Last updated: February 14, 2021

10 Cheap Recliners Under 100 (Review) in 2021

We all want a bit of relaxation when we return home after a long day of work. Pouring the day’s exhaustion into the chair while enjoying a movie or a book before you turn your lights off might just be the thing you need to make your day complete.

As comfortable as they are, recliners are out of reach for many who earn a moderate salary. However, there are some recliners available at a low price. You just have to know which one to go for.

This article will provide you with a list of cheap recliners under 100, addressing their features along with their upsides and downsides. If you are looking to buy a recliner but confused as to whether you should really get one owing to the cost, look no more, for you have come to the right place.

Here are some of the top options that you must check out. Let’s get on with their detailed reviews.


Homall Gaming Recliner Chair

furniest best choice-product section

This ultramodern, under-100 recliner chair offers no less than those of higher-end in terms of comfort, design, and support.

Build- The chair is made of polyurethane leather, with soft cushions incorporated where they are needed. It stands upon 4 sturdy legs, capable of holding an extra 265 pounds. The legs are padded to prevent them from marking your floor.

Versatility- The chair earns an extra point with its versatility. Its backrest and the footrest are adjustable from 90-degree to 180-degree range. This allows you to use it for gaming, watch tv shows in a half reclined position, read a book, or simply lie flat and take a nap.

Built-In Support- The chair is equipped with a soft, thick headrest and lumbar support for your back and a deep backrest as a result. This will maintain the natural curvature of your spine even when you relax and thus keep those annoying neck and back pain at bay.



Verdict- The recliner is strong and sturdy with a leather seat, adjustable backrest and footrest, and non-marking padded legs. It comes with a beautiful, modern design that goes with any room. With its comfort and being versatile, this recliner is the number one choice and provides you with the best value for your money.


Devoko Recliner Chair

furniest best value-product section

This recliner from Devoko is made with faux leather of polyurethane covering the frame of wood and metal. The seat, coming at a low price, will light up any home. Let’s take a look at some of its features.

Strong and Durable Design- Coming with high-quality faux leather, the chair does not irritate the skin and is also very easy to clean. Thick cushions are added to the seat, backrest, and footrest for added comfort. With its sturdy and durable framework, this chair is made capable of withstanding a maximum weight of 275 pounds.

Keep Your Floor Clear- The chair legs are padded with materials of high quality. This will protect your floor from staining with its print and keep the chair fixated. It will also reduce sound when you try to move it to a different place.

Rest However You Want- The back and footrest are made flexible, so you can adjust them from 90 to 180 degrees and enjoy reading that book, or finish that tv show you love watching so much. Its armrests are also wide and cushioned to add to your comfort.

Massage- This model is equipped with a massage function that provides you with eight vibration modes. It comes with a remote control that allows you to navigate between the modes according to time and frequency.



Verdict- The single-seat sofa has a sturdy structure with a capacity of 275 pounds. With thickly cushioned and adjustable back and footrest, you can be as comfortable as you want. When you press the buttons of the remote for a massage, you get back your money’s worth.


Best Massage Recliner Chair

furniest Premium pick-product section

This one has a modern look that adds to the decor of any room or office, and features to make you feel peace both in mind and body.

Construction- The chair is constructed such that it comes together in a beautiful manner, capable of being eye-catching in any room. Its hardwood framework is strong and durable and can easily support a weight of 275 pounds. The plastic chair feet are made sturdy and stable and are padded for your ease of moving the furniture.

Feel as Relaxed as Ever with the Massage Function- This piece of furniture comes with a two-point massage function. It has 8 vibration modes that can be controlled via frequency and timing, all with the pressing of the button on the remote control.

At the office or at home, forget all the worries of your work for some time while you enjoy this two-point massage.

Be Comfortable- The backrest can be rotated from its standing 90-degree position up to 160 degrees. And the footrest can be raised upward by rotating up to 90 degrees.

This feature lets you explore the position of your comfort while you enjoy your favorite activity. Although the chair can’t be made flat, with thick and soft cushions in the seat and the backrest, you can take the best nap when fully reclined.

Move the Furniture with Ease- The recliner has plastic, padded feet, which will allow the chair to be moved with little effort while reducing noise. It will also keep your floor from staining.



Verdict- The chair with a long-lasting, sturdy design, can carry up to 275 pounds and people as tall as 5.4 ft easily fit into the chair while reclined. It is also thickly padded with soft cushions, and with its two-point massage system, you can experience the ultimate comfort. Although it can’t recline more than 160 degrees, with all its features, it is no less than a luxury item.


Giantex Recliner Chair

This is a spinning chair with a PU leather seat. The Giantex chair, with its modern look and an extra ottoman, is the epitome of comfort.

Thick Padding- The seat, backrest, and as well as the armrest are packed with thick and soft paddings to give you your required comfort. The backrest of this chair is provided with lumbar support for improved posture and relief from back pain.

Adjustable Backrest- The backrest of this chair can be reclined up to 135 degrees, to keep you in a position where you are both comfortable and active enough to continue with your work.

Use the Ottoman Whenever You want- Although the chair does not have an attached footrest, it comes with an extra ottoman. This can act as your footrest. You can use it whenever you want in any position to increase your comfort without worrying about your height.

Rotate with a Stable Base- The chair is given a metallic framework with a wide base to stand on. This makes the chair stable, sturdy, and durable. It can carry a maximum weight of 330 pounds. Moreover, the seat can rotate a full circle, increasing your efficiency with ease, at work, or at home.

Easy to Maintain- The chair is covered with high-grade Polyurethane leather, which makes it waterproof and long-lasting. Being waterproof, it can be easily cleaned with the wipe of a wet cloth.



Verdict- This recliner is long-lasting and strong, capable of carrying heavyweight. With an iron frame and thickly cushioned seat, it gives you a stable and assuring rest. Its rotating function makes it suitable for office work as well.


Tuoze Recliner Chair

The Tuoze recliner chair, with its design, can bring a contemporary vibe to any room. It is a perfect chair if you are looking for comfort and versatility together.

Use It for Reading Books or for Home Theater- This one comes with extra paddings for cushions in the seat, the backrest, the footrest, and the armrest, making it soft and comfortable to sit.

The backrest and footrest can be modified to accommodate you in reclined positions. Recline up to 165 degrees with your legs flat on the footrest to make home theater more relaxing or take a short nap to power through your day.

Specially Designed Armrest- A curved, cushioned armrest is offered for you to relax your limbs, de-stress, and increase blood flow. Sit on the chair, tired from your day’s work, and get up feeling refreshed.

Construction and Design- This chair is built with a metallic framework, topped with thick, soft cushions and high-quality polyurethane leather.

All of these come together to give a contemporary look while giving sturdiness to the structure. With a seat height of 17.5 inches, this chair has a capacity of a maximum weight of 280 pounds – no need to worry if you are on a healthier side.

Install Easily Once Unpacked- The chair is easy to assemble if you follow the instructions in the manual. This leads to a hassle-free installment and more time to relax.



Verdict- The chair is long-lasting, durable with PU leather. It is waterproof, which makes it easy to clean, has an adjustable back, and footrest so that you can rest in your desired position. There are added cushions, and with a hassle-free assembly, you can rest assured with this one.


FDW Wingback Recliner Chair

This classic model comes with a strong and stable hardwood frame with the backrest reinforced with steel, keeping you secured while you recline. The chair is a fine addition to any home.

Have Your Way with the Recliner- This wingback chair features an adjustable backrest and footrest with which, in addition to sitting in typical style, you can recline all the way back until you lie flat. It comes in handy whenever you want to enjoy a movie, read a book, or even for having a heart to heart conversation with a friend.

Comfort- The backrest, footrest, and the seat are heavily cushioned to add to your comfort. Moreover, it contains leather of polyurethane, which is non-irritant to skin and feels smooth to touch.

Though this recliner lacks lumbar support, the heavy cushions in the backrest mold themselves to contain the natural curvature of your spine, keeping you in a healthy posture.

Easy to Clean- The chair comes with polyurethane leather of high quality, which is waterproof. No worries if water or coffee is spilled, just clean it with a wet cloth.

Strong and Built to Last- A maximum weight of 275 pounds can be held safely by the chair, due to its sturdy build. It rests on 4 hardwood legs that provide a wide and stable base.



Verdict- A recliner that is well built, given a sleek design, as well as all other features needed to provide the ultimate level of comfort.


Best Massage Wingback Theater Seating Recliner Chair

This is a model recliner coming in under 100. Made with solid wood and metal for reinforcement gives the chair a sturdy and durable design.

Stuffings- The chair is stuffed with doll cotton from head to toe, and covered with high standard PU leather. And the stuffings keep the seat soft and comfortable, providing ideal support for the essential parts of your body. The leather is waterproof and non-irritant to the skin, making relaxation smoother.

Recline According to Your Preference- The recliner can be adjusted at 90-degree, 120-degree, and 160-degree, making it suitable for a range of functions.

Stable and Sturdy- With its wooden frame, metal rack, and reinforcement, it is strong enough to hold 300 pounds at the most.

Waterproof- This chair is given a covering of polyurethane leather, which is waterproof. Spilling is no longer among the list of worries with this chair. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth, and when cleaned regularly, it stays with you for a long time.



Verdict- The wingback recliner has a good design along with a sturdy, long-lasting structure, capable of carrying more weight than most. It has a readily adjustable back and footrest, which is comfortable to a great extent. With PU leather, it is also easy to keep clean. So push back in the recliner and let it take away some of your worries.


Flash Furniture Contemporary Leather Kids Recliner

This recliner, made especially for kids, adds a luxurious vibe to your home at a low price. Watch your favorite show while your kid is busy having fun with the recliner.

Luxurious Look- A wooden frame and a sleek, leather upholstery give the chair an irresistible, luxurious look. The size of the recliner is perfect for young children to enjoy their favorite activities.

Safety- This special recliner is crafted for the safety of the kids when they use it. It is stuffed with fire hindering foam, which keeps them safe from a fire outbreak as well as comfortable.

Moreover, the seat is only 11 inches high. Even if a child falls down from it, he or she is likely to be alright. The backrest can only be reclined when someone sits on it and pulls the footrest forward. All of these make the chair extremely safe and user friendly.

Easily Cleaned- Anything the kids use is likely to become a mess easily in a short time. This chair ensures its long life by its waterproof cover. The chair, if dirty, can be cleaned in no time. It also comes with a cup holder in the armrest to avoid spillage. This also crosses off another thing in the list of worries.

Headrest- The large cushioned headrest that comes with it lets your child experience comfort like never before. Both you and your child can watch your favorite tv show without interruption.



Verdict- This recliner is specially made for kids keeping their safety in mind. It is small in size, soft, and comfortable for the kids to enjoy. The chair also comes with a headrest and a cup holder, which increases the comfort level and is given a strong structure to hold a maximum weight of 90 pounds.


Loungie Microplush Recliner Chair

This recliner, with its present-day design, will easily fit into any home. It can be used by children and adults alike.

Build- It is built with micro plush material and alloy steel for the framework, stuffed with foam and covered with fabric. This thing comes with just the seat and the backrest and with a variety of uses.

Adjustable Backrest- The backrest can be pushed back and adjusted to 5 different angles from sitting up to laying completely flat.

Comfort- With thick pads of foam, this recliner lets you be comfortable in any reclined position. The micro plush material makes it soft to touch for added comfort.

Easy Cleaning- Though the fabric is not waterproof, it can be easily taken off and washed just like other clothes.



Verdict- This Loungie recliner can be safely used by children and adults. It is padded with foam, and the micro plush material makes it extremely comfortable. The backrest can also be easily adjusted, and the range (90 degrees to 180 degrees) is greater than most recliners.


Amazon Basics Kids/Youth Gaming Recliner

Surprise your child with the kid’s recliner from Amazon Basics. With a sturdy structure and a design that kids tend to love, this gaming chair is a treat for every child.

Safe for Your Child- The chair comes with a strong and sturdy frame of hardwood, capable of holding 90 pounds. Specially designed for children of age more than five, this one is filled with fire-retarding foam.

To minimize the risk of falling, the backrest cannot be reclined until your child sits and pulls the footrest 1 inch forward.

Ultimate Support while Gaming- The chair comes with a reclining backrest and footrest. With the soft and comfortable paddings, your child can relax while his hands are at work. There is also a headrest and an extra back pillow for added support. This will be your child’s favorite chair for watching tv, playing games, or reading books.

Easily Cleaned- Clean the chair as easy as any other furniture with a wet cloth, due to the waterproof and durable layer of polyurethane that is used as the covering. This is also non-irritating to the skin and smooth to touch.



Verdict- This chair from Amazon Basics is safe for a child to use with its fire hindering foam and recliner backrest. It is also extremely comfortable with an added headrest and back pillow. And it is easy to clean and contains a durable framework.

Cheap Recliners Under 100 Buying Guide & FAQ​

Things to Consider Before Buying

If you have come this far, then you know that at least 10 high-quality recliners come at such a low price. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you buy one. This will help you to make an informed decision about which one to buy.

You need to consider the dimensions of your room as well as the dimensions of the recliner you are choosing to buy. This will make sure that you have enough space to use the recliner comfortably.

Usually, you will need to keep a distance of at least 3 feet between the recliner and the wall. There are other recliners that don’t require as much space. This can be easily cleared by the seller.

If you live in a smaller apartment, then those that require less space may be more suitable for your decor. However, if you plan to place it far from the walls of your room, rather than near the wall, you can get any recliner of your choosing.

Your Body Size- 
Consider your body size in relation to the size of a recliner. Will the recliner be able to support your body weight? Read the features of the said recliner carefully, when you go to buy it.

Many times, it is seen that a particular recliner can be small for a tall person. To avoid this problem, sit down in the chair and see if your head fits the headrest comfortably and if your feet remain on the ground.

It is best to get a chair that matches your body height and weight. Only then will you experience the comfort that recliners promise to deliver.

Get the recliner in which you feel the most comfortable. This is the most important feature of any recliner. Does it deliver comfort?

The best way to decide is to sit on it. Recline the chair for as long as you need it. If you feel or notice any sort of discomfort, then that chair is not for you.

Rotating Recliner- 
Some recliners come with a base that allows the recliner to rotate. This feature is not a must for all. However, if you are someone who prefers to face any direction without any effort, then look for a rotating recliner.

Some recliners come with massage functions while others don’t. The importance of the massage function lies with the buyer. Both types are available under 100; take your pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best cheap recliners:

1. Who has the best price on recliners?
There are several recliners available on a budget price. If you want to buy a quality product at a low price, then consider the Homall gaming recliner chair.

2. What are the best cheap recliners under 100?
The price of recliners ranges from below 100 to thousands of dollars, depending on its features, build, and quality.

And the Homall gaming recliner chair, Devoko recliner chair, and Best Massage Recliner chair are some of the best recliners that cost around 100 dollars.

You can also consider the other options in the list provided above, which are of decent quality and offer high-grade comfort at such a low price.

3. How much does an average recliner cost?
The cost of the recliner surges as more and more features are built-in, with advancing technology. Features that we usually can do without. These types of recliners are aimed towards a posh society.

An average recliner is one that should accompany you for years while providing you with a high level of comfort. Such a recliner costs about 250 to 500 dollars.

4. How much should I pay for a recliner?
Various kinds of recliners are available at various prices. Your budget should consist of what you can afford comfortably.

Initially, it is best to go with a good quality recliner at a low price. It allows you to know your preferences better for your future recliner.

Cheap recliners after serving you for a good number of years also provide you with the opportunity to upgrade to a better one if you are financially able to.

5. Why do recliners cost so much?
Recliners come at a variable cost depending on how luxurious it is. High-end recliners are equipped with more features like wall hugging recliners, those that come with built-in USB charging, lift up recliners are some examples.

Quality of the material, design, and upholstery are also some of the factors that determine the cost.

6. How does the lumbar support help?
Lumbar support will support your lumbar region of the spine and help the backrest to keep the natural curvature of your spine. This is helpful for keeping a good posture and relieve back pain.

A recliner that comes with a soft and thickly padded backrest can also provide good support for your spine.

7. How many tilt positions do the kid’s recliner offer?
The kid’s recliner mentioned in this article has only one tilt position. It can stay upright and recline. This is due to safety for the kids, making the chair user friendly.

There are other recliners available that offer more than one tilt position, but those also come with a higher price.

Final Words

If you have gone through the whole article, you now have the knowledge you need to choose your recliner, as well as a list of cheap recliners under 100.

The best package is offered by the Homall gaming recliner chair, as it comes with a combination of features that make it durable and of utmost comfort.

You can also go with the one that suits your height, body size, weight, and the decor of your home.

So go ahead and let your recliner offer you the best rest that you have craved for a long time.

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