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10 Best Sofa for Heavy Person (Reviews) in 2021

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Do you know more than 1 billion adults overweight worldwide?

Yes, that’s 1 billion.

Sound’s Scary, right? 

Obesity is a global epidemic. What they say, “Obesity projections worse than terrorism threat in USA”. Just look at the statistic of 2020, 83% of men and 72% of women will be overweight. Changes are like everyone in the USA; at least one of your family member is oversized.

Find sturdy furniture or sofa for a big guy that matches your style isn’t a cup of tea.

Admit it!

And if you are struggling to pick the Best Sofa for Heavy Person, I can help you. Today I have 10 insanely strong sofas for heavy person which are able to tackle up to 500 Ibs.

Let’s dive in.

Here is our review of 10 plus size furniture for extra large comfort.


Stone & Beam Kristin Sectional Sofa Couch

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When I notice this stone and beam couch in the Amazon, it was love at first sight.

Though the prices of their sofa are a bit costly, I can finally have a sectional couch which I’m willing to pay for my son.


Because of each and every penny worth it! These “modern farmhouse” pieces are quite elegant to see. And after placing that in the room, the end result was astonishing. It changed the total look.

Let’s dive into the ins and outs of this cool stuff.

Wow features and benefits:

  • A classic round-armed style couches for big and tall 
  • Solid Hardwood construction makes it perfect for heavy-duty use
  • The material meets the California safety standards

The classic yet modern style design makes it a good fit of entertaining and living room or at the workplace for a little nap.

Though there are 3 different colors available (Navy, sand and stone), the sand one was a right fit with my interior, so I picked that.

Now Listen:

It’s specially made as a big guy couch. That means it has to bear a good amount of weight. Keep that in mind, Stone & Beam Kristin made this furniture with top-notch hardwood. Another thing that impresses me most is the laminate wood frame, looks pretty solid to tackle the extra pound.

What about fabric?

The sofas are covered in a polyester/nylon performance fabric that feels smooth on the skin. The couch is soft and mad comfortable. I’m sure this inviting sectional couch will be the centre of your many get-togethers to spend time together. The best part, this requires Minimal assembly.

What do I like most?

What I didn’t like?

Verdict- With a classic round-armed style, this will seduce you to resist sitting down and laying a bit in all-out comfort. No wonder it’s my top choice as best couch for big people.


Please Note: With the dimension of 93″W x 37″D x 37.5″H, this couch is not meant for a narrow space.


Modway Engage Extra Sturdy Sofas

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These 90.5 pounds inches giant couch has so far proven to be a solidly constructed, masterpiece of furniture for oversized people.

Look at this Mid-Century inspired sofa!

Isn’t it gorgeous? The iconic look of engaging showcase is the fusion of modern and traditional design. Boasting tailored lines is the symbol of sophistication.

Want to know more about big guy couch? Check this out:

Wow Features and Benefits

  • The tapered cherry-coloured legs are low profile design yet give extra support for heavyweight
  • This couch is good enough to handle up to 1700 lbs.
  • Gently sloping curves create an incredible lounging spot.
  • With 6-inch Cushion Thickness, this sofa has a roomy depth.

Modway contemporary style sofa is expertly crafted for turn the boring room into memorable with Engage. I really love the tapered cherry-coloured legs which are fully made from solid wood.

Now let’s talk about measurement.

While the seat is 24.5″L x 81″W x 19″H; this heavy-duty sofa is able to bear an impressive amount of weight. The Armrest Dimensions is also decent, 27″L x 4.5″W x 24.5″H.

What does this mean to you?

Wheather give feet a rest after a long day at work, relaxing with a cup of coffee, or watching rugby championship with friends, the sectional sofa is cosy enough to welcome you and your friends.
You can place it anywhere for a retro appearance- bedroom sitting area, living room, or the at the corner workstation. The assembly is also super easy.

What do I like most

What I didn’t like?

Verdict- In summary, Upholstered in polyester fabric, embodies retro intrigue make it eyecatching. The sits atop splayed with dusty teal velvet fabric gives an aesthetic look.


Zinus Ricardo Contemporary Upholstered Sofa

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Cozy minimalism is the new hype.

And that’s cool man!

If you’re searching for a minimalist sofa with functionality, search no more. Because Zinus has the best deal for you, talking about the Contemporary Upholstered Sofa!

Wow Features and Benefits

  • Comes in a bunches of shades, so that you can be picked the right “tone” for your home
  • Super simple to assembly, you can wrap up it within 20 minutes
  • Includes with a 1-year limited warranty
  • Subtly flared arms allow relaxing with peace

You probably haven’t heard anything about Zinus and honestly speaking neither do I., but when I start researching, there heavy duty couch and loveseat have captured my attention. It seems good enough to handle up to 500 Ibs weight.

And you know what?

The deadly combination of contemporary and comfort makes it welcoming for a family member and other guests as well. The cushion and fabric may look like denim, but it isn’t actually. Not very high, the seat height is 17 Inches.

Now come to fabric: Polyester Fabric with fibre cushions is a piece of furniture will gonna be your favourite place to relax after a long, exhausting day.

Ok, I know what you are thinking, will ir be durable enough to tackle oversized guy?

Well, a strong frame is carefully crafted to bear maximum weight capacity. But the features that make a huge difference with the rest of the others heavy duty sofa is all parts are smartly packed into one box for super quick assembly. That means you can wrap up the whole assembly procedure within half an hour.

What do I like most

What I didn’t like?

Verdict- Be honest, it’s a low profile couch but pretty solid for heavy-duty use.


Please note: seat cushions are secured to the frame. That means you can’t detach it whenever you want. But the good news, back cushions are detachable.


Stone & Beam Lauren Down-Filled Oversized Sofa Couch

Ah, Stone & Beam!

Nailed it once again, this time with a Down-Filled Oversized Sofa! No matter how much oversized you or your family member is, this 89″ width couch is highly durable and sturdy to handle extra pounds.

Wow Features and Benefits

  • Timeless casual look
  • Moisture-repellent fabric makes it easy to clean
  • This classically styled big guy sofa is so comfy that it literally feels you are sinking
  • The large seating area is suitable for heavy people

A fine silhouette with track arms in a soft fabric; it’s the perfect furniture for your living room. It’s huge, super comfortable and so far is securing up really nicely.

It’s bigger than you think!

The depth is quite decent if you’re planning to sleep on it or to sit with your feet up to relax. Just imagine it your living room, won’t be breathtaking?

Beautiful colour with a polished appearance makes it really suitable for any type of living room. We all know, foam plays a great role in comfort. And you will be glad to know; this stuff is made up Standard quality foam to give you utmost comfort.

But here is the best shot you probably missed:

Back and seat cushions are removable. That’s means cleaning is no more a plain for you.

What do I like most

What I didn’t like?

Verdict- Stone & Beam Lauren Down-Filled Couch very generous in size, rigorous, appears solid enough for oversized people.

What Are The Best Quality Sofa Brands For The Heavy Person?

The sofa is one of the comfortable objects, which are available in numerous houses. You won’t purchase an ordinary sofa for your home, spending a lot of money. So, what types of sofa you should have for a heavy person?

Well, heavy or fat people require more space when they want to sit. Also, that object should be stronger and strengthening. An only high-quality material ensures endurance and durable sofa or couch.

So, for a heavy person, you should look for some very trustworthy brands that provide a more robust sofa. If you don’t know which are the best quality sofa brand for a heavy person specifically, then I have the best sofa for a heavy person list.

Not only these are the strongest sofa but also their price will worth you. Have a look at these best quality sofa brands.

  • Flex Steel sofa Brand
  • Zinus Classic Upholstered Couch
  • Divano Roma Furniture & Sofa
  • Bridget Sofa and couch
  • Budge Sofa & couch Brand
  • Home Lagace Couch Brand
  • SETRA Sofa
  • RIVET Sofa Brand
  • STONE and BEAM Sofa
  • DHP Emily Sectional Futon Sofa

Well, these sofas branded sofa and couches are very suitable and adjustable for a heavy and fat person. I have seen that people have so much interest in these sofas. Because these Heavy sofa brands are cheap but have a powerful body.

Do Couches Have Weight Limits?

Obviously, couches and sofa have weight limits.

What do you expect?

Initially, couches didn’t come with a weight limit, people though this information is unnecessary for them.

While they start facing problems with their heavyweight, then they start demanding to know the weight limits of the couch. I have an incredible list which is must know for everyone while buying a couch or sofa whatever you want.

You might don’t know how much weight can lift a specific sofa or couch. For instance, follow the technique and method, with it, you can understand how much weight your couch can list.

If you have an 8 foot (96-inches) sofa, that could lift the weight up to 170 pounds. A 7 foot (84-inches) couch can tolerate up to 135 pounds. Further, a 10-foot couch weight limit is 250 pounds on average.

So, I think now you obtain that couches have weight limits too. Importantly, if you have heavy people in your family, then you should choose a 10-foot couch.

Best Sofa for Heavy Person Buying Guide & FAQ​

What to Look For When You Choose a Sofa for a Heavy Person ?

Want to buy a superior quality sofa? But don’t know what you should look for when choosing a overweight sofa person?

Can’t blame you!

I’ve there and know It’s not that easy. But don’t worry about it because I have an efficient and amazing buying guide for heavy-duty furniture for obese people. In my consideration, these 6 things you must consider before you buy a heavy person sofa.

Weight limit:

When it comes to buying furniture for overweight, then the weight limit is the top priority. Don’t ever buy a sofa without knowing its weight limit; otherwise, it will not last for long days. If you want to buy a single heavy person sofa, then buy a minimum of 8 foot (96-inch) sofa because its weight limit is 170lbs.

Or you have multiple heavy people on your family then try to purchase a 10-12 foot sofa because that weight limit is 250-350lbs.

Sofa materials:

You can divide the sofa materials into two parts; Body and cushion. For a heavy person, the sofa body really matters, because a more robust body can list more weight.

In this case, try to buy the finest wooded sofa, or you can take the iron bodied sofa. Because of only these two materials can hold maximum weight as your thought.

If you bought a plastic, steel or normal wooded sofa those will not works for a long time. The reason is, those are pretty lightweight sofa made of ordinary materials. They can’t tolerate heavy person’s weight easily.


The sofa comes with various sizes, such as 6 feet, 7, 8, 10, 12, and up to 14 feet long. A seven-foot couch is suitable for 2-3 people easily. If you have a large or joint family, then you should take 10-14 foot long sofas.

But there is a point you should look before buy that is how much space is left in your foam?

Or will this sofa will fit comfortably or not. In my suggestion, take the size of how much space you have left for your new sofa, and then you should buy it as your measurement.

Take a demo first:

It’s a regular problem that we think these goods is perfect for us, but the reality is it’s not perfect for us. When you look at a lovely couch and measurement is perfect, but still, it is not perfect until you try it once.

My point is every couch store will give you an opportunity to sitting on it to feel its comfortability. So, why shouldn’t we take e demo first? If you sit on the sofa, you will feel the comfort and also can check the quality of it. That’s why; take a seat first before you buy.

Cushion and Comfort:

Not only sizes can give you an inconceivable sofa. Cushion brings the comforts on a sofa. So, before purchasing, make sure your sofa has enough comfortability and have the soft cushion.


A designable sofa can make your home more gorgeous and pulchritudinous. That’s why try to choose a lovely designable and unique sofa for you.

Maintenance tips for heavy-duty, plus size sofa:

How to maintain a heavy-duty and big boy coaches?

Keeping maintenance is essential for all stuff. The sofa is a regular and useful object in our homes, and we have to tendance sofas and couches regularly. If regularly is not possible, then you have to maintain your heavy-duty couch every 3 days.

So, here are the sofa maintenance tips for heavy-duty, bog boy couches. You must follow the tips if you want to last your sofa for a long period.

  • Keep clean your sofa regularly.
  • Use a Vacuum to your sofa for cleaning the dirt, dust, and isolated cotton and fabrics
  • Wash the sofa covers in every 2-3 months
  • Rub the Couch corners by fresh cloths.
  • If your “big boy couch” gets watery then try to dry it naturally by sun and air.
  • Keep your Couch on a shady spot, for avoiding damages from sun heat
  • Plump couch cushions to keep in perfect shape

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How much weight can a love seat hold?

Basically, the love seat is literary for 2 people. For instance, these sofas are quite durable to use and buy too. The love seat can hold up to 500lbs effortlessly. That means, one seat can hold 225lbs easily. I think it’s a very fantastic weight limit for a heavy person and lightweight persons too.

Q. How much weight can a sofa handle?

The sofa comes with various designs, and only you can define those with their seats. If you don’t know about how much weight can get a sofa handle? Then, surely you should take a look at these sofa weight limits.

Here is the kicker:

A three-seat sofa’s average weight limit is 350lbs weight. Talk about four-piece sectional sofas; it can hold up to 1050lbs easily. As for five-piece sectional sofas, these can take 1200lbs plus weight. As I said before loveseat sofas can handle 500lbs.

Q. How much weight can heavy duty furniture such as a sleeper sofa hold?

Don’t you know about how much heavy-duty furniture such as a sleeper sofa holds? Let me clarify this matter. In truth, a single sleeper sofa can hold 250lbs smoothly. For a double sleeper sofa instance, those can hold 270+270lbs readily.

That means the sleeper sofa is very suitable for both heavyweight and low weight persons.

Q. How much does a Flex steel sofa weight?

Flex steel sofa is one of the trendy and top-rated sofas entire the glove. A flex steel sofa weight is 247lbs. Flex steel sofa is very endurance and quite adjustable at any place in your home. Moreover, its endurance power is so great and well worth it for you.

Q. What is the difference between a sofa bed and a sofa sleeper?

A sofa bed is designed like a bad, but you will not get a traditional mattress with a sofa bed. On the other hand, the Sofa sleeper comes with a plain design and its layout isn’t the same as a sofa bed. So, I think you realize the differences between these two.

Q. Are flex steel sofas good quality?

Flex steel sofas are being manufactured for over 100 years.

Ever wonder why?

This is because Flex steel provides real and pure high-quality materials on their sofas. People always admire their sofas because of their high quality and more endurance period. You have to obey its finest design and durability power.

After seeing its demand and quality-full materials, I can say flex steel sofas come with really good quality, and these sofas will be worth your every penny.


Before wrapping up, I want to remind you something, besides material and frame, the weight limit is something you should focus more when you aim to buy strong sofa for heavy person.

Out of these 10 best sofas bed for heavy person, which one is our favourite?

That’s quite a challenge but here is the shortlist:

  • Best overall: Stone & Beam Kristin Sectional Sofa Couch
  • Best value: Modway engage sofa
  • Best sofa bed for everyday use: Zinus Benton Mid-Century Upholstered Sofa

So there you have it. So take the next step.

Good luck ya’ll!

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