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10 Best Massage Chair Under 1000 (Review) in 2021

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Having a massage chair at home can seriously improve your lifestyle. When you take time to yourself to relax and unwind on a massage chair after a strenuous day at the gym or at work, you let your muscles loosen up. This way, you won’t be sore the next day you workout and also get better results.

If you want a good quality massage chair, you will need to know exactly what you want from the chair and also your budget.

Today we will help you buy the best massage chair under 1000 and also guide you through the buying process. This includes factors you need to consider, which chair does what, and which type of massage chair fits your needs.

The massage chairs that you get at the mall or a massage parlor instantly elevate your mood and make you feel rejuvenated. Why not have that experience at the comfort of your own home?

With so many options to choose from, finding a good quality massage can get a bit confusing. Here are some of our best choices that will leave you relaxed and are available at a fair price too.


Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

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Shiatsu massages are great for muscle healing. Complete with numerous massage options, intensities, and extra features that make your massage more enjoyable, this massage chair has got it all.

Durability- Real Relax has been making heated recliners and massage chairs for quite a long time now. People who have used them in the past are not lying when they say that these chairs last a lifetime. Built with a sturdy frame and durable material that won’t discolor, tear, or wear out, this chair is made to last.

Customizable Massage- Rollers, airbags, and foot massager are only a few of the massages you can get from this chair. Mix and match massage types with intensities of your choice for the perfect at-home relaxation.

Customizable Height- Are you tired of your feet dangling off of your massage chair? With this Real Relax Shiatsu Massage chair, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. Anyone between 5’2 to 6’3 can comfortably fit onto this chair. Extending footrest ensures that your feet always touch the base for the perfect foot massage.

Extra Features- Connect your massage chair to Bluetooth and play your favorite songs. Change the LED lights to whatever color and mode you like. With the help of an easy to use remote, you can also shuffle through 6 auto modes and unlock many more fun features.



Verdict- Having this Shiatsu massage chair at home will change your life. Customize the chair to get the perfect massage for you. With so many fun features and durability, this chair is a must-have!


Best Massage Full Body Shiatsu Massage Recliner

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This chair combines air therapy with heat and applies the combo to parts of your body that need attention. A full-body scan shows the chair exactly where to concentrate on to give you the ultimate massage.

Massage Diversity- Shiatsu is not the only kind of massage you get from this chair. Other options, such as kneading, stretching, air pressure, and tapping, are also available.

Play around with the 7 options and customize your message. Three levels of intensities are offered with the variation of massages you get.

Full Body Scan- A computerized body scan scans your body to get an idea about your body type and weight. Based on this, you will get 9 preset massage options to choose from. The length of your spine is also calculated so that the back massage feature is more effective.

Air and Heat Therapy- When you use both the heat and air therapy at the same time, you get a deep full body massage that can heal muscle soreness.

Perfect Positioning- You can select what angle you want the chair to recline at according to your preference. And your feet and arms are kept at an ideal position that compliments the angel you have chosen.



Verdict- Airbags and heat points that are placed in the perfect position help you unwind. As the chair is targeted towards people with high joint pain or soreness, the massages might be a bit too intense for regular people.


Best Massage Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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The perfect combination of decade-old Japanese Shiatsu massage technique and modern-day body scans is what makes this chair worth the purchase.

Smart Features- What makes this massage chair unique and so smart is the full-body scan feature. This feature allows you to get isolated massages in areas that require more attention. Customize the intensity depending on how sore you are. A full-body scan also prepares the massage chair for a better grip and fir onto your body.

Maximum Relaxation- If you’re not sure about what kind of massage to get, you can choose an option from the 5 presets. You’ll find massages for stretching, backache, soreness, and many other kinds in these sets. If you want, you can also customize a new massage set from all the options available.

At-Home Spa Experience- Best massage designs their massage chairs in a way that gives you a massage similar to ones you would get at a massage parlor or spa. The chair is silent and has airbag massages that mimic rolling and kneading hand movements making your massage as spa-like as possible.

Ease of Use- Parts of this massage chair come detached, but you don’t need to worry about the installation process. There are only a few wires you’ll need to plug in and a few assemblies which can be done within minutes.



Verdict- You get a lot of features and benefits from this chair for the price you pay. Besides the rough foot massage, all other massage features on this are soothing.


FOELRO Full Body Massage Chair

Bluetooth speakers, zero-gravity features good looks, and relaxing massages, this chair has it all. Enjoy your favorite show or Nasheed while getting a massage.

Back Massage Roller- Eight rollers are strategically placed in the back massage section of this chair, which goes up and down to release pressure from the region. If you want a massage chair solely for lower back pain or shoulder pain, this is the one to get.

Airbag Massage- Airbag massages are known to help with blood circulation and sore muscles. Placed all over the chair, the airbags provide massage variations such as kneading and shoulder squeezes.

Bluetooth Connectivity- Connect your phone with the Bluetooth on this massager to enjoy soothing Nasheed. You can also connect tabs to watch documentary with better audio from the speaker of your massage chair.

Extendable Footrest- People of any height can use the foot massage feature with ease. The base of your feet is always kept in contact with the footrest for better massages.



Verdict- Made with leather that is skin-friendly, this massage chair looks good and is non-toxic as well. People who have back pain or shoulder soreness should definitely check this massage chair out! The rollers will surely help them.


Best Massage Zero Gravity Massage Chair

A massage chair that works well for all parts of the body can be a great gift for a loved one. This chair has all the massage features anyone would ever need making this a perfect fit for every family member.

All-Over Massage- You can’t get a massage chair for every part of your body. This all-in-one model from Best Massage gives you top-notch massages to any part of your body. Shoulder, neck, back, lower back, feet, arms, and even your calves are taken care of.

Space Saving- Unlike all the other reclining or zero gravity chairs you get in the market, this one does not need much space to work well. Place the massage chair just 10 inches from your wall, and you should be able to enjoy your massage without the chair hitting the wall.

Zero Gravity- This chair elevates your body at an angle that is compatible with your body type and the massage you are getting. The feature is smooth and not abrupt and lifts your legs gently with care.

Heat Feature- 35 airbags are placed carefully in the massage chair to target places that need more attention. This feature works with heat therapy to help your muscles relax and unwind. Both of these combined also help improve your blood circulation.



Verdict- Although you might struggle with the installation process, this massage chair is worth all the fuss. If you don’t have much space to spare, this chair will be perfect for your house.


Tiny Cooper Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Made with a high-quality wood frame and material, this one will easily last you a few years. The surface is easy to clean and requires little to no maintenance.

Intensity Adjustment- Everyone can’t handle massages that are too rough. What kind of pressure you need depends on what level of pain you are in. This chair gives you the comfort of choosing intensity levels that work with you. Get massages that are firm but not painful.

Durability- Only the best hardwood goes into making the frames of this massage chair. This sturdy frame also increases the weight capacity of the thing. The exterior is easy to maintain, does not stain or tear either.

Better Reclining Angles- Three positions are available in the zero-gravity function. These differ in the reclining angle. If you don’t like your feet too high or too low, you can adjust this thanks to these options.

Cost-Effective- Given the fact that this chair will last you quite a while, you save all the money you would spend on getting massages in spas. Besides that, you won’t need to replace or repair any part of this chair throughout its lifetime.

For all the massage options that you get from head to toe, the price is quite reasonable.



Verdict- What you’ll love about this massage chair is how you can customize almost every aspect of this chair. Options in reclining angle and intensity help you get a massage that you truly enjoy.


Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

Minimal and unique designs like this one can take any room from a zero to a hundred. Compact in size, this massage chair will be great for small spaces.

Full-Body Massage- Airbags in the chair help with pain and soreness in the calves, shoulder, back, and arms. Heat therapy and different variations of massage also help with better blood flow. Even if you don’t have any specific problem areas that you want to target, any massage from the presets will leave you relaxed and energized.

Customizable- Shiatsu, kneading, heating, knocking, and tapping are only a few of the massage options you get in this chair. There are also intensity settings that you set according to your preference.

Easy to Operate- All the controls that operate this chair are placed conveniently on the armrest. You won’t have to bend down or stretch too much to change any of the features. Buttons are placed to work with your massage routine.

Unique Design- The first thing that catches your eye in this massage chair is the shape. A unique dome-like curved shape gives this massage chair a cool and edgy look. Thanks to the shape, you can easily fit this into small rooms.



Verdict- Not only is this chair going to solve all your back problems, but it will also improve your room décor. Available in a compact size and being so easy to use, this chair is a great option to consider.


Best Massage Electric Shiatsu Chair

Pain in the back, thigh, and neck regions can hurt quite badly and also ruin your posture. This Electric Shiatsu Massage chair targets these regions to relieve, heal, and also prevent any pain.

Air Massage- To relieve excruciating pain in the back or thighs, there are 21 airbags. These airbags, with the help of subtle movements, provide massages such as kneading or pulsing. Air massages are great to prevent muscle cramps and injuries while working out.

Heat Pads- Designed to target the back, neck, shoulders, arms, and foot with carefully placed heat points, this massager is suitable for all kinds of people.

Heat pads are gentler and more comfortable. These won’t make you sweat or give you any burning sensation. This massage feature targets your thighs and shoulders, so it’s best used after workouts.

Fun Features- Bluetooth speakers are available, which you can use to make your massage more fun. Connect your smart TV, phone, or music player to jazz up your massage. These features can be easily controlled with an easy-to-reach controller.

No Size Limitations- Made with the best quality material, this chair can handle 265lbs of weight. People who are up to 6’3 tall can enjoy massages on this chair comfortably without feeling cramped.



Verdict- This gentle deep tissue massage chair is what you need after a workout to prevent soreness. People of any size can enjoy massages on this chair without any trouble.


NOUHAUS Massage Chair with Ottoman

Use this chair as a massager or a fancy lounge chair. Made with a design and frame this beautiful, no one will ever guess that it is a massage chair. 

Deep Tissue Massage- Designed with airbags placed in areas such as the hip, shoulder, and back, this massage chair gives the best deep tissue massages. Massages like these are great if you are exhausted, frustrated, or sore after a workout. The massage emphasizes on areas, which, when massaged, will give you the most amount of relaxation.

Classy Design- The unique shape and model of the massage chair finished off with a deep classy brown exterior will leave you in awe. This chair looks modern but rustic at the same time. Even when you are not using the chair for a massage, the chair can be a great addition to your living room as décor.

Compact- As the chair does not recline, you won’t have to clear up much space for it. The ottoman you get for resting your feet come separately. Remove that part if you want more space. A lightweight structure gives you the ability to move the chair around without having to hurt your back.

Best Neck Massages- With a rate of 35 kneads per minute, this massage chair will give you the perfect neck massage. Neck massages are great to relax after a long tiring day and can help improve your sleep.



Verdict- This chair is a must-have for anyone who loves fancy house décor—jazz up your living room with a classy chair that also gives you relaxing massages.


Best Massage NFL Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

The best massage makes chairs that are incomparable to others. They are more durable, give better massages, and will rarely disappoint you. This model from the brand lives up to that expectation.

Comfy Cushions- The seats on this chair are the softest. They feel like clouds and hug you just right. Although they might look and feel quite fragile, they do not deform or tear easily.

Comfortable cushions are a bonus to any massage chair.

Hip Compression- Compression in the hip region improves posture. This feature is great for the elderly and people who suffer from arthritis. Using the massage chair for at least an hour every day will show you significant improvements in your stance and joint pain.

Strategically Placed Massage Points- 8 massage points have been placed in the backrest, both inside and outside. There are also points in the hip and thigh region, which, when worked with a high level of heat and speed, can help you relax within seconds. This massage chair is great for quick reliefs before exercise or after work.

Deep Arm and Leg Massage- After your 40s, you will need more attention in your arms and legs besides your hips. These massage chairs give you compression and airbag massages in these regions, which improve your mobility. Massages like these also help you become more flexible hence reducing the chances of getting muscle cramps and pulls.



Verdict- This is the massage chair to get if you want a deep massage at home. Everyone starting from teenagers to the elderly can use this massage chair with comfort. With amazing features for better comfort and extreme durability, this model from Best Massage is a great choice for anyone.

Best Massage Chair Under 1000 Buying Guide & FAQ​

Things to Consider Before Buying

Buying just any massage chair at a good price won’t do that trick. You need to know what you want from a massage chair and which areas you want to focus on. Here are some of the basic features you need to keep an eye out for when picking out the best massage chair under $1000.

Massage Features and Variations- 
This is the most important feature when looking for a massage chair. If your massage chair does not give you a satisfactory massage, the chair loses its purpose.

A massage chair under $500 will usually focus on full-body relaxation. Meaning, the char has massage points all over the surface so that every part of your body, starting from your shoulders to feet, is worked on. If you have no specific problems that you want to target, this can be a great overall option.

Also, keep an eye out for massage variations such as pulsing, rolling, acupuncture, and vibrations. The better the massage chair, the more the massage programs. Variations will make the chair useful for your full family.

Reclining Angle- 
If your chair can recline quite far back, you’re in luck. These chairs are the most comfortable and prevent backaches from sitting on a soft cushion for a long time.

Everyone likes their massage a bit differently. Some like to be seated straight, some like to be reclined at an angle, and some prefer lying down completely. As different massage variations require you to change your position, getting a chair that gives you good reclining angles is a good idea.

Some chairs are capable of elevating and reclining forward for the elderly to get off the chair easier. Sitting on a chair for a long time makes standing up again tough. With this feature, they won’t need any extra help getting up after their massage is over.

Zero Gravity- 
The feeling of floating in thin air is something that we all fancy. Besides being super fun, this feature also helps take off pressure from your joints. Zero-gravity chairs distribute your weight as evenly as possible, mimicking the pressure and weight distribution you would have if you were in space.

Best known for reducing tension from joints and muscles, this feature also helps relieve stress. Most of the modern massage chairs have this zero-gravity feature.

Heat Massage- 
The heat helps loosen your muscle and relieve you if you have any stress knots in your body. The feature also helps improve blood circulation helping more oxygen reach your muscles. Heat massages are great if you have any inflammation or injuries.

People who hit the gym quite hard will find significant improvement in energy and relief from soreness. Get a chair that lets you choose the level of heat.

You will need to adjust this yourself as the tolerance differs from person to person. No one wants to sit in a pile of their sweat. What you need is a gentle and soothing temperature to help you ease up.

Airbags are placed all over the chair aligned to the pressure points of your body. These deflate and inflate, giving you rolling massages. A chair with an airbag feature is the closest to a real massage. The feature stimulates a squeezing technique that most massage parlors use. Airbags will easily become your favorite feature.

Do keep in mind, massage chairs that have airbags are usually louder.

Always take a look at how big the chair you are getting is before purchasing. You need to ensure that you have enough space for the thing in your room, both in a normal stance and reclined. Don’t worry if you don’t have much space to spare. There are lots of compact massage chairs that work great.

Reclining and rocking massage chairs will require more space than still ones. Besides how much space you have, also take into consideration how tall you are. Smaller chairs will let your feet dangle off. This disrupts the massage and makes it less effective.

If you would like a chair that you can move to change the location of your massage, get a chair that has wheels. Being lightweight also helps in this scenario.

Leg Rest- 
Your massage chair should come with its leg rest. Some high-end massage chairs also provide foot massages. If you’re investing in an at-home massage device, why not go all-in? Foot massages are known to provide instant relaxation and can lift your mood in seconds.

If your feet dangle off of the chair, the massage won’t be as satisfactory.

Weight Capacity- 
If the massage chair you are getting does not have a good weight capacity, the thing won’t last too long.

With everyday use, you will notice permanent indentations on the cushions which you will then need to replace. Many of the features, such as elevating and rolling, might not work as great with a lower weight capacity massage chair. Never settle for a massage chair that does not support at least 300lbs.

Extra Features- 
Getting a boring old chair that is only good for massages is a thing of the past. Nowadays, you can get chairs that are like mini chill zones. Always keep an eye out for extra features when buying a massage chair. If you’re spending more than $500 on them, you deserve some bonuses.

These extra features could be as small as a cup holder to as large as full-blown speakers. Magazine holders, little trays that help you hold your food, and compartments to store massage oils are also great to have.

Try and get your hands on a massage chair that has a USB connection. This way, you can charge your phone or tab while enjoying a movie.

Speakers on the side of your chair will allow you to connect your phone to the massager for some relaxing music. You could also play rock or death metal if that calms you down.

You have many options to choose from when it comes to the material of your massage chair. The price range is flexible so you can choose a material according to your budget and still end up with a good quality massage chair.

The most popular option is PU leather. This material is a mixture of leather scraps and polyurethane. Sometimes vinyl and adhesive are also added to the mixture. The result of this mix is a material that looks as classy as leather but is more durable and requires less maintenance.

For durability, no material can beat microfiber. It is thick and does not cut, tear, or wear off easily. Microfiber is also softer to touch.

Chenille is a fancier choice. This material is thicker than cotton but soft. It will cost you a lot, but the material makes any chair look thousands of times more than what it is. When getting chairs made with chenille, you need to be careful not to get any stains as they are harder to clean.

Other options that you might be interested in are split-grain leather or genuine leather.

Besides which material the exterior of your massage chair is made of, another factor that has similar, if not more important to the durability of your chair, is the frame. Typically all massage chair frames are constructed of wood. Which type of wood is what makes the difference in quality.

Cheaper frames are made of softwood, such as Pine or cedar. You’ll get these at an unbelievable price, but the chairs won’t even last you a year. You risk getting bugs and the frame-breaking mid-massage.

Always consider hardwood for the frame of your massage chair. This can be anything like beech, mahogany, or maple.

With stronger frames, you get more weight capacity, and there is less risk of accidents. No maintenance is needed, and the chair with a sturdy hardwood frame lasts more than 5 years.

Benefits of Massage Chair

Owning your relaxation massage chair has a lot of benefits. If you have the space to put one in your house, there’s no reason for you not to get one.

With a massage chair at your home, you can get a full body massage any time you want. There is no waiting in line or booking appointments. Are you feeling sore or stressed? Hop on to the massage chair in your living room and get instant relief.

Massages at fancy massage places might be relaxing, but they don’t come cheap. You could buy two massage chairs for the price you pay at massage parlors every year. Why not invest in a good relaxation chair and get a free massager for years to come? These chairs barely need any maintenance and can be used as casual lounge chairs as well.

Massage chairs help with sore muscles after a workout and give you more energy for your upcoming session. After a long day spent sitting at your desk job, this chair can help straighten your back and relief any lower backache.

People who have existing joint problems or arthritis benefit a lot from chairs like these. Even if you don’t have any aches, a massage on this chair can help improve your posture, thus preventing future soreness or back problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some commonly asked questions in brief so that any more confusion that you have about the product can be cleared out.

1. Is it worth it to buy a massage chair?
Yes! You will be able to enjoy a massage at any given hour without needing to leave your house. These massage chairs work for people of all ages. Older people can get relief from joint pain. Middle-aged people can get relief from soreness, and teenagers can use these chairs for improving posture.

The chair also helps you save up on a lot of money that you would spend on expensive massage parlors. Some people also don’t like being rubbed down by strangers, so that’s something to look forward to as well.

2. Do massage chairs help?
Massage chairs have different massage and vibration options and intensities that help target your problem area. You will be able to see improvements just after a week of using the chair. These chairs are known to help people with arthritis and muscle soreness.

3. What should I wear to use a massage chair?
You can wear anything you feel comfortable in. To feel the intensity of the chair, lighter clothes are recommended. Also, if your chair uses heat for the massages, try and wear cotton.

This will keep you from sweating too much. Try and stay away from bulky clothes such as sweaters or heavy woolen robes. Besides that, it doesn’t matter what kind of clothes you wear.

4. Which brand of a massage chair is the best?
Real Relax is a brand you could check out if you want an all-in-one chair. Most of their massage chairs look classy, fit into any decor, have extra features such as cup holders, extra pockets, USB, and Bluetooth connection.

5. Are Shiatsu massage chairs good for you?
Shiatsu is a well-known brand for massage chairs. These have many massage options that will surely find your problem area and help you relax. Frames of the chairs are made with care, so they do not harm your back or shoulders.

6. Can I install the massage chair by myself?
Massage chairs usually come unassembled. You will have to carry the parts into your house by yourself, unpack, and install the chair yourself. Instructions will be provided on how you need to install your chair.

Just follow that thoroughly, and you will be good to go. If there is too much wiring involved and you’re not confident that you will be able to handle all that set up, you can always call the chair’s brand for setting up support.

Although massage chairs are rarely that complicated, if called upon, a professional will come over and help you with the assembly.

7. How much noise does a massage chair make?
This depends on what kind of motor the chair has and the design. Some massage chairs are silent and barely make any noise but have monstrous motors for intense massages.

On the other hand, some are loud but have small or regular motors. A chair that was silent when you bought it might turn into a noise machine after years of use.

Final Words

If you were to ask us to choose one product, we would recommend the Real Relax massage chair. Not only does the chair last a lifetime, but it looks great, comes with many extra features, and has lots of massage options to ease your muscles and help you relax.

This chair has rarely let anyone down. Invest in this one, and you’ll never have to go to a masseuse again.

Other options on this list are also remarkable. A massage chair at home is quite an underrated luxury. Buying the best massage chair under 1000 won’t be confusing anymore if you go through this guide. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a massage chair, and start relaxing!

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