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10 Best Alternative to Stressless Recliners (Review) in 2021

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After a long day of work, cuddling up to a nice comfy recliner can feel downright heavenly. The Stressless recliners brand is very popular for its quality and comfort, but they also come with a hefty price tag. Does that mean that comfort is only for the rich? Definitely not, because this article is your ultimate guide to buying Stressless recliner alternatives. I have listed the top ten best alternatives to Stressless recliners that you can find, completed with reviews, buying guides, and FAQs.

To know more about what makes each of the entries on our list a great option and what factors you should be considering when buying a recliner, read on!

If you are looking for a Stressless Recliner alternative, have a look at our top 10 choices side by side. You’re bound to find at least one that is perfect or you.


Faux Leather Electric Massage Recliner

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This recliner from Best Choice Products is, as the manufacturer’s name suggests, the best choice we have found for a Stressless recliner alternative. It is of high quality and offers the best features for a small price.

Ultimate Comfort Zone- The recliner features a backrest that is double padded, has effective neck support, and heavily padded armrests. Footrest or the ottoman is well made too and takes the shape of your legs. All of these features ensure you are getting the utmost level of comfort you can from a recliner.

Versatile Massage Functions- Equipped with 5 pre-programmed massage options at 9 different intensity levels as well as 2 different modes, this recliner can massage your back, calves, and thighs exactly as you like it. Granted that you can’t get deep tissue massages but you should not be expecting those at this price level in the first place; what it does offer can be very relaxing and a nice option to have. As a cherry on top, this can heat up too!

Wireless Remote Control- The remote can be used to adjust the massage options up to your preference and then stored away in the built-in pouch. This is super convenient as opposed to buttons because you do not need to move your entire body just to adjust the setting.

Good Looking and Durable- Clad in faux leather, this recliner is easy to clean and has a very nice color that will look good with the interior décor of your home. The frame of the recliner is a sturdy metal built to last you for years to come.



Verdict- This recliner is an impressive all-around option at a relatively affordable price point. I believe it is the best choice of the bunch and would not disappoint you.


Electric Shiatsu (Full Body) Massage Chair Recliner

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Coming up second, this recliner is one of the priciest ones on our list. But when you look at the specs you will be getting, the price starts to look reasonable. So let’s have a look!

Air Shiatsu System with Heating Therapy- The entire recliner has 21 airbags placed strategically around the frame for shoulders, arms, things, hips, feet, and calves. This, coupled with the heating system, will work together to greatly relieve the muscles and soothe them from any tension. It also improves the blood circulation of your body.

Computerized Body Scanning- This recliner also has a body scanning system that scans the body once a user sits on it and then prepares a custom heat massage for the user’s body type. It has built-in sensors, 11 signal switches, and holt sensors that work together to measure the user’s spine, height, distance from massage range, weight, etc. After the measurements are taken, the recliner will start a massage mode of your choice suited to your body. Isn’t that just amazing?

Diverse & Adjustable Massage Modes- There are 7 different massage modes that you can choose from – tapping, kneading, combo, shiatsu, air pressure, stretching, and heating. Moreover, there are 9 preset massage programs that use one or more of these massaging modes so that you get the best massaging experience possible. While the pre-set and full-body stretching systems are best for most of the people, you also have the flexibility to manually choose your desirable modes.



Verdict- This recliner is loaded with many advanced massage options and features that you will usually not find in budget recliners. For the price, what you will be getting is well worth it. If the massage function of the recliner is a big priority to you, then this premium option is worth keeping in mind.


Homall Modern Recliner with Padded Seat & Home Theater Seating

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The third option in this list is also the most affordable one. While this one does not have any special features like heating or massaging, this is a very good basic recliner that fulfills its function pretty well.

Best Comfort- This recliner has been designed primarily with comfort in mind. The armrests are wider and curved, which makes them easy and comfortable to use. The upholstery of this consists of PU leather, which is comfortable on the skin and easy to clean as well. And the footrest is retractable & adjustable, and the seat cushion is very large, along with which the back is thicker and padded too. All of these things make this one of the comfiest recliners out there.

Foot Protection- A common issue people face with recliners is that they tend to slip and slide around sometimes, which is less than ideal. The foot of the recliner may even scratch or damage the floor. To prevent these issues, this recliner comes with non-marking pads added to the sturdy feet of the chair.

Size- One thing to look out for is that this recliner is somewhat small on the scale of typical recliners. It works just fine nonetheless, but if you are on the taller side, you may find your feet hanging and head without any support with this recliner.



Verdict- If you are looking for a very affordable basic recliner that is solidly built and really comfortable, this one is it. Granted that it does not have special features, but for the price, this recliner is excellent and worth considering.


Flash Furniture Massaging Multi-Position Plush Recliner with Side Pocket and Ottoman

Our fourth contender is a massaging recliner that offers multiple positions and comes with an ottoman footrest. It is also quite affordable and offers some great features.

Stylish and Comfortable- This recliner is clad in soft black leather that is easy on the skin and looks great in any setting – be it a professional space or a casual living room. It comes with an integrated headrest, which is a great addition to this recliner as it adds to the comfort. The back and seat of this recliner are double padded for extra comfort.

Extra Storage Space- There are side pockets built in this recliner, which can come very handy. You can easily store a few books or magazines as well as the remote in this pocket, which makes it easy to grab a book, read and relax when you are using this recliner. 

The remote for massage functions as well as the TV remote (if the recliner is set in the same room as your TV) can be stored in this pocket too, which is convenient to reach once you are sitting on the recliner because you do not need to get up to grab them.

Wireless Remote for Massage & Heat Functions- Another great feature this recliner has is the wireless remote, which is used to control the 9 massage modes in 5 intensity levels to massage your thighs, back, legs, and lumbar area. Additionally, you can also heat the seat up with the help of this remote. You can even set a timer for how long you want the massage session to go on. 

All of these adds to the convenience of using this recliner. One thing to notice is that the massage functions are light to medium and quite nice, but you can’t expect a deep & hard massage from this like you can get with the Shiatsu recliner.



Verdict- If convenience is your biggest priority, then this recliner is for you because it comes with added features designed to make your experience as easy and convenient as possible.


Hbada Reclining Office Desk Chair

Up next is an ergonomic recliner that works excellently as an office chair. This Hbada chair is also classy enough to have in a professional setting.

Adjustability- Ergonomic recliners are really great for their adjustability as they use ergonomics, which allows you to adjust many factors of the chair, such as seat height, back tilt, backrest height, back angle, etc., to a setting that you prefer and enjoy. The headrest and armrests are adjustable too. 

You can lock the back tilt of this chair at any angle within 90-150 degrees range. The 90-degree can be used when you need to work and the more tilted angles for resting. All these adjustabilitie’s make this chair fit perfectly to the shape of the user’s body & spine, which enhances the natural curve of their body.

Breathable Mesh Fabric- The seat cushion and back of this recliner is covered in a breathable mesh fabric, which keeps the user cool in hot summers and allows good air circulation between the body and the chair. This allows you to work sitting on this chair on hot summer days for hours.



Verdict- This recliner is perfect to use in offices, particularly if you have desk jobs and need to sit for extended hours. Your spine and body will thank you after 10 long hours sitting on this.


Vitesse Racing Style Reclining Home Theatre Seat for Living & Gaming Room

Our 6th choice is another ergonomic recliner just like the one before, but this one is catered towards gaming and home theater use, while the previous one was meant for office use.

Perfect for Gaming- This recliner is designed specifically for gamer’s with a built-in headrest and good lumbar support. It is comfortable enough to be gaming on for hours. The stylish and cool design is another good addition, as it will look good with a cool gaming setup.

Adjustability, Thanks to Ergonomics- Much like the previous recliner, this Vitesse recliner also uses ergonomics to provide the user with high adjustability. You can adjust the soft headrest, footrest, and lumbar support. The recline can be adjusted within 90 to 180-degree range, and the head, leg, and lumbar provide three points for adjusting.

Short and Easy Assembly- It takes very little effort to finish the assembly, most people can get it done within 8 minutes, and then you can start using it right away. Adjusting the position is made very easy, too, so your chair will be functioning in no time. This might just be the shortest assembly time you will need with a recliner.

Premium Feel- I really like the design of this one – it looks effortlessly posh and premium. The upholstery is PU leather, which feels good on the skin – not one of those cheap sticky types. Furthermore, the sponge inside this recliner is of high quality, thick, and resilient, so you will love how it feels when sitting on it. The PU leather is also waterproof and durable – which means less time cleaning and more time gaming!



Verdict- The Vitesse recliner will be an excellent addition to a gaming setup. So, if you are a gamer who would love to have a comfortable and stylish addition to your gaming experience, this one is a great choice.


Giantex PU Leather Recliner Chair with Ottoman

Next up as the 7th option is another very affordable and good value recliner that works very well and will be a good addition to your living room.

Extra Footrest and Adjustable Tilt- Who doesn’t love getting extras? Giantex gives you an extra footrest part with purchase, which can be used to get more comfortable and relaxed. You can also adjust the recline angle anywhere within 90-135 degrees. So, you can choose whichever position you find most comfortable and use that. Sadly though, you cannot recline the chair all the way back to a lying position (180 degrees).

Smooth Swivel- This recliner allows you to do a full swivel (360-degree rotation) and does it smoothly with no tugging. It could be very useful for communication and if you need to move around quite a bit during use.

Superior Build, Quality, and Comfort- The frame is made of high-quality iron, which makes the recliner sturdy and long-lasting. It is also very strong and can hold up to 330 lbs, which is way higher than most regular recliners. So if the user is particularly heavy, then this recliner is a good option. The sponge is dense and comfortable. Upholstery is made of good quality PU leather, which is smooth and soft.



Verdict- This recliner seems to solve the issues too tall or heavy people normally face with regular recliners. So if you fall under this category and are struggling to find a good option, this recliner is a very comfortable choice with an affordable price tag.


ComHoma Leather Recliner Chair Modern Rocker With Heated Massage Ergonomic Lounge

The ComHoma recliner is a very versatile chair that offers it all – rocking, massaging, heating, swiveling, reclining, etc.

Versatile Functions- As mentioned before, you can do a lot with this recliner. It can swivel 360 degrees, so if you need to move around or communicate a lot, you could do that without having to get up. Moreover, it also reclines up to 151 degrees, so, unfortunately, you can’t completely lie down with it, but you can get close. It also massages, heats, and rocks.

Drink Holders & Storage Pockets- The drink holders & storage compartments are made to be of high quality and durable. Picture yourself cuddling up on the recliner on a cold winter night, with the heat function on and hot cocoa & your favorite book within reach. You can even have the recliner rock lightly as you’re reading and taking occasional sips. Doesn’t that sound very wonderful?

High-Quality Build- You can expect great quality from this recliner. The body and lumber are well built and give you support where it’s needed. The padding of this recliner is soft and plush, giving you a very comfortable experience overall. And while the push back mechanism needs manual force, it is made of high quality, so it does not take much effort to do so.

Relaxing Massage Function- As a cherry on top, you also get an 8 point built-in massage system, including 4 modes of vibration. The light massage is relaxing and comfortable.



Verdict- If you prioritize having many modern functions on a recliner, then this recliner massage  chair is worth considering because it offers a lot, which is quite impressive for the price.


Mid Century Ottoman Lounge Chair With Modern Classic Design

This recliner is the most unique looking one on this list, and it looks really classy and nice with the mid-century design and the wooden pattern. To me, it screams luxury and posh.

Suitable for Different Scenes- Whether it’s in a bedroom, or an office, in a living room, or even a club or an open roof, this recliner is sure to add some beauty in any scene. Particularly, I like the idea of having this in an open roof with some plants around it; it’ll make a really aesthetic looking & Instagram-worthy background!

Luxurious Feel- I have already talked about how pretty this looks, but it does not stop at that. The materials are of high quality, and it looks and feels that way too. Upholstery is made with genuine leather and high-density wood, which has been laminated. The sponge is thick. All of these feel amazing and make this recliner very comfortable too. If you are worried about cleaning the leather and wood, you’d be delighted to know that it is very easy to clean as well.

Good Stability- One thing that a recliner with wheels must-have is great stability. Nobody likes a chair that rolls around unwantedly. This recliner passed that test by having heavy-duty legs that give it a sturdy stance. It is also very durable and strong, and it can hold up to a whopping 330 lbs weight.



Verdict- This recliner is a good replacement for the Eames ones for a lot less money. If you are looking for a good ergonomic recliner that’d look good anywhere, this one’s for you.


Relaxzen 8 Motor Massage Recliner with Heat and Ottoman

Our last but certainly not the least pick is an electronic recliner which comes in a unique and different color from the other ones in this list. So if you want something in a lighter color to go with the rest of your furniture, have a look at this.

Ultimate Relax Zone- This recliner has target relaxation in 4 zones to soothe your legs, entire back, thighs, and lumber. It also has 9 different massage modes in 5 intensity levels. There are eight vibrating massager motors inside this recliner, and they are quite powerful. The cushioning is an extra-plush to give you the ultimate comfort. Seriously, if you have back pain and want relaxation, check this one out!

Handsome Design- Usually, recliners come in a standard black or dark chocolate color, and while there is nothing wrong with those colors and they can look quite good, some interior design or theme calls for lighter colored furniture. This is where this Relaxzen recliner comes in; it is handsomely furnished in a light beige color on a wooden base. The ottoman that comes with also matches the chair.



Verdict- Overall, the only thing setting this recliner apart from the other ones in this list is the color. It has the same basic settings (such as massage and heat). A majority of the other ones in this list do too. That being said, this is another great option to consider.

Best Alternative to Stressless Recliners Buying Guide & FAQ

Before You Buy, What to Look for

There are factors that anyone wishing to buy a stressless recliner should be considering. Recliners come with many different features, and they are not equally prioritized by everyone. Something that may be very important to you may not be a deciding factor at all for someone else.

That is why it’s important to know how to find a recliner best suited for you. Below are some things that you should keep in mind –

Power- As stated before, electronic recliners move by themselves without needing physical force. These recliners have a different level of power. If you are considering getting one of these, make sure to see what power it offers and how you can use the power to adjust the recliner.

Many electronic recliners come with remote control, which can be convenient, so check if the one you are considering has one and the options the remote has. Some electronic recliners also contain a USB charging slot to power up phones or tabs, so check for this too if you’d prefer to have it.

Dimensions and Upholstery- You should make sure that you have enough space in your living room to have the recliner. When looking at dimensions, also keep the functions in mind because the recliner needs some space around it for you to get the best use of its features. The last thing you’d want is for your recliner to get stopped by a wall when using. Upholstery is also important because they are a sign of quality.

You need something on a budget that looks and feels good while also being easy to clean in case of accidental spillage. Always check the upholstery before making a final decision; because changing it from an entire recliner can be pretty expensive.

Maximum Weight Capacity- While most recliners will have a good enough capacity, knowing the maximum is still good, particularly if there are chances of multiple users sharing one. Or if the user is on the bigger side, making sure the recliner can handle it is a good idea.

Angle of the Recline- Some users prefer to sit at an angle while others like to almost lie down on a recliner. Similarly, some people like having their feet up, which is not ideal for some others because of blood circulation issues. Have a clear idea about what you want from your recliner and then look at recliners that fit the bill. It’s important to mention that some recliners offer limitless positions, meaning you can adjust the angle to your preferences. 

But even those have their limits. Usually, all recliners, even the ones with a fixed angle, will give the user a small window of angles they can adjust in. So, the angle is not the most important thing; rather, focus on what you want from the chair and then see which recliners will offer that.

Additional Features- Nowadays, a comfortable and good-looking recliner is not the only focus of the manufacturers anymore. They are always offering new features that can add just a little more convenience to the user and set their recliner apart from the rest on the market. So, keep a lookout for these special additional features.

One such feature is a USB port for charging. We always have some kind of device on us, be it a smartphone or a laptop or a tab. Having a way to charge them as you relax and use a device can be a very attractive feature. Recliners that can massage the person or have heated seats are also gaining a lot of popularity over the years.

Another cool feature is the remote system, which you can use without having to get up or move from the comfortable position you might be in. You can also find recliners that have storage spaces for cups, mugs, and/or books & magazines so you can enjoy your drink and have your favorite books nearby to unwind and relax. Be aware of these extra features and see if you’d prefer to have one of these features.

Kind of Recliner

There are a few different types of recliners you will come across. Each one is briefly explained below –

1. Push-Back Recliner- This is the most basic regular kind. With this type, you have to push the chair back to get into the laid back recline position. Some of them are electronic, which will go into position by itself, so you do not have to push them back.

2. Lift Recliner- These recliners are designed to help the user get up. They not only recline backward but also push forward if needed so that the user can stand up with ease with the added gravity assist from the chair. Elderly people, in particular, use this kind the most because they are usually the ones needing help.

3. Rocker- As you can guess from the name, rocker recliners gently rock back and forth like a rocking chair. This can assist the user with sleep and comfort.

4. Swivel Recliner- These recliners have a 360-degree rotation so you can swivel in any direction while using them. This kind is popular with people who need to turn around a lot (usually for communication) but would rather not leave the comfortable recliner.

5. Ergonomic- Ergonomic recliners use ergonomics to be very adjustable and allow the user to adjust many aspects of the recliner such as seat & backrest height, angle, tilt, etc. These recliners enhance the curve of the body and are really good for your bones.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best alternative to Stressless recliners?
Faux Leather Electric Massage Recliner is your answer. But the other ones are also great options to consider.

2. What is a nice but lower-cost alternative to the Ekornes stressless recliner?
I’d recommend the Shiatsu, Best Choice, and Hbada recliners as a lower-cost alternative to the Ekornes one. But any recliner from this list is a great option to consider.

3. How far from the wall should the recliner be placed?
A good rule of thumb is to place it far enough so that the recliner has room to sit horizontally or in a fully reclined position, for as far as it can go. Measure this length beforehand to ensure you have enough room.

4. Do I have to use the ottoman/footrest?
No. In most cases, the ottoman can be detached from the chair if you don’t wish to use it. But this can very well be product-specific, and some products may not allow that.

5. Can I use just the heating/or massage function separately?
This depends on the specific product you have, as some recliners allow this option, and some only allow heat if it is massaging too. If it is important to you, make sure to check if the model you are considering does that.

Final Words

There you have it, a list of the best alternative to stressless recliners, their reviews, and a buyer’s guide. Overall, the Best Choice recliner is our top pick, although which product is more suitable for you depends on your preferences, use, and needs from the product. 

To see which one would be the best for you, have a good look at the reviews. That’s all!I hope this article has been helpful to you, thanks for reading.

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