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10 Best Heated Recliner (Review) in 2021

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Massages are known to help you relax and unwind after a long day of hard work. Taking a break and helping your muscles calm down can significantly improve your efficiency and work output. But getting massages daily is an expensive luxury that will surely put a dent in your wallet.

Instead of spending thousands on massage parlors, try investing in a heated recliner. These are the chairs that you find in malls and spas that give you massages. Having one of these at home is a game-changer. To get a top-quality massage, you need the best heated recliner you can find.

Having a chair like that at home will help save your time and money. You can enjoy a full body massage whenever you want! So why not get a heated recliner and stop booking appointments and waiting in line.

There are hundreds of options to choose heated recliners from. We understand that the process can get confusing. Take a look at our list of the top ones in the market to get the best heated recliner available.


RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Heated Recliner

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This shiatsu massage chair will hug your body just right. Feel the built-in heat and air massage system ease away your pain and stress in just a few minutes. 

Zero Gravity Massage Chair- Zero-gravity chairs are the best option for relieving pain in the lower back. These keep your heart and legs at the same level reducing the pressure of gravity on your vertebrae. Your heat relaxes as it has to work less and so you experience maximum relaxation. 

Easy Remote Control operation- Instead of having to get up and reach the sides of your recliner for the button, you can easily change any setting with the help of a remote. You can choose manually targeted massages such as tapping, kneading, or a combo of both. 4 automatic massages are available as well as settings for the airbag intensity and speed. 

Full-Body Stretching- This chair was designed to give you a simulation of a real massage. So the chair has a function called the spinal decompression, which helps stretch your body. This takes away any soreness from working out or stress. Air cells are also used, which pin your body in place and move to improve and increase blood circulation, a great massage for your legs and lower back. To align the pelvic and lower back, you get multiple airbags that inflate.



Verdict- Although this chair is a bit more expensive than the other comparable ones, this is one that will last. The classy dark chocolate leather does not tear or fade at all. Massage settings can be customized as per preference. There’s not much to dislike about this one.


Esright Fabric Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner

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Functioned to work with a firm but controlled pressure, this is an ideal recliner for the elderly. Other extra features, such as a USB charger, cup holder, and remote control, make this heated recliner hard to pass. 

High-Quality Material- Made with non-toxic and Eco-friendly material, this chair is good for the environment and people. The wood made to construct this recliner might be expensive, but it does not put your health at risk. All requirements from the California air resource board are met, and the wood is also formaldehyde-free. Seat cushions and linings are overstuffed so that you are comfortable in all regions. The surface of the recliner is treated to increase the softness.

Silent Operation- Using either the remote or the buttons, you can adjust the chair to sit upright or recline without making any noise. The powerful but silent motor ensures that you get a massage without disturbing the people around you.

Easy to Assemble- Installing this recliner requires no extra tools. You get a thoroughly described instruction manual that will help you set this chair up in minutes. Operating this chair and changing the various settings available is also quite simple.



Verdict- This is quite a great all-in-one chair that operates in silence. Reclining features are made to be compatible with elderly people and their needs. Also, softer cushions mean more relaxation and a better massage.


MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner

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Made with faux leather, this chair will look great in any house. The material is also known to be quite durable, so you don’t have to worry about tears and scratches. And the massage features on this Magic Union recliner is suitable for people of any age.

Sturdy Frame- The frame of this recliner is made of solid wood. Hardwood constructions such as this one ensure that your chair stays in one piece for the longest possible time. This model also includes places for cup holders and magazine and remote holders.

Power Lift Function- It can get a bit tough for elderly people to get up from the recliner as the chair is deep and shallow. There is a feature that lifts the chair entirely and slightly pushes the chair forward.This way, people can get off the chair easily without having to put much strain on their knees. Fully powered by a remote, these chairs lift the footrest with just one click.

Focused Area Massage- Legs, tight, lumbar and back are only some of the areas that you can focus your massage on. 5 modes, press, wave, auto, normal, and pulse, help you and unwind from a tough day at work.



Verdict- 5 massage options and focused massages are great features to have in a heated recliner. Besides being quite helpful for back pain, shoulder pain, and muscle soreness, this chair is also a great decor!


Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Heated Recliner

Love the massage chairs you get in spas and malls? Why not get one for your house? This full-body massage chair will take care of all your problems. Heat therapy helps your muscles, and you relieve your joint pain.

Heat Therapy- Airbags work along with the heat therapy to focus on stress points such as the hip, lower back, arms, shoulders, and feet. The heat helps with blood circulation and also helps with stress knots in the body.

Body Scanning- Everybody is different. When this chair completes the computerized full body scan, the chair can adjust the intensity and pressure according to your body weight and size. 11 signal sets work together to gather information about your height and body mass and choose massage options from the pre-sets.

Customizable Massage Options- Massage options such as kneading, tapping, shiatsu, stretching, combo, heating, and air pressure enable you to choose the form of massage you want and like. This way, you can also target specific parts of your body and relieve different kinds of pain. 9 massage pre-sets are available if you’re not sure about which combo you want. Full stretching functions, along with manual massage options, are also available.



Verdict- Being one of the cheaper options on our list, this one does perform well. Various massage settings added with airbags and heat therapy ensure you get good overall stress relief.


Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree Swivel Sofa

Rocking recliners are great as massagers and living room chairs. When you’re not using the massage features, just use it as a lounge chair. This 360-degree swivel recliner is fun and relaxing for both adults and children.

Elegant- The faux leather looks great and will blend in with any room’s decor. This leather does not rip easily. Cleaning is quick and easy, as the material does not absorb any stains. Areas are provided to store your favorite magazine, books, and the remote. A cup holder is also available so you can enjoy a good beverage during your massage.

Easy to Use- Installation is not a problem at all with this Esright Massage recliner. Detailed instructions are added with your purchase for ease of use. Besides that, the chair can be controlled both manually and with a remote. Instructions on how to change the settings are pretty clear and simple.

Relaxing- Use the chair’s heat, vibration, and reclining function to massage any part of your body whenever you want. All parts, including the headrest, foot, and hand rest and sitting area, have extra sponge stuffing. This makes the chair softer and more comfortable to sit on. Besides that, the chair itself can be positioned in any way you desire. The flexible frame allows you to find your comfort zone. Intensity, speed, and width can also be adjusted.



Verdict- 360 swivel rocking chairs are a fun addition to any household. With massage options, variation in reclining, and thick, soft cushions, this chair is a must-have!


Mecor Massage Recliner Chair PU Leather Heated Recliner

Not many heated recliners provide thigh and lumbar relief, but this one not only relieves you of the pain but also helps prevent the pain from coming back. With all the features of any good quality heated recliner and extra features added, you will love this one.

Durable- The frame of this recliner is made of solid hardwood. Therefore the wood does not bend or crack easily. Recliners made of such compounds are great for heavier people and prolonged use. Made of 100% soft, high-quality bonded leather, this recliner looks quite classy. Bonded leather is luxurious and can amp up any room’s décor. All resting areas are padded and soft for your comfort.

Swivel and Rocking Features- 160 degree reclining feature gives you a similar experience to a zero-gravity massage. Elevating your legs to such a high level keeps your stress level low. This reclining angle is best for people recovering from surgery and with back pain. The 360-degree swivel feature is fun and allows you to get work done without having to interrupt your massage session.

Quick Stress Relief- A combination of 5 massage modes, heating system, and 8-point massage relieves you in minutes. Lumbar, thighs, upper back, and lower back can be targeted individually to relieve pain.



Verdict- If you know how to install a recliner on your own, this one won’t cause you any trouble. Known to work wonders on thighs and lumbar, this recliner will be a perfect choice if you are someone who hits the gym quite often.


ComHoma Leather Heated Recliner

With padding placed and boosted in all the right places, this recliner almost feels like you’re floating on a cloud. Besides being an amazing heated recliner that gives you relaxing massages, this chair is great to just chill on as well.

Easy Reclining- No need to reach out for the buttons or the remote to recline this one. Just reach your arms out and slightly push back your shoulders, and the chair will recline on its own. When you leave the chair, the chair automatically goes back to the initial position. Fun features such as 360-degree swivel and 151-degree recline are also available.

Soft Padding- While there is padding all over the recliner, pressure points such as the knees, feet, shoulders, and neck area have extra cushioning, making the recliner softer. This also allows the chair to hit the stress points for quick pain relief. Such a soft recliner is great to sit on after a long day at the gym or just a busy day.

Great Heat Massages- An 8 point massage system targets the main pain areas of the body. You can also customize more pressure and relief at one point if you want. 4 modes of vibration massages are also available, which calm down your muscles.



Verdict- You don’t get zero gravity features, but the special padding in this recliner gives you an experience quite close to it. The 8 point massage system is great for people with arthritis, and the vibrations soothe muscle soreness.


Merax Massage Recliner PU Leather Lounge

The Merax Massage recliner happens to be one of the most stylish options on our list. And the pop of color is what draws customers towards this thing. While there is no doubt that this one is easy on the eyes, the recliner also comes with fantastic features.

Adjustable Backrest- This auto push back recliner allows you to adjust the backrest according to your preference. Some people like their backrest a bit upright and not too slanted, some like the opposite. With this one, you can adjust both the slope and the heat level.

PU Leather Construction- This PU leather is better than the other ones you get. As this is a special kind of upholster PU leather, the material lasts a long time but is more comfortable. The leather is also shinier and gives off a more high-end look. A strong wooden frame that peeks out a bit in the front makes sure that the recliner stays intact no matter what amount of weight is introduced.

Comfortable- Heat points placed in just the right spots make sure your body warms up and relaxes but does not sweat. High-density foam is put in the cushions to make the headrest, shoulder, and armrests cozier.



Verdict- If you want a recliner that makes a fashion statement and works well for body massages as well, you should invest in this one. The recliner looks like a million bucks and feels quite luxurious as well.


RELAXIXI Power Lift Heated Recliner Chair

People who have arthritis or are older might not want to use recliners as they are tough to get out of. This one from Relaxixi has the best power lift feature. You can get all the benefits of an at-home massage without any pain.

Power Lift- Working on quite a strong motor, this recliner can lift and push the chair front completely to make it easier for the elderly to get off the recliner. They won’t need anyone’s help and won’t struggle one bit. The whole process is silent and does not cause uncomfortable vibrations. You are pushed smoothly and gently so that the feature does not feel like a roller coaster ride.

Heated Vibration- Vibrating massage can be used with the heat feature for maximum relaxation. 4 massage points, shin, head, lumbar, and thighs, are focused on greatly. Heat is also gently applied to the waist area helping your whole body loosen.

USB Outlet- Charge your phone, iPad, or tab while getting a massage. Watch your favorite documentary or listen to holy quran recitation while getting a massage without having to worry about your gadget’s battery life.



Verdict- This is the best heated recliner you could get for the elderly or people suffering from arthritis. Relax your body in silence while charging your phone and enjoying your favorite songs and videos.


ANJ HOME Manual Massage Recliner Chair

Oversized recliners are the most comfortable ones. This one feels like a comfy opulent hotel bed that you’ll instantly fall asleep on. The main reason why we love this recliner is because of the size, the various massage options, and the durability.

Cozy- Thick cushions on the backrest and the armrest make this one of the snuggest and coziest chairs. Every time you’ll sit on this recliner, you’ll feel as if you are floating. Covers made with ultra-soft polyester adds to this factor. No matter how often you use this recliner, the cushions do not get dents. The padding is so soothing it almost makes you sleepy.

Variety of Massage Options- Complete with 10 intensity levels, 4 custom zone settings, 8 vibration massage options, and 5 massage modes with the heat, this recliner tries its best to help you unwind. Usual features such as heat and vibrations are also included.

Easy Assembly- The armrest and backrest come in separate boxes. Once you’ve placed them correctly, all that is left is to connect the plugs in place. You can install this chair on your own without even having to look at the manual, and the process takes just a few minutes.



Verdict- Massages on this recliner feel like a hug. Get relaxing massages on this recliner within hours of receiving the package; installation will take you only a few minutes.

Best Heated Recliner Buying Guide & FAQ​

Before You Buy, What to Look for

When you’re on the hunt for the best power recliner with heat and massage, you need to keep some key features in mind. These will help you get the best chair possible based on your needs.

Durability- Besides the material of your recliner, the frame design also affects the durability of your chair. When you’re choosing recliners that have a wooden frame, go for wood that is the most durable. Pinewood is soft and easy to work with, that is why most recliners with a pine wood frame cost less.

Hardwood frames that are constructed of walnut and mahogany will last you a long time but might be a bit more expensive. This kind of wood also looks amazing when stained. Aluminum frames can also be considered. They cost more than softwood but less than hardwood and are hollow. So the chairs are lightweight and easier to move around.

But this also means that the chair breaks and bends easily. The design of the frame also depends on the cost and affects durability. Simple recliners do not have many moving parts and so cost less, while rocking recliners consist of more gliders and moving parts, and so cost more.

Extra Features- There are thousands of extra features that you could keep an eye out for. It could be as little as a cup holder or as big as an extra battery backup. These depend on your needs. If you move your furniture around quite often, you might want to go for a recliner that is easy to move, is lightweight, or has wheels attached.

In case your area goes through a lot of power outage, the chair could have an extra battery backup so you can relax even when there is no electricity. Keep in mind an extra battery does increase the cost and also the weight of a recliner. Also, keep an eye out for USB chargers, remote controls, and bells, or whistleblowers.

Type of Recliner

Recliners come on all sorts of designs and benefits. You need to see what type goes with your existing decor and massage needs. The main types of recliners are as follows.

1. Traditional Two Position Recliner- This is one of the most common recliner options. Use them as a traditional chair and a heated recliner as well. All you have to do to recline the chair fully is release the footrest. You can usually do this with a click of a button or a lever. A comfortable space is provided for you to rest your feet as well. Although they are the cheaper option to go for, they perform as good as any expensive recliner.

Usually, they come in basic neutral colors that go with any home decor. There isn’t much room for customization in this department. Make sure you have enough space in your room before you purchase this chair. When in the reclined position and with the footrest up, this chair can take up quite some space.

2. Rocker Recliner- If you don’t have much space to spare but need the relaxation of a reclining chair, rocker recliners are the way to go. Compact heated recliners such as this one let you mix and match your furniture without crowding up the room. Besides coming in a size that is ideal for smaller houses, these recliners also feature a lot of reclining options.

The chair rocks back and forth while on and off the reclined mode. You can adjust the reclining angle as you wish. There are plenty of handle options to choose from as well.

3. Push-Back Recliner- Known as one of the most stylish kinds of recliners, these are quite comfortable and easy to use. To recline them back, all you need to do is push back. Just like that, the chair will adjust itself to a comfortable position without you having to move a finger. Push back recliners often come with ottomans that you can rest your feet on.

The ottoman can also be used as an extra chair for guests. Given that the chair reclines on its own and here is an extra ottoman involved, this chair is a good fit if you have a lot of space in your room. The size is larger, but the chair is quite fashionable and goes with almost any decor.


The type of material your recliner is made of will decide how durable and comfortable the chair is. Some materials that you could consider are:

1. Microfiber- Microfiber is a soft material that feels great to touch. This is also thicker and so more durable. You will have to spend some time cleaning the material, though, as the maintenance is not easy. Although these are not the cheapest option, these will last you decades.

2. Polyester- Polyester is a cheaper alternative that is quite easy to keep looking brand new. Water does not do much damage to the material, and a simple wipe down with some soapy liquid makes the recliner look brand new. The main attraction of this material is that it is stain resistant. If you don’t like the synthetic feel of polyester, you can go for a cotton and polyester blend. This blend is not as stain-resistant as pure polyester but feels softer.

3. Chenille- If you’re looking for something fancy, this is the one to go with. Chenille is similar to cotton, except the material is much thicker and has denser weaves. They look great on a recliner and can seriously level-up your decor game. While they look marvelous in any room, they are harder to clean. The thick weave absorbs liquid quite quickly and stains easily as well. Also, remember to get ready with some cash because these things are not cheap.

4. Leather- Genuine leather is not usually used in furniture. But if you want to go for something unique, you could give it a try. As they are made from the bottom half of cowhide, they might not be the most comfortable option. Not many people are a fan of the fuzzy texture. If you do decide to go with leather, be sure that they will last a long time.

5. PU Leather- PU leather is leather scraps mixed with polyurethane. This way, you get a beautiful leather finish on your chair, which feels good to touch. Another material such as adhesive and vinyl is also added to the mix. Although not as durable as genuine leather, these are more cost-effective.

6. Split Grain Leather- Made with the middle part of the cowhide, this type of leather is the softest. Split grain leather is often processed further to produce suede. The material is thin and might tear easily. But if maintained properly, these look cool on retainers. And the price range of split-grain leather falls below genuine leather but above PU leather.

7. Top Grain Leather- This type of leather is the most expensive kind. Top grain leather is one of the most durable kinds of leather. Made from the top part of the cowhide, this leather is shiny, smooth, and uniform. They look great and don’t tear or fade easily either.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that customers commonly ask about heated recliners answered for you in brief.

1. How much does a heated recliner cost?
Price varies from company to company. The range stands from $200 to $5000. Pricier ones will have extra features and will be more durable. Cheaper ones from well-known brands can also be a good option.

2. Is a heated recliner good for lower back pain?
Heated recliners are great for leg, back, and shoulder pain. By allowing your legs to relax, you are also helping your lower back unwind. Using a heated recliner not only helps ease the pain but also prevents it.

3. What happens if you sleep in a heated reclining chair every night?
Recliners are so relaxing that sometimes getting off of them after a good massage can be difficult. Some users even claim that they sleep better on a recliner than on their bed. While this can be done a few times in a row, using a recliner for sleeping continuously will cause hip and knee contractures. This can limit your standing and upright posture.

4. Do reclining chairs help sciatica?
A good quality recliner will help improve your sciatica and relieve you of any pain. These chairs provide comfort and support to your back.

5. How many years of service does a typical recliner give?
This depends on the way you use your chair. When used regularly and well, the chair might not last as long as you thought it would. Typically a heated recliner from a good manufacturer will last about 10 years without any issues.

6. Can you use a heating pad on leather?
Heat is not good for leather. Prolonged exposure can ruin the quality and dry out the leather. Heating pads can be used on leather recliners by wrapping it around in a throw blanket. You can also get heating pads that are designed to work with leather furniture.

7. Should your feet hang when you’re sitting on a heated recliner?
No, if your feet are dangling, you are probably not sitting right. Your feet shouldn’t touch the ground either. They should be resting on something.

8. Which one is better, power recliner or manual?
If we’re talking about durability and user-friendliness, power recliners are the better option.

9. Are heater recliners Eco-friendly?
While most of the parts of a recliner are made with natural material, there might be some parts that are not. Some recliners are made of natural fabric, hardwood frame, and genuine leather.

Final Words

With the best heated recliner in your house, you won’t ever have to wait for the weekends for a good massage. Pay for a good quality recliner once and get free massages for years to come. If you already suffer from back and leg pain or soreness, this is a must-have item for you. Reduce pain and prevent further damage within hours. These are a great way to relax, a great addition to your home furniture and money saver as well.

What’s not to like about these?

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