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10 Best Massage Chair Under 2000 (Review) in 2021

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After spending grueling hours at work, your muscles scream and beg you for some sort of relief. While a day in the spa can be a remedy, but let’s face it, time, and your wallet will not allow you to visit the place every day. 

So, what’s the solution to your problem? The answer to your prayers consists of only two words: massage chair.

No, it is not going to cost you an arm and a leg. You’ll find the best massage chair under 2000 here in our article. A detailed buying guide will let you know what features you should be looking for, and you’ll also learn about all kinds of massage chairs that are available in stores. 

So, without any further delay, let’s jump right into the topic!

Are you wondering where you can find the best massage chairs in the market? Well, you can call off the search right now, as this section has everything you will ever need.


Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800

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When you return home from the gym or from work, all you want to do is to RELAX. Hitting the massage chair to soothe your body is a phenomenal solution. And there is no better option than Kahuna’s massage chair, the LM-6800. Let’s find out why.

Full Body Massage- With this chair, treat your body with a top-notch shiatsu therapy from the comfort of your home. It comes with motors, which give you variable massaging motions along with full control of the intensity and speed of the motions. 

So, you no longer need to make appointments, visit parlors, and pay bulky amounts for just a therapy session. 

Three Adjustable Positions- When the designers of Kahuna were making this gem, they were constantly thinking about how to make your experience even more pleasant. That is why they added three stages of zero-gravity position, which enable you to choose the most comfortable sitting stances, allowing you to enjoy the massage to the fullest.

Easy Installation- Placing the item in your home is not a difficult task. It was developed with measurements that authorize you to put it inside your homes like a regular recliner or couch. Just make sure that it is at least 3-inches away from the walls when fully reclined. 

Body Detection- You see, it has a world-class detection system and technology that lets the item detect your body and locate all those acupressure. The machine then applies gentle force on these points, which might make you euphoric. You can bid adieu to stress once you welcome this in your house.



Verdict- Do you want to have the best massaging chair experience, then this is it! It comes with everything you would want from such a machine, so get it and enjoy the best massage to your heart’s content.


Relaxonchair MK-II Plus

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What if we tell you that you can enjoy massage therapy of a parlor without having to go there? Sounds too good to be true, right? 

Well, we are not bluffing, my friend, as here we are introducing Relaxonchair’s MK-II plus, which guarantees to give you a massage that is equal or even better than what you get in a massage parlor. 

Affordable- Let’s face it, massage chairs can be quite expensive. So, manufacturers from Relaxonchairs decided to give you a less affordable item that awards you all the incredible perks those costly massage chairs have to offer.

Massaging- Apart from being cost-efficient, the chair assures to give a fantastic massage. It is installed with innovative rollers, which make you feel that a professional masseuse is giving you a massage. 

Besides, rollers design is such a way that they mimic the motion of five different motions. Thus, you can choose the kind of massage you need. And it has four preinstalled programs that authorize you to select the most suitable one.

Full Control- Furthermore, you have full control over the machine. You are provided with a remote-control system, which lets you pick the right type of program, motion, time duration, and everything. 

Three-Stage Sitting Positions- You can choose between an upright position, a half-reclined position, and a fully reclined position. Therefore, offering you the ability to pick the right sitting position that will be the most efficient.



Verdict- If you have the Relaxonchair MK-II, you no longer need to pay big money to enjoy a pleasant massage. When all the incredible features are coated with this cheap price tag, the product should become a must-have.


Ideal Massaging Chair - Full Shiatsu Therapy

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The key feature that makes this massaging chair such a beauty is its futuristic looks and top-notch technology that awards you the ultimate massage. Let’s get into it.

Looks- We have already stated that one of the biggest eye-catchers for this one is its looks. The chair has a gorgeous brown finish with a smooth texture that was fabricated in such a way to give you the most prosperous massaging experience.

In addition to that, when you set it up anywhere in your home, the chair will blend with the interiors of the house almost instantly. Thus, if you want your house to remain aesthetic and modern, and don’t want a bulky massage chair to ruin that, you need this, amigo. 

Technology- Ideal wanted you to have an amazing massage, and for that, they have installed an intricate system, which detects the height of the user. Consequently, giving you a comfortable fit and make sure you enjoy the whole therapy to the max.

Apart from that, the machine uses air pressure to provide you with acupressure therapy. By the way, that is not all; the airbags of the item reduce noise, which assures you a more tender and peaceful experience. 

Therapy- Are you wondering what the types of massages you can enjoy using this one are? Well, with this one, you can mimic various massaging techniques that are tapping, shiatsu, knocking, kneading, and rolling, letting you choose the type of massage you need.

You can use all these remarkable massaging tactics on various parts of your body that include the hand arms, calves, feet, etc. 

Programs- Furthermore, the machine has ten programs installed in it, so you can choose the program that satisfies you the most.



Verdict- Is it a stylish recliner or a remarkable massaging chair? We say it is both! In short, this massaging chair ensures that you have a machine that can blend with your decor flawlessly. And all the noteworthy features that it has to offer will surely sweep you off your feet.


OOTORI Massage Chair RL900

Ootori is a company that has been acknowledged as the go-to brands if you want a top-class massage chair. And this particular item from Ootori is probably one of the best 4D massage chairs in the market. 

Four-Dimensional Experience- The Ootori massage chair introduces you to a very new kind of massage. It has a 50-inch roller track that goes from your back, all the way to your thighs. 

These rollers enable you to enjoy a 3D massaging experience and sound system on the sides (compatible with Bluetooth), gives you a soothing experience, physically and mentally. Hence, it is called a 4-dimensional massage experience.

Adjustable- Are you a guy with a big build or someone who is quite tall? If so, then we come bearing good news! You see, it contains adjustable shoulder rollers that can be extended from 1.57-inches to 8.27-inches, and the foot rollers can be adjusted to a whopping 4.72-inch. 

So, it does not matter what your build is; we are confident you will fit the chair.

Foot Roller- Now, most massage chairs focus excessively on the back, arms, and calves. However, the foot contains various points that can relieve numerous types of pains and whatnot. Hence, RL900 has a foot roller, which will massage your feet, giving you a literal full-body massage. 

Six Built-In Programs- The massage chair features airbags for the more sensitive muscles and rollers for the others. Combine this with its six phenomenal programs, say bye-bye to muscle pains or soreness. 



Verdict- This item from Ootori is filled with delightful and modern attributes. If you have one of these at your home, you might find yourself running to this item once you get back from work.


Human Touch Wholebody 7.1 Massage Chair, Espresso

Unique is the perfect way to describe Human Touch’s Wholebody-7.1 massage chair. The machine has a couch like structure and is going to be your best friend as you chill after a stressful day.

Massaging Chair/Couch- Yes, you read that right, this one is a couch as well as a massaging chair. The 7.1-massage chair contains innovative mechanisms, which allows you to enjoy a very peaceful massage session. 

Moreover, because of the top-class technology used in the machine, you can focus on a specific region of your body and target area that needs massaging the most. If you do not need the massage, use it as a couch and enjoy your day!

Elegant Looks- It is a fact that most massage chairs are huge and tend to ruin your beautiful home’s decor. Fortunately, this one has such aesthetic and gorgeous looks that it will fit right in.

Furthermore, it comes in various enticing colors. So, select the color that suits your home the best, and voila, you have a recliner that looks as if it was made for your house.

Versatile- The chair was designed to provide you with the utmost relaxation. Its 55-degree bendable swivels permit you to bend the chair to any angle. So, you would be enjoying a real-like massage from the bliss of your house, which is far superior to any massage parlor.

Warm Air Bag- Even before we began the review, we stated that the item is unique. Well, another feature that makes it special is its warm airbag feature. The heating system provides you a way to enjoy the magnificent massage and relieve most of the pain in your body.



Verdict- So, in short, this is a couch and a massage chair. You can settle down and catch up with news on your TV, or you can get rid of the tension in your muscles. This is a two in one product that you should keep your eye trained upon.


Relaxonchair MK-Classic

Do you have sore muscles or any kind of pain? Are you tired of going to a masseuse all the time and pay hefty amounts? If you are suffering from these, then the Relaxonchair MK-classic is what you need in your life.

Body Scanning- The machine has a fabulous technology, which scans the body of the user and makes the adjustments accordingly. Thus, permitting it to pinpoint all the acupressure on your back and massage them like a professional.

First-Class Masseuse- You see, the machine is almost as good as a human massage therapist. It has 50-inch rollers that run down your backbone, gently yet proper massages, and gets rid of all the pain and stress from your body. 

The reason it can do this is that the rollers are more well-suited for the human body, especially the lower back. Apart from that, the machine can massage and reach even your inner tissues, eliminating the pain or soreness from muscles internally.

Complete Control- With the MK-Classic, you can operate everything. The chair gives you a wide variety of features such as seven-automatic massage options, five manual ones, airbag massager with three levels of intensity, calf and foot roles, and the list goes on and on. 

Nonetheless, the best thing is that you get utter control over all these attributes, and you can select whatever you want by a single click.



Verdict- We believe that this thing gives justice to its name. It is truly a classic that is filled with notable perks. So, if you want a high-end spa at the comfort of your home sweet home within the 2000 range, we highly recommend you to check this out.


Osaki Titan Pro Commander FDA 3D Massage Chair

This is the best massage chair under $2000 that can be used for all types of usage. Its sleek fabric and nice color make it a must-have item. But that is not all. Want to know more? Just keep reading.

Zero-Gravity- As you sit on the machine, you would feel like you are sitting on a cloud; it is THAT comfortable. And once the item is fully reclined, then it is a given that you will be on cloud nine. Besides, the L-track function of the chair promises to hold your back perfectly and make the entire experience even more soothing. 

Fully Automated- With all the controls near you and all the operations being just a simple click away, we guarantee that you will be able to get the best out of this one.

FDA Approved- We know that this item is exquisite, and even the FDA has approved of its perfection. The FDA approved massage chair is a glorious option for people of all ages. 

Massaging Technique- The chair uses airbags to massage your arms and feet. Furthermore, unlike conventional massage chairs, it uses air to massage your whole body, which gives you a gentle yet effective massage. And the heating system ensures to remove the stress from your muscles even further.



Verdict- This is a massage chair that authorizes you to enjoy a pleasant massage at home. We would recommend this to you only if you have a big place. If you do, then surely check this out as it is packed with eye-catching features.


Osaki Titan Chair Apex Massaging Chair

Quite often, people back out from buying a massage chair just because it puts a massive dent on their bank account. 

But you can get this product by Osaki and not have to worry about your bank statement as much. With that being said, don’t think the price comes in the way of it being a good massage chair. It serves its purpose just fine.

Decor Friendly- The product has three colors: black, beige, and brown. And all you need to do is find the color that is perfect for your home, and we assure you that it will uplift your home’s look.

Body Scan- You see, the machine comes with a fantastic body scan technology, which accurately scans the curvature of the users back and pinpoints all the acupressure points on the individuals back. Hence, giving you the best massage experience.

Zero Gravity & L-track- While using the appliance, you will feel like you are on a piece of cloud. The zero-gravity feature supports your entire body, and when that is coupled with its soft and flawless fabric, you will have a magnificent feeling. Also, the L-track properly supports your whole body when you are fully extended.

Airbags and Automated Features- Automatic recline, airbags, preinstalled programs, simple operations, this one has them all.



Verdict- Now you know that a price tag doesn’t define a product’s worth. This has all the necessary attributes a massage chair should have, and it will exceed your expectations surely. You won’t be disappointed.


Titan Chair Osaki OS-400 Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

Zero-gravity chairs are leading in the business. And the OS-4000 Zero Gravity massage chair is one of the best massage chair deals in the market. 

Durable Constructions- Most brands focus solely on the features and functionalities and not the build. On the contrary, the makers have given a lot of attention to the durability and longevity of the item. Hence, granting the users an exceptionally robust and long-lasting machine.

Control- It contains an LCD monitor, which you can use for all the operations of the device. Nevertheless, you can also control the chair with a wireless remote. Besides, it has a single-click procedure that should offer you the most straightforward operation. 

Massaging Parameters- Now, the massage capabilities of the item are off the charts. It uses airbags to massage necks, arms, thighs, and other soft muscles to provide you with a soft but effective massage adventure. Moreover, you can select a prominent massage motion out of the 5-speed and intensities granted by the product.



Verdict- With zero-gravity massage chairs leading the competition, you can buy the OS-400 and treat yourself to VIP level massage for free and in your vicinity.


Lernonl A900 Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

Do you know that music has a way of greatly influencing your emotions? Lernonl understands this factor, and that is why they made this one with surround sounds. Hence, allowing you to enjoy a fantastic massage with creating the proper ambiance.

SL-Track- Unlike most of the products in the market that have either the S or the L track, the A900 features both of them. Therefore, permitting you to take advantage of both an L-track and an S-track massage chair. 

Therapy Sessions- While using this one, you would feel like you are enjoying a real massage. Its innovative airbags ensure to provide stimulate all the muscles in your neck, back, shoulders, arms, calves, feet, and thighs. Therefore, letting you get rid of all the soreness or pain in your body. 

Furthermore, it has a stretching system, which cracks you back and brings back the alignment to your back. Lastly, its 6-Auto models and 3-levels of intensity, the machine lets you choose the program and intensity that is ideal for you.

Space-Friendly- Due to its compact dimensions (compared to most massage chairs), you can easily fit the chair in your home. 

Ideal Fit- The item comes with an adjustable feature that lets you pick a comfortable fit and thus, enabling the machine to do its work properly.



Verdict- This item is full of features, easy to operate, straightforward operation and setup, and so much more. If you can ignore the cons, then you will be happy with this one.

Best Massage Chair Under $2000 Buying Guide & FAQ

What Makes a Perfect Massage Chair

Be it at home, in the office, your workplace, or a gym, it is a quick way of relaxing your body. However, to have the best massage encounter from a massage chair, you need to have the best. And for that, here are the things the chair must-have. 

The Massage- The sole purpose of buying a massaging chair is the massage, and several massage chairs have various programs and functionalities to do the task. In general, when you are looking for a top-notch item, it is essential to check the type of therapies it can provide.

Now, an A-grade massage chair needs to have a good number of preinstalled programs. And it should consist of motions such as kneading, rolling, squeezing, shiatsu, tapping, and even Swedish. The short version of what we are trying to say, the more the types of functions and programs a machine has, the better it is.

Body Scan- The most competent massage chair should be able to pinpoint all the acupressure points on your back. And for that to happen, the thing needs to have a very sensitive and intricate technology. 

You see, the best chair already knows the distance between each of the acupressure points in your back and foot, and all it has to do is calibrate those preinstalled data and find the required points. 

Therefore, the thing should have rollers that move up and down, which helps the device to find the proper shape of an individual’s body.

Not only for the back, but some chairs do this process for your leg as well. And for something that should be able to do this without any issue, the product should be either 3D or 4D. Also, going for the massaging chairs that are from a high-class brand is always a smart idea.

The Posture- Zero-gravity is the feature that is going to give you a splendid experience. Now, do not get confused, a massaging chair won’t make you feel like you are in space. The zero-gravity for a massage chair is the attribute of the chair to hold all your weight with relative ease. 

For a chair to have this feature, it should be able to hold your head, your back (especially the lower back), easily. So, you can go for either the L-track or the S-track, and we assure you that both of these will give you the coziest sitting stance. 

After you have checked whether the chair is zero gravity or not, it is time to check how much incline the chair provides you. And in this case, the more, the merrier. You see, if the chair can not recline back enough, you will not be in a relaxed spot. For that to happen, it should be able to recline at least more than 30-degrees. 

Another thing that a massage chair should have is the ability to recline automatically. 

Massage chairs are heavy and have been created for relaxation. So, if you have to recline the chair manually and do all the work yourself, the whole purpose is ruined! Hence, it should have an auto-recline feature that should automatically recline the chair to give you a more suitable sitting position.

Warm Massage Therapy- Just like the Relaxonchair MK-Classic, when you want the best massage therapy from your chair, then it should have a heating function. The heating characteristics enable the chair to hit those sore muscles even better and remove all the stress and pain from them properly. 

Initially, this was a feature that was considered to be a high-end feature. However, recently it has become quite common in most premium massaging chairs. Therefore, when you are seeking the best experience from your massage chair, this is something that the machine should have.

Air Cushions- The perfect massaging chair should have this feature. Your arms and calves are some of the areas that need these airbags to provide constant pressure. And the higher the inflammation, the more force the airbags are going to provide. So, you regulate this to have something more suitable for you. 

Build and Fabric- These are probably the two most noteworthy features and are the most dominant feature that will distinguish whether you will have a pleasant time or not.

The first thing that you should check is the construction of the thing, as the best shall be made from premium quality material that should give you unmatched longevity. Besides, you should be able to figure out whether a product is sturdy or not. 

In this department, we suggest that you follow your hunch and choose a chair that you feel is sturdy and tough. Once you are done with the durability of the chair, it is time to check the fabric used on it. 

Genuine leather is a fantastic option because it is not flammable, lasts for a long time, and offers a smooth and classy look to the chair. Nonetheless, nowadays, Naugahyde is used widely for making massage chairs. 

And these are the second-best option when compared to leather. They are more readily available and offer similar durability and longevity when compared to leather. Furthermore, leather is considered to be costlier, which in turn raises the price of the chair. But a chair made from this is guaranteed to be less expensive. 

Uncomplicated Setup- Using a massaging chair might not seem like rocket science. Yet, many chairs can have a tricky and awkward operation. Therefore, when you are looking through products, check if it has any complicated procedures like a bizarre switch on or off function, or anything similar.

If it does not, that is the green signal! 

Measurements and Looks- Well, this is a very important feature that you have to keep in mind. Imagine you bought a couch. You pay for it, ask the movers to bring it to your apartment, only to find out that the machine is too big and looks odd in your house. Sadly, by then, you would have wasted a lot of your money and effort. 

To protect you from that, we suggest that you check the dimensions beforehand. The optimum way to pick the right size is to select a spot in your home, take those measurements, and choose the product, respectively. 

When it comes to looks, it is entirely up to you! Massage chairs have a sleek and aesthetic look, which permits it to blend with the interiors like it is nothing. Thus, pick the color that should suit your decor the most, and then make the purchase. 

Entertainment- To make your experience even more enjoyable, companies are coming up with more innovative and smart ideas to make the entire event more fun. 

Some massage chairs have sound boxes installed on the sides of the heady rest. These are either aux compatible or Bluetooth compatible. Hence, you can listen to your favorite music as the machine removes all the pain from your body.

Some products even come with a miniature TV where you can watch your favorite show. What we are trying to say is that massage chairs nowadays have various types of features, so it is your job to pick the one that attracts you the most. 

Remote Control- Having full control is going to provide you with numerous types of perks. You would be able to pick the type of motion you want, the kind of program you want, etc. So, via remote control, controlling all these features is made extremely easy. 

Price- Massage chairs are very costly! And we are sure that you do not want to spend too much on a thing that does offer you all the conveniences you are looking for. Plus, so before you buy a massaging chair, we request that you do thorough research on the item. 

After you are done with that, set a budget! We assure you if you have the right budget, you can have a premium quality massage chair quite effortlessly. 

Weight Capacity- Generally, this feature is something that you do not have to worry about to a hefty extent. Nevertheless, double-checking is always a smart idea, and in our eyes, a massage chair that can accommodate weights above 200 to 300 pounds, we are confident that it can be used by anyone. 

Footrest- Such a feature is not common for most chairs, but if a massage chair has a footrest, then it is fantastic! Generally, items that have this feature offer a much more pleasant massage than the ones that do not. But the ones that do are more expensive, so it is your call.

Types of Massage Chairs

There are various types of massage chairs, and for your convenience, here is a list of all of them:

1. Full-Body Massage Chair- As the name suggests, these are chairs that massage your entire body and are one of the most popular options in the business. They are used in gyms, massage parlors, and in various other places. You will find these in people’s homes as well! And they are the best you can get your hands on.

Not only do they offer a full massage to your body, but they also come with various other traits, and at times, they have the properties of all the chairs listed here. 

In short, if you want the best massage chair experience and are looking for the best type, then, probably, there is nothing else better than the full-body one.

2. Ottoman Massage Chair- These are a more comfortable and elegant form of massage chairs. They have a fantastic structure and are home friendly. And unlike the full-body ones, they can be installed anywhere in your home. But this lacks the power and parameters of the previous one.

However, these are the ones that are most common amongst users. And due to their elegant looks, they are also a remarkable addition to your home. Plus, they are not as expensive as the full-body ones, zero-gravity ones, or others. 

3. Air Massage Chair- These types of chairs use air to massage the user. When it comes to comfort, there is not a massaging chair type that can be compared to the air massage chairs. And it uses airbags to massage various parts of your body! 

But they are not as powerful as the other and are limited to only arms, legs, and necks. Yet, it is more comfortable, and apart from your bed, this might be the next best thing where you can have a glorious nap. And when that is topped with gentle massages by the airbags, we are sure that you will love these kinds. 

By the way, they are less expensive. 

4. Heat Massage Chair- Now, these are probably the most effective type of massage chairs. Basically, the rollers of these heat up to a comfortable amount and provide you a fantastic and soothing experience. By the way, due to the heating system, these types of massage chairs are more methodical in relieving you of soreness, pains, and cramps.

And the best thing is that you can find these masterpieces at all prices. They have the power, and when that is combined with its heating system, the chair works much more efficiently compared to other types of chairs. 

5. Zero Gravity Massage Chairs- The term zero-gravity means that these items offer a very relaxing and snug sitting stance. A zero-gravity massage chair supports your entire body and makes you feel like you are floating in the air. Such a feeling is provided to you by its soft fabric and reclining capabilities. 

Now, pair that up with its full-body massaging capabilities, we are quite sure that you will have a massaging experience like never before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked queries regarding the best massage chairs under 2000:

1. What is the best massage chair for the money?
The best massage chair for the money would be Kahuna’s LM-6800. This machine is a marvelous combination of top-notch functionality, and we are sure that once you have this masterpiece with yourself, you are going to get hooked to it.

It has a sizable roller, several fabulous programs, grants you complete control, and so much more. We guarantee, finding such a massage chair that offers so much at such prices is going to be no walk in the park. 

2. Are massage chairs worth the money?
They surely are! At first, it might seem that a premium massage that costs around 150 dollars is not much. But as your days go by, you might need to visit the massage parlor quite often. And that is not feasible at all.

Although massage chairs might seem expensive, once you have this, you get free massages for the rest of your life. 

3. Do massage chairs really work?
Massage chairs can remedy sore muscles, reduce back pains, upgrade your sleep and rest patterns, help with foot pains, enhance your blood circulation, and so much more. 

And they are cost-effective as well! All you have to do is buy a good massage chair, and you will get free and exceptional massages for a lifetime.

4. Do massage chairs use a lot of electricity?
No, massage chairs are one of the most power-efficient machines that you can have. A regular one consumes ten times less power when compared to the microwave, which we think is used more often than your massage chair. So, we are confident that massage chairs do not use a lot of electricity.

5. How long will a massage chair last?
Once you buy a good massage chair, we are confident that it is going to last for at least 2-3 years. But generally, they are known to last for even 5-years if proper care is taken.

6. Which one is a superior option between the two: L-Track or S-track?
Well, that depends entirely on what part of your body needs the massage. For instance, if you are looking to massage your glutes, hamstring, then the L-track might be better. Whereas, both L and S tracks are superb for massaging your upper body. So, it is narrowed down to your preference.

7. Are massaging chairs expensive?
Well, yes, they are! They could range from 2500$ to a whopping 10,000$.

Final Words

Eliminating stress completely from your life is essential if you want to be happy. Buying a massage chair is basically the first step towards a stress-free life. Your body will be thanking you every time after using the machine.

Those of you who have stuck with us till the very end, thanks for reading our article! We hope that you have found the best massage chair under 2000 from here that is going to relax your body and mind.

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