can blend in with almost any environment, and then there are chairs that are made for a specific environment and only works with a specific color palette. You need to be smart about choosing the right match for your RV. 

This really goes without saying. The primary reason people buy recliner chairs in the first place is that they need some additional comfort. Your goal should be to maximize whatever comfort you might be able to get. While on the surface, the matter of comfort feels like a cut and dry case, there are multiple layers to this.

Firstly, it comes down to the internal materials, i.e., the type of padding that has been used. Foam is excellent padding for people with back pains, but the thickness requirement may vary from person to person. So you should be careful about that. 

Secondly, you need to focus on covering. Most recliner chairs have leather coverings, but there are many variants of leather. Some can be quite rough and uncomfortable while some are very smooth and thus very comfortable. You need to understand the distinction between high-quality leather and low-quality leather. 

Thirdly, you have to make sure the functionality and additional features are comfortable or not. This refers to the level of recline, the adjustable footrests, or power lifts. 

Lastly, you need to make sure the reclining motion is comfortable. We will go more into details about the reclining motion down below. But in regards to comfort, you should try to make sure that the reclining motion isn’t rough and that it doesn’t cause you any problem in the back.

For any standard recliner that is meant to be used in a living room or an office, this might not be such a crucial feature. But for RV recliners, this is extremely important. 

RV recliners need to be moved and transported a lot. They also need to be multi-functional as a user traditionally tends to use it for multiple purposes that include sitting, relaxing, or even sleeping. An RV recliner needs to be adaptable enough to meet the need of the users. 

Additionally, an ideal RV recliner should come off easily. RVs are big vehicles, but they often require a lot of space for various purposes. In situations like these, a recliner that can come off easily is an asset. By taking it apart, you can increase the amount of space in an RV as per your need. 

Again an RV should come with features that can adapt to the specific needs of the user. For example, it is better to get recliners that come with an adjustable footrest or backrest. That way, you can have control over your comfort. Additionally, a power lift feature is a great feature to have if you really need it. 

Value for Money- 
Recliner chairs aren’t exactly cheap. Even the cheapest ones come at quite a hefty price. So you can say that recliner chairs are a long term commitment. That is why you should make sure you are getting the best recliner chair possible when you are spending this amount of money on it. 

Now understanding how value for money works can be tricky. For example, on a cheaper option, you will have to give up some features that you could get in a more expensive option. 

In the 58-inch RecPro Charles Collection, the construction is extremely sturdy and durable, and the price of the product reflects that. But the same cannot be said for the more budget-friendly RecPro RV Euro Chair. You have to be aware of nuances like these and make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

The same can be said about additional features. Many recliners come with additional features like a power lift and adjustable footrest. Naturally, these recliners will cost a little bit more than the standard recliner. There are also double recliners that are bigger and more versatile.

If you need these features, then you would have to be willing to spend a fair bit of money on them, and you will get your money’s worth. And if you don’t want to spend that much, then you have to make certain compromises in the quality.

You just need to make sure that these compromises aren’t too big and don’t ruin the functionality because other than the functionality, it’s just a fancy chair.

Reclining Motion- 
The reclining motion determines the type of recline you get from your chair. And the very reason these chairs are called recliner chairs is to put emphasis on the reclining. This is what separates these recliners from all other types of chairs. So it is important to note how the reclining works and how it can benefit you. 

There are generally two types of reclining motions. These are power motion and manual motion. It is intuitive that the power motion uses motors to make the reclining function work. This type of reclining motion has its fair share of pros and cons.

Moreover, the power motion is much smoother than the manual one. Secondly, it also works much better for your back and joints as the movements are much more organized. But any recliner using power motion will naturally be heavier and won’t have much portability. These aren’t quite as sturdy either. 

Alternatively, manual recliners are much lighter in weight usually. Those that aren’t too light are very sturdy to make up for it. These recliners are extremely easy to use, as well. But they don’t have the smoothness that power motion recliners do, and they lack in functionality. 

The size of a recliner is an extremely important detail. If we were talking about getting recliners in the living room, then size wouldn’t be as big of a factor. But in an RV, the importance is accentuated ten-folds.

There are many different sizes of RVs. But in general, RVs are cramped spaces. They don’t have a luxurious amount of space that you would have in living rooms or offices. So when you are looking for recliners for an RV, you should generally look for chairs on the smaller side. 

But there are levels to this size. The question automatically arises, “How small should the recliner be?” And the answer depends on the RV that you own. You need to get accurate measurements of your RV and determine how much space you can give away for a recliner chair. 

It also depends on the way you want to use the recliner chair. If you want to use it just for the sake of relaxation, then you wouldn’t need a recliner that is too big. But if you use it for sleeping purposes, then you will have to be willing to give up a considerable amount of space and look for a bigger recliner. 

You should also consider the manpower you have or can manage because recliners are generally heavy objects. Even the heaviest recliners have a certain amount of body mass. So you need to make sure that you are able to carry the recliner you want and set it up. 

If you cannot manage sufficient manpower, it would be wiser to avoid the heavier models. But if you are confident in your capabilities or have enough manpower, then, by all means, get the size you desire while taking care of the space limit.

Also, you should keep in mind that recliners that aren’t that big in size are also usually not that sturdy. So you should also try to strike the right balance between sturdiness and size. Otherwise, all the money invested for your comfort will be utterly wasted.

In our reviews, we have always praised recliners that are easy to assemble and with good reason. They deserve it. Setting up recliners in an RV is tough on its own. You have to set up a considerably large object in quite a tiny place, and you have to ensure that it is stable and doesn’t cause you too many problems. 

Moreover, you don’t need a difficult assembly to make a process that is already so difficult even more so. That is why it is so crucial to look for recliners that are easy to assemble. 

To ensure that the recliner you are buying is easy to assemble, you must first look at the design. Usually, chairs that have a very simple design are easier to assemble. The products that have more convoluted designs are usually more difficult to set up. 

You should also try to see if the parts of a recliner are detachable or not. If yes, then you should find out how many detachable parts it has. You should also look for chairs with a more modular structure as they are usually easier to assemble.

Benefits of RV Recliners

RV recliners can benefit you in multiple ways. Starting from your health to the aesthetic of the environment, good furniture can influence a lot of things, and that is certainly true for recliners. Some crucial benefits of RV recliners are given below:-

Can Be Used by Anyone- A recliner is usually very easy to use. So it can be used by almost anyone irrespective of age, height, or weight. You will always find an RV recliner that meets your specific needs. So you don’t have to think too much before deciding to buy an RV recliner. 

Improves Blood Circulation- If you sit in a chair for a prolonged period of time, your upper and lower bodies remain unbalanced for that amount of time, and that isn’t good for blood circulation. 

But in a recliner chair, you have the ability to tilt your body backward. That balances your upper and lower body, and by doing so, it greatly improves blood circulation. 

Reduces Body Pain- Recliner chairs can be very beneficial in abating pain in your body, especially the back and the joints. Most recliner chairs come with thick and soft padding. These make sure your back is well-rested and comfortable. Additionally, they are covered with leather to add to that comfort. 

The reclining motion also contributes to making the chair comfortable and reducing body pain.  

Beneficial for Specific Groups of People- Recliners can be especially helpful for certain groups of people. These include people with back and joint pains, elderly people, and pregnant women. Recliner chairs are almost a must-have for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best RV recliners available in the market. Read on to clear any confusion you might have:

1. What are good RV recliner brands?
There are many great RV recliner brands. Some of the best are RecPro, Homall, and Flash Furniture. There are products from all three of those companies on this list. Each of them is great in their own departments. It comes down to your preference if you want to know the best one.

2. Who makes the best RV furniture?
This is a tough question. In the above question, we talked about three top-notch companies, and all of them could qualify as the best. But if we had to choose one, we would go with RecPro for the sheer volume of quality products they have. 

3. Where can I buy RV furniture?
RV furniture can be found in many places, but very few places are primarily directed towards RV furniture. So you have to look at quite a few shops to find your ideal RV furniture if you want to buy it physically. If you are okay with online shopping, then amazon is the best place. 

4. Does IKEA sell RV furniture?
Yes, IKEA does sell RV furniture. While it might be tough to get the exact furniture you need, you can find quite a few options there. 

5. What are RV recliners made of?
RV recliners are made of multiple materials. The body is usually made of wood, and then foam padding is added, which is then covered by leather. 

6. How to clean my RV recliner?
Firstly, vacuum the recliner thoroughly. Secondly, make a solution with a bucket of water and 1-2 tbsp detergent and rub a cloth in it. Thirdly, wipe the recliner chair with the cloth after properly wringing it out. Then, wash the cloth and wipe the remaining soap. Lastly, use dry towels to remove excess water. 

7. Can RV recliners hurt your legs?
Yes, prolonged use of RV recliners can hurt your legs significantly. So it is better to limit your use of it. 

8. Can RV recliners hurt your back?
It can hurt your back if you recline way too much. A reclining angle of 135 degrees should be the maximum angle. Going beyond it may potentially hurt your back.

Final Words

RV recliners are amazing chairs, and you should definitely buy it if you can to make your life in an RV much easier. But like any product, you need to have all the necessary information before buying it. Hopefully, we were able to impart that necessary information. 

An ideal RV recliner delivers on all fronts, including functionality, convenience, comfort, and convenience. Our best choice, the RecPro Charles Collection 67” Double Recliner gives you all of that and comes at an affordable price. So you should definitely keep your eye out for this one as it is one of the best RV recliners. 

So what are you waiting for? Maximize the comfort of your RV life now by getting a recliner that is comfortable, convenient, and perfect for you.

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