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8 Best Lazy Boy Recliner For Tall Man (Review) in 2021

With a lot of us bored at home, there’s nothing more relaxing than to kick back and watch youtube. But if you really want to relax, you need an amazing lazy boy recliner! The market is filled with so many options of lazy boy recliners that at times it can be very overwhelming. However, we are here today to help you find the best lazy boy recliner for tall man.

So, we are going to be listing the reviews of 8 of the top lazy boy recliners you will find in this market, and we will also feature the best one that money can get you. Without further ado, let’s jump right into this article.

Below we’ll review our top recommendations to help you find your ideal pick. Read on to know about their features, USP, and drawbacks.


La-Z-Boy Calvin Reclina-Rocker Recliner

furniest best choice-product section

Starting off with the product of the company, which started the production of modern recliners, is basically La-Z-Boy. Now, their offering Calvin Recline-Rocker is at the top of our list because of its impressive back support, solid construction, and much more!

Long-Lasting Design- La-Z-Boy maintains the quality of their product by making it in the USA, and they use premium materials maple hardwood and oriented strand board for their solid frames. The materials used are so strong that this recliner can quite literally be used for generations!

The great thing is that you don’t have to worry about damaging the recliner even if you pass out while watching TV. To ensure the long-lasting design, they used solid cut black foams, which not only looks better but also provides a cozy experience.

Impressive Footrest- The footrest of this recliner is simply remarkable with its dual lock mechanism to avoid injuries, which is almost essential in recliners. In addition to that, the footrest also locks at three different positions so that you can adjust everything to your preference.

Independent Back Support- You will be glad to hear that the back support of this thing can be independently controlled without engaging the footrest, which means you can relax even without having to kickback.

Versatile Positions- This thing is also versatile with a whipping 16 different rocking positions. Just because everyone has different choices, they included so many options, so everyone loves this recliner. The recliner locks at every new position to ensure safe support, and a unique thing about these La-Z-Boy recliners is that when you recline, there will be no gap, which provides discomfort!



Verdict- As mentioned above, the Calvin recline-rocker has almost everything you would need and want in a rocker, so if you’re in the market for an extra tall lazy boy, you must take a look at this bad boy.


La-Z-Boy Calvin Power Recline XR Reclina-Rocker Recliner

furniest best value-product section

On to the most premium pick, the La-Z-Boy Calvin Power Recline XR Reclina-Rocker recliner is one of the best in our list because of its great design, comfort, and the technology that is put into this magical chair.

Design- From the outside, the recliner looks as cozy as a fluffy chair, but there’s a lot more going on here, and the design of this thing is so that it is built to last! La-Z-Boy is a very reliable company, and for this product, it has used high-quality materials and provides versatility by allowing users to adjust your reclining, which makes it so great.

Modern Tech Tweaks- Imagine coming home from a long day of office, and you want to relax and watch your favorite documentary while scrolling through Facebook, but your phone is out of charge. With this lazy boy recliner, you don’t have to worry about that because there are USB ports built into it to juice up your devices.

Power Controls- Something noteworthy is that this bad boy has power controls right where you rest your arm with four silver buttons so you can adjust the settings to your peak comfort.

Amazing Back Support- This product is perfect for people with back pain because it has a powered back, which can be separately be adjusted so that you don’t have back cramps when you get up. It also has a body and lumbar support, so your entire body feels cozy even when you are reclined.

Safe and Sound- You will be glad to hear that there’s a nice little feature of safety release made for the leg rest. To avoid injuries, it will be disengaged when the leg rest is not locked.



Verdict- The La-Z-Boy Calvin Power Recline XR Reclina-Rocker recliner is clearly a remarkable choice for its astounding design, great support, and much more. If you have enough money, we would highly recommend you to take this product into consideration.


La-Z-Boy Anderson Power Recline XR Reclina-Rocker recliner

furniest Premium pick-product section

The Anderson Power Recline XR is definitely a popular choice amongst La-Z-Boy recliners, and it’s modern touches along with all the other great features make it a part of this list.

Design- If you are looking for a light-colored recliner, this can fit your living space quite well, and the material used for the covering is polyester. However, the light color means that it shows dirt quite easily, so if you have kids or pets, this might not be so great. The frame of this recliner is quite durable and can easily handle 300lbs. One thing you must keep in mind is that this recliner is small-scale, meaning people above 6 feet will not feel very comfortable on it.

Modern Touch- There are USB ports on this recliner so you can charge up your mobile phones and tablets right next to you on your hand rest. Also, you will find silver-toned buttons near the hand rest that will automatically adjust the position of your recliner just by pressing them instead of the manual mechanism.

Impressive Footrest- Much like a lot of La-Z-Boy recliners, the footrest of this lazy boy recliner can be locked and positioned at 3 different positions. The locking mechanism is a handy feature because footrests of some recliners will fall as soon as there’s a little too much pressure on it.

Back Support- The patented mechanism of the Anderson Power recliner means that the back can be controlled independently of the footrest, which is definitely quite useful when adjusting your position. It is also quite sturdy and obviously very comfortable as well.



Verdict- The Anderson power recliner is a great option for most people, and it isn’t crazy expensive either, but if you’re someone who is quite tall, this might not suit you the best.


La-Z-Boy Mason Recliner

If you have a conservative looking living room and some empty space for a recliner, we would say that the La-Z-Boy is definitely a great option that you should consider.

Looks and Body- Coming in with a very traditional look, this recliner looks very cozy and soft, although it isn’t the nicest. It is a bit bulky, but surprisingly, it does not take a lot of space. The padding of this product feels as cozy as it looks, and after a tiring day, you might just snooze on it. The design and frame are also quite solid, with a weight capacity of 300lbs. However, you should keep in mind that extra tall people may feel a bit uncomfortable.

Adjustable Leg Rest- The leg rest is very comfortable, and it can be adjusted to different positions. There is also a lock mechanism for safety purposes to secure the leg rest.

Great Lumbar Support- To provide a head-to-toe relaxing feel, the Mason recliner has a quite decent back and lumbar support. The back support can be controlled independently of the footrest or even together, which is a plus point.

Reclining- This recliner is very good for back pain, and the good thing is you can recline the back and still be able to rock it. The multiple recline position means that it is suitable for a wide variety of people. Something worth mentioning is that this recliner is not automatic and rather a manual mechanism which does not require a power supply.



Verdict- As mentioned before, if you are looking for a cozy and traditional looking lazy boy recliner, this is a good choice.


Lane Home Furnishings 4204- 18 Cortez Steel Swivel/Rocker Recliner

This recliner has a very cozy leather look that a lot of you may be interested in. It is big and bulky, therefore suitable for tall people!

Design and Build Quality- This lazy boy recliner has a very nice faux leather finish and has a steel swivel which is available in multiple colors. The leather is also very durable and easy to clean, so no need to worry about stains. It surely does have a large form factor, which makes it suitable for tall people looking for a recliner. The padding is very soft, which gives a relaxing feel to the user.

You should also note that it is sturdy and has a decent amount of weight to it. The hardwood construction, along with the steel back mechanism, ensures that this recliner lasts you a while.

Leg Rest- If you are a tall person, you will find this leg rest to be pleasing because of its length, of course. However, the drawback is that this leg rest does not have multiple positions to be set in, which can be a bit annoying to be fair.

Reclining- For reclining, you will get a full manual mechanism with a lever built-in, which works quite well to be fair. The royal zero gravity feature makes anyone on the seat feel calmer and stress-free. What is lacking, though, is the adjustability or the lack thereof. A plus point has to be that you can rock your recliner while you are reclined, and you can also swivel around!

360 Degrees Swiveling- As the name suggests, this recliner has a steel swivel, and it rotates a complete 360 degrees cycle, which is simply impressive. It is also long-lasting, so you don’t worry about it breaking off or something.



Verdict- The large form factor and swivel is what sets this item apart from so many in the market if you are looking for an extra tall lazy boy you might want to look into this one.


Signature Design by Ashley – Alenya Contemporary Manual Rocker Recliner

Are you looking for a sleek and chic looking recliner for your living room that will also be comfortable enough for your afternoons? The Alenya Contemporary Manual rocker could be a good option for you!

Elegant Design- The chic charcoal color of this recliner makes it easy for the recliner to blend in with any modern-looking stylish living room. And the cushions are filled with foam, which is sufficiently comfortable, and the polyester/nylon coating provides more aesthetic appeal.

It is also quite spacious, so you can spread your arms and legs without them poking out. You should keep in mind though that if you are someone who is beyond the 6 feet mark, this might be slightly uncomfortable.

Easy Reclining- Something good is that this recliner requires very little assembling, so you will be almost ready to go. You will get a very easy one-pull manual mechanism with a lever so you can kick back and binge-watch the new season of your favorite TV show, and you can also rock when you are reclined. However, there is not much versatility in this item, as it cannot be reclined at multiple positions.

Leg Rest- The leg rest of this Contemporary Manual Rocker is operated together with the back support, which might not be ideal sometimes, but it works. The rest is very soft, though, and has a lock mechanism to avoid injuries.

Cost- You might be pleasantly surprised to hear that this stylish looking comfortable recliner comes in with a reasonably affordable price tag when compared to the others in the market.



Verdict- As we have said previously, this recliner is definitely a good competitor for people who are trying to find something relaxing for their living room without compromising the looks, so if you are one of them, you should consider this as a great option!


New Classic Furniture Ranger Recliner Review

This product has a homely feel to it and also looks as cozy as any other recliner for a long day of binge-watching old documentary!

Great Finish and Build- You will get a strong hardwood and plywood frame in this recliner, which sets the weight capacity to 300lbs. This is sufficient for most people. In addition to the secure frame, the sandalwood finish gives it a fantastic look. The cloth used for this recliner is claimed to be 100% polyester, and the padding on the armrest is very soft.

Spacious- One of the outstanding features of this product has to be it’s quite wide for one person to comfortably spend hours without feeling shriveled. This is also good for tall people because the extra space really helps to keep the long legs from touching the ground. On top of that, there’s also space for you to place your cups and remotes on the piece of furniture.

Manual and Power Reclining- Right below the armrest, you will find the controls to get you into a reclined position, and what’s impressive is that this ranger recliner supports both manual and power reclining, which is quite rarely seen.

Back Support- There is a web back featured here, which is quite relaxing, and with that, you will also get 72 coil cushions, which add to the relaxation. To avoid a saggy old look, there is a Sinuous spring “No-Sag” deck that is a nice little touch.



Verdict- If you are someone who is looking for a comfortable and spacious recliner, this one is definitely worth a look, and hence it has made it to our list!


Signature Design by Ashley Hogan Zero Wall Wide Seat Recliner

The Hogan Zero Wall Wide seat recliner is the king of space in the whole market. This bad boy is so comfortable that even words can not do it justice!

Contemporary Design- If this oversized recliner did not look inviting enough to you, well, now it should because it has a wonderful contemporary design that will fit the looks of almost any living room. The material used for the coating is 100% polyester, and it is very soft to touch, making it more comfortable. One thing to take into account is that the actual color of this product is slightly darker than the light mocha color advertised.

Space- This recliner is even larger than almost any oversized recliner you will see in the market; it has an astounding width of 59 inches, which is massive! If you are a very tall individual, you will be extremely satisfied with this because we’re pretty sure you haven’t seen a recliner that lets you move around without your feet dangling.

We also say that if you and your partner are very skinny, then even the two of you can fit into this comforting cloud. You might also want to know that the cushions are quite large and soft, so you can even fall asleep!

Construction and Capacity- The construction of this seat is definitely sturdy, and it won’t creak when you move around. Furthermore, the frame is corner-blocked, and the recliner is metal reinforced for safety. However, the slight drawback here is that the weight capacity of this recliner is still 300lbs, which is a bit low when compared to other oversized recliners.

Zero Wall Reclining- A great feature of this recliner has to be the zero wall reclining, which means you do not need much space between the head of the seat and the wall, in fact, you can even have it pushed right against the wall. The pull tab reclining motion is also quite smooth, making it an all-in-all pleasant experience.



Verdict- The Hogan oversized recliner is almost perfect for larger people and even regular people who love to stretch their arms and legs around; it also feels nice along with its great look.

Lazy Boy Recliner For Tall Man Buying Guide & FAQ

Before You Buy, What To Look For

Just because a product has good reviews doesn’t mean it will be great for you. You might spend a lot of money on a premium recliner and still be unsatisfied because, after all, everyone has different criteria. So now, we will be taking you through a buying guide to help you consider what is more important for you.

Size- When looking to buy any piece of furniture, size has to be one of the important factors to take into consideration, and the same thing applies when you’re looking for a recliner. You have to select a recliner that is suitable for your height and size. Looking at the dimensions is important because if you are a very tall person, you would obviously need a recliner that has a decent length and height. While, if you are a bigger person, a greater width is necessary for you to sit comfortably.

On the other hand, you cannot just buy an absurdly large recliner if you have a small space because that would just look plain hideous and take up too much space. The size factor varies from person to person, so it’s important that you decide which size suits you the best.

Design and Looks- The living room tends to be one of the most used spaces in a house, and everyone wants to decorate very nicely and set a color scheme. So before you make a purchase, you must closely examine the material that is used and the colors to ensure that your new piece of furniture perfectly blends in. You should also make sure that the construction of the recliner is solid, so it lasts you a while and not to forget to make sure that the padding is soft yet long-lasting.

Leg Rest- If you are 6 feet above, you need a leg rest that is long enough to hold your feet properly in place. No one likes their feet dangling around. For people who move around and change positions, having adjustable leg rest is vital. Another thing that you should look for in any recliner is a leg rest that has a lock mechanism because oftentimes, the leg rests drop-down, which can cause injuries, so the lock mechanism is actually important.

Reclining- Now one of the most undebatable important features in a recliner is the reclining. Having a lazy boy recliner that smoothly sets itself to a reclined position is a must! You will either get a manual mechanism or a power control here. This is entirely a matter of personal preference, so you should look into the specifications properly before you hand in your money.

And you should also note whether the recliner you are taking as an option has a rocking or swivel feature if that is important to you. Last but certainly not the least, try to get an item that has several different reclining positions for coziness’s sake and more versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best lazy boy recliners for tall man:

1. What is the best lazy boy recliner? As we have mentioned before, we believe that the best lazy boy recliner is the La-Z-Boy Calvin Reclina-rocker!

2. Is lazy boy furniture worth the money? It is no lie that lazy boy furniture can get a bit harsh on your wallet at times, but if you are really looking for comfort while watching television, it is absolutely worth it!

3. How long do lazy boy recliners last? That varies a lot depending on the user, but on average, it should last you a good 10 years or so.

4. Which company makes the best lazy boy recliners? La-Z-Boy has earned a great reputation for consistently putting high-quality recliners for a long time now.

5. How should a lazy boy recliner be cleaned? For lazy boy recliners that are water-safe (most of them are), mix a mild detergent with water and clean carefully with a sponge or a soft cloth of your choice.

Final Words

We believe that we have provided an ample amount of information in this article for you to decide which lazy boy recliner should be the perfect one for you and your living room. On top of that, if you haven’t noticed, we have featured 3 special picks: best choice, premium pick, and of course, the best value.

You could definitely look further into the product that attracts you the most just to make sure you love every little part of it. We hope you have found this article to be useful and managed to pick the best lazy boy recliner for tall man.

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